Volunteer Opportunities

The Pratt Family Association is one of the most active organizations among major pioneer families. Volunteer in the efforts below or contact the family with an idea of how you would like to help!

To volunteer, please write to jaredprattfamily@gmail.com with your:

  • name,
  • e-mail address,
  • updated mailing address,
  • line of descendancy (i.e. Parley P. Pratt > Nephi Pratt),
  • how you’d like to volunteer.

Transcribing histories

The family is collecting and creating histories on the descendants of Jared Pratt. While a number of these histories have circulated in the different branches of the family, the goal is to gather all of them and put them on the family web page, where all family members can access them free of charge. Each grandchild of Jared Pratt will have their own part of the web page to store photographs, histories, and related documents.

We are gathering histories through the third generation. This means Jared, Charity, the five brothers, their wives, and all their children and their spouses. We want to include every extant journal, letter, and autobiography, as well as all histories penned by a descendant, whether short or long.

If you know of any of these histories or would be willing to transcribe, please contact us.

Biographical sketches

We are looking for volunteers to help write and edit biographical sketches for each child and spouse of the five brothers. Information for these sketches can usually be found here on the website from the obituaries and other histories listed for an individual.

If you would be willing to write and/or edit these biographical sketches, please contact us.

Descendancy genealogy research

There are many “lost” or “dead-end” lines where genealogy research can be done for the family! Put your research skills to work to help complete these family lines.

If you would be willing to perform descendancy research on these lines, please contact us.