Orson Pratt Esq.


Herewith you will receive your certificate of Election as Councilor in the next Legislative Assembly for the Territory of Utah.

Yrs truly,
A.W. Bobbitt
Secretary of Utah Territory

G S L City

Septr 17. 1855

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Secretary’s Office, September 17, 1855

I HEREBY CERTIFY, that Orson Pratt on the First Monday of August, 1855, at the ANNUAL ELECTION of MEMBERS OF THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY of the Territory of Utah, was duly ELECTED a Councilor as appears from the RETURNS of the Poll-Books from the County of Great Salt Lake as officially returned to my Office from the Clerk of said county.

I Therefore, as SECRETARY OF STATE FOR THE TERRITORY OF UTAH, declare the said Orson Pratt DULY ELECTED, and entitled to hold his seat in the LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF THE TERRITORY OF UTAH, for the full time prescribed by Law.

A.W. Bobbitt
Secretary of State
for the Territory of Utah.

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[Transcribed by Brandan Hull, Becca Staker, Gail Wasden, and Marlene Peine; Dec. 2010]

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