Holiness to the Lord


This Certifies that the bearer, Elder Orson Pratt is in full faith and fellowship with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and by the General Authorities of said Church, has been duly appointed to a Mission to Europe to Preach the Gospel, and administer in all the ordinances thereof pertaining to his office.

And we invite all men to give heed to his Teachings and Counsels as a man of GOD, sent to open to them the door of Life and Salvation-and assist him in his travels, in whatsoever things he may need.

And we pray GOD, THE ETERNAL FATHER to bless Elder Pratt and all who receive him, and minister to his comfort, with the blessings of heaven and earth, for time and for all eternity, in the name of JESUS CHRIST: Amen.

Signed At Salt Lake City, Territory of Utah.

July 17th 1877, in behalf of said Church.

Brigham Young

Jno W. Young

Daniel H. Wells
First Presidency.

[Transcribed by Verlie Brown and Erin McAllister;  Jan. 2011]

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