Portland, Ore. Thursday <Friday>

Aug 31   Took N. P. for Tacoma Wash., where I arrived 2 p.m. My Dear wife Alice J. came from Seattle and met me here. We took the 7 pm Steamer “Flyer” for Seattle where we arrived about 9 p.m.

I spent Friday, Saturday Sunday & Monday with Romie and the elders. Visited brother Fritsche one afternoon. Held Sunday School and meetings with the Saints Sunday. On Saturday evening went to Theater. On Monday evening held a meeting at brother and Sis. Ridgeways, and and the spirit of the Lord spoke directly to brother Ridgeway and family directing them how to live at home.

Seattle, Wash.  Tuesday

Sept. 4
Went to Union Deport but missed train at 9:30 a.m. So went fishing in Washington lake, in company with two men in a gasoline Launch. We caught a few fish. Took evening train for Spokane, where I arrived the next morning about 10 a.m.

Spokane  Wednesday

Sept 5
Found Hannah and Romie at the depot. Hannah was much improved in health, but still very thin in flesh. A day or two after this, we weighed her and she only tipped the beam at 100 lbs.  We have great reason to be thankful to the Lord for the preservation of her life and that she is so well as she is.

I remained here until Wednes Thursday morning the 13th inst. During the time of my stay here I wrote many letters, Visited the Elders, Visited one evening at Nephi’s. One evening with Hannah and the children Sister Hyde and the Elders, at Mays house where we had a delicious supper, and

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Spokane, Wash.

Sept. 9
afterwards Joseph gave us some beautiful peices on the piano and Romie sang for us in the most charming manner several songs. On Sunday the 9th inst. We had a very good meeting in the Hall, after we had organized the Sunday School, which we did with the following officers.
Supt. Elder Kirby
First Asst. H.C. Ballantyne
Second “ Elder Oldroyd

The speakers at the meeting were Stacy Nelson- Myself about an hour on the subject of Sacrifices the Saints have made, and family government. Afterwards brother Glasson and last Brother Elder Nelson.

On Saturday Sept 8th in company with the four Elders, I held one of the best meetings on the corner of Stevens and Main Streets that I ever experienced. I spoke over an hour to an immence throng on the subject of the mercy of God reaching all of the dead after this life as for instance the people who perished in the flood in the days of Noah. Their imprisonment in the spirit World; How 17 centuries afterward Christ visited them and preaching the gospel to them gave them another chance, etc.

On Thursday the 13th inst. Took O. R. & N. for Boise Idaho. Arrived at Boise in the evening of Friday. Remained over Thursday night at Le Grande Oregon in order to talk with Brother Hyrum Monson. Had very interesting interview with him until midnight

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Boise Idaho     Saturday

Sept 15 Met the elders and brother Hale found them all well. Had a room Friday night and Saturday night at the Capital Hotel. On a train that came at 6 pm Apostle C. W. Penrose arrived to help me on my conference procured him a room at Sis May Smith’s. Spent a most happy evening with him. Sunday had Sunday School at 10 am meetings at 2 and 7.30 p.m.

Sept 16 At Elder Penrose request I spoke first in each meeting and he followed with over an hours discourse in each meeting. In the evening our house was full. I spoke upon the hopes of the Saints as to the resurrection and eternal association with their wives and children and families in the world to come. Brother Penrose spoke upon the first principles of the Gospel.

At the 2 oclock meeting I spoke upon family government and brother Penrose upon general topics.

Sept 17 On Monday <with> the Sunday School Relief Society meeting which convened at 2 pm we had a splendid turn out of the Sisters.  Elder Penrose spoke to them upon conduct in the home and among their Neighbors and brought <out> many glorious principles, and the Sisters were greatly edified and instructed. I spoke a few minutes in relation to the splendid

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Boise Idaho Monday

Sept 17Work that had been accomplished by the society since its organization, and its wonderful work during the presence of the Irrigation Congress in Boise where in the Society had made clear $50. and paid it over to Brother Hale to be used on beautifying the Church house

Sept 18 Boise Tuesday

Wrote Letters to Laron Pratt
“          “          Sadie M. Pratt
“          “          Anna Hansen
“          “          S A Jackson

Went to supper to Brother Rowberrys and spent the evening at Heber Q Hales.

Spent considerable of my time writing up my journal. Prayers and bed at 12 midnight

Sept 19 Boise Idaho Wednesday

Wrote up my journal. At 6.30 Took train for Nampa.

Wrote letters to:
Hannah Pratt
Sadie Pratt

Went at 6 pm to Nampa where the elders had gone earlier in the day to get a place in which to hold meeting and to notify the Saints of my coming and that we were coming for the purpose of affecting a Branch organization among them. I was accompanied on this trip by Sis Mary Smith, Brother and Sis Hale, and another Sis Mary Jane Smith. When we arrived there we found the elders had not been able to procure a hall so we met at Bro Elder Merrills residence. We had perhaps in

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Nampa Id. Wednesday

Sept 19 all about 40 Saints in our audiance. Brother and Sister Hale sung one duet and two solos during the services rendering them in Splendid style, and we also sang two congregational songs “We thank Thee Oh God for a prophet and Now let us rejoice in the day of Salvation. Elder Merrill opened the meeting with prayer.

I occupied nearly an hour in speaking upon the Subject of how Christ had suffered for us and of how many of us were ashamed of his work. We then proceeded to organize the branch with the following officers

President E. J. Merrill
First Coun. E. B. Holladay
Second “ Wm Gough

Sunday School
Supt. Arther Bird
Brother Bird is to select his two counselors hereafter
Secy. Miss Roxie Nelson

This meeting was a splendid one, and was filled with the Holy Spirit. And the interest was intense and the voting unanimous.

After the organization was completed Elder Rowberry and brother Hale spoke in a fine strain. All seemed greatly edified. I released elder Rowberry to return home, the same to take effect on Monday the 24th

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Namp Id. Thursday

Sept 20
After staying all night at Sis Roush I visited Sis Merrill and went at the noon hour to the Sugar Factory to see Ezra Merrill, and was shown by him through the same.

At 6 pm took train for Pocatello where I arrived at near 3 o’clock at night. I sat up in the hotel

office, the remainder of the night writing to Sadie Pratt and writing up my journal.

Pocatello Id       Friday

Sept 21
Took the morning train at 7.30 for Butte. Arrived there about 3 pm Two of the Elders were there to meet me.

On the train I met Bp. E. T. Woolley of Ogden and had a delightful visit with him. He was going to Butte for a few days on business. He and I met with the Elders at head quarters, and found besides those of Butte, the elders from Anaconda there

We visited some hours and I can truly say that our joy was almost complete. I retired early in a room up town as I could not get one at the Olsen Blch.

Sept 22 Butte Mont. Saturday
The Sunday School and elders went out to Columbia Gardens, I had no time, and could not go with them. I wrote letters to:
Mrs. Alice J. Pratt
Mrs. Sadie M. Pratt

The elders held a street meeting I was too tired to go to it except for a few minutes. Got shaved and prepared myself for the Sabath tomorrow.

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Butte Mont. Sunday

Sept. 23 Went to Sunday School at 10 a.m. Almost every seat was taken. The class exercises were well conducted, and quite interesting.

I dismissed it by prayer. While the exercises were going, I questioned the primary class a few moments, and told the story of the killing of Joseph Smith the prophet and his brother Hyrum in Carthage Jail.

At 2 p.m. Went to Conference at Fidelity Hall 58 ½ West Broadway

Wrote letters to Sadie M Pratt and Elder S. A. Jackson.

At 2 p.m. went to the Fidelity Hall 58 ½ West Broadway and exactly at 2 opened our meeting when the saints sung: “We thank Thee of Oh God for a prophet.” Elder Lyman Garner made the opening prayer: Next Hymn was: “High on the Mountain Tops.”

Bishop E. T. Woolley (in Butte on business) was the first speaker, and at the end of his discourse, (Sang a hymn.

Elder Lyman A Garner occupied about 20 minutes and his remarks were filled with the Spirit of the Lord. Elder Taggart spoke with fine Liberty a few and then I began to speak at 15 passed 3 and spoke until 5 minutes to 4. Delivering a discourse of 40 minutes duration. Subject: The great repentance wrought out, and brought to pass upon the saints by the gospel.

Who has power to repent. The damnation of the wicked as illustrated by the prison house which contained the Antideluveans after their boddies had been destroyed by the flood: Their sufferings for near 17 centuries. Christs preaching to them when he was put to death etc. I also spoke upon all

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Butte Mont.  Sunday

Sept 23   Men being finally brought forth from their graves by the resurrection, and then the Kingdoms of Glory to which they will be assigned etc.  I had a full flow of the spirit of God and my words were mighty.

The closing hymn was sung and Elder Eli Gardiner pronounced the benediction.

At 8 p m Conf. was called to order and after the opening exercises.  The following elders spoke.  Taylor, Pres. Eli Gardiner, Sant, and Taggart.  These brethren spoke some of them excellently.  Especially Elder Gardiner.  Bp. E. T.  Woolley from Ogden Sung “Oh my Father”, and then I occupied the balance of the time.

We had a full house.  Good singing many strangers present and a most lovely meeting.  I spoke upon the fall of Adam and the Atonement of Christ.

Butte Mont. Monday

Sept 24  Wrote letters to:  W.A. Crowther
Martin Lundwall
Hannah Pratt
Sadie M. Pratt

I visited with the elders some hours this day and our joy in conversing upon the things of God was very great.

In the evening I went by invitation to brother Magdiels and in company with all the elders and many of the saints spent a very happy evening.  Brother Woolley and I came home together to the Olsen Block at quarter past eleven.

I wrote in my journal.

[page break]


Butte Mont   Tuesday

Sept 25   Took Turkish Bath.  Wrote letters to:
Elder E. S. Cook
D. A. Holman

At 2 p.m. met at the Hall on Utah Ave with the “Relief Society”  After singing and prayer.  Pres Bertha Andrews at my request and her two counselors spoke and bore most faithful testimonies.  So also did the Secy.

I then instructed them for about 40 minutes with the most perfect liberty and by the power of the Holy Ghost.  We then listened to two of the most powerful testimonies of the gospel that ever was delivered.  These were born by Conf Presidents Eli Gardiner and Lyman Garner.

We then dismissed.

At 8pm we held a local priesthood meeting.  I gave the meeting over to the local elders for about an hour and then arising to speak the spirit again rested upon me, and I spoke with the utmost freedom and power.

The brethren who testified did so with great power accompanying their words, and in the conclusion of the meeting it universally pronounced one of the best the brethren ever attended.  After meeting I had a good talk with Brother Andrews .  I wanted him to straighten up, live his religion, and become one of the counselors in the branch presidency.  He said if I desired him to act in that position he would consent and do the best he could, and overcome his weaknesses as the Lord should give him strength.

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Butte, Mont.    Tuesday

Sept 25  I remained with brother Benson brother Bryan his first counselor, and the Elders and a brother Spackman, and visited with them for awhile, and then with three of the Elders laid my hands upon the heads of brother’s Benson and Bryan and set them apart for the Labors in the presidency of the Butte Branch.

Butte, Mont. Wednesday

Sept 26
Spent an hour or two with the Elders at their Head Quarters.  Assisted Elder Taylor on the wording of a composition he was writing etc.

At eleven a.m. Went to Walkerville and took dinner with brother Bryan and family, returned to room at Olsen Block, wrote up my journal, and wrote letters to Mrs Hannah Pratt and Mrs Sadie M Pratt

Up town to supper, Return to room, Prayers, Bed.

Butte, Mont.  Thursday

Sept 27  Went up town to breakfast Returned to room, Tied my laundry in a bundle for sending it to be washed etc.  Wrote up my journal and then wrote letters to:  Sadie M. Pratt

In the evening went to supper at 7pm with Mrs. Moses, and with the 4 elders and her went to the Broadway Theatre and witnessed the play entitled “The Holy City.”  Returned to my room about 12 midnight.  Prayed,  Retired

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Butte Mont.  Friday

Sept 28  Went up town to Breakfast and while there bought me for $1 75 a small Telescope Valise.  Returned to Room Pack up my things and at 9 50 a.m. Took train to Anaconda, where I arrived at about 10-50 am I was accompanied by Elder Gardiner.  Called at brother Shoots after taking a room at the “Parker House “,while Elder G. went to the Elders Head Quarters.

Anaconda Montana     Friday

Sept 28  After dinner in a restaurant I returned to room and wrote up my journal.

Wrote letters to:  Sadie M Pratt.  Took a long walk.  In the evening attended choir Practice and their to room and to bed.

Anaconda, Mont.  Saturday

Sept 29  Breakfasted , Got my Shoes soled and heeled at a cost of $2.25 (Rubber heels)

Wrote letters to:  Sadie M. Pratt, Mrs. Alice J. Pratt, J. w. Jardine,
Hugh Reid
Mrs. Cordelia Ridgeway.

Attended Singing practice in the evening.  Went to Room at 10 20.  Wrote a few words in my journal.

Prayed retired.

Anaconda, Mont Sunday

Sept.30  Went to Sunday School at 10 a.m. and to Meetings at 2 & 7.30 p.m.  After the opening services at 2 o’clock Elder Walker, Taylor, Gardiner and Sant from Butte

[page break]



Anaconda Butte, Mont.          Sunday

Sept 30  spoke with eloquence and force of the Holy Spirit also a visiting brother from Butte by the name of Packard and after we had listened to a trio by 3 of the Elders, I arose and spoke for near an hour with mighty power in the subject of the sorrow disappointment and despair of the Saints who by their indifference, slothfulness and wicked acts should be called to judgement and be damned in Hell, and what this damnation would consist of etc.

My tongue was loosed, and the Lord was with my mouth and my mind and I spoke as one having Authority.

In the 7.30 meeting Elders Taggart was the first speaker, followed by elder Garner who occupied almost an hour and left me only about 20 minutes in which to speak which I did upon the practical duties of the Saints with fair liberty.

Our house was crowded in the evening session more of a congregation being present than has ever been the case here before.

Anaconda Mont.         Monday

Oct 1,
Went to Sister Maxwell’s to dinner where I found Elders Garner and Gardiner Taggart, and Taylor, also Sister Linkersdorfer and her Sister.  We had a lovely dinner together, and then went to Relief meeting at 2 p.m. where there were 10 Sisters met together, and the six Elders and brother Maxwell.  Here I again spoke with the utmost power and authority, also with a field before

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Anaconda Mont.         Monday

Oct 1               me that was almost like a vision of eternity.  I pictured the coming of the Son of man.  The awful distruction of the wicked.  The despair of indifferent and slothful Saints in that awful hour, bringing forth things new and old, and backing up with reason and scripture in a manner deeply surprising to myself.  The interest of those present was intense.  This was one of the loveliest meetings I was ever at.

Sister Davis at my request spoke bearing a splendid testimony, as also did Sister Magdiel.

In this meeting Sis. Magdiel desiring to live in Butte was honorably released as Second Counselor in the Society and sis Earnest Hugie sustained in her stand.  Also Sister Green was sustained as assistant secretary in the Society.

One of the elders opened by prayer and another closed rendering the benediction.

After this meeting Elders Gardiner and Garner and myself went down to Brother and Sister Arnolds and spent a very pleasant evening with them, and partook of a good supper, after which I returned to my room and wrote up my journal.

Prayed earnestly to the Lord at 10.30 and retired.

Anaconda Mont.         Tuesday

Oct. 2  Wrote letter to Martin Lundwall.

In the evening attended a cottage meeting at Sister Green’s house, where

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Anaconda Mont.         Tuesday

Oct. 2  where the following local brethren spoke Thomas, Hunter, Angie, Green, Arnold.

After them I spoke for 45 minutes with good freedom on various topics, and then in company with the Elders went to the depot and at 9.50 pm took train for Butte.  Brother Taylor accompanied me, and we arrived about 10.50.  From the Olson Blk I went to the Union Depot., and got on the Salt Lake Sleeper and at 2.30 am the train started.

Oct 3   Traveled all day <and> at near 9 pm reached Salt Lake City.  Went to my daughter Florence residence to take <up> my abode with her, but found she and her husband had gone to the Theatre.  Took a room in same house.  Prayed and went to bed

Salt Lake, Utah           Thursday

Oct. 4  Ate breakfast at a restaurant, got Shaved: Went to Des. Book Store, and ordered 2 Ward Records, one for Spokane and one for Nampa Branch.

Went to Pres. Office, met brother Lyman, talked a few minutes with him and then went and had a talk with Sis Reynolds and brother Spencer etc.  Returned to Florence.  Found them all well, had a joyful time with them

Wrote up my journal, then wrote letters to Sadie M Pratt
Hannah Pratt

went to Annies in the evening Frank was home and with Annie and him and the children I had a lovely visit, from there went to the Warm Springs took a lovely bath.  Went to Annies and remained there all night.

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Salt Lake, Utah           Friday

Oct 6

Oct 5Went to conference at 10 a.m.  Met with most of the Mission Presidents.  House was well filled.  Presidents Smith, Winder and Lund occupied the meeting.  It was very grand.  Pres. Smith give a most interesting account of his recent trip to Europe and his return to the United States, and his visit to the places in the history of the church, made sacred by their association with the prophet Joseph, etc.

At 2 o’clock there was the same large attendance, and the speakers were President F. M. Lyman, John Henry Smith and the reading of a hymn by President Smiths and a few remarks inspired by same.  Meeting was adjourned until tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.

Came home to Flossie’s.  Wrote up my journal. At the Post Office today got letters from Mrs. Munday and Elder S. A. Jackson

I wrote letters to:        Post master Anaconda
S. A. Jackson
Wm Bromley

Salt Lake City, Ut.      Saturday

Oct 6   Went to meeting in the Tabernacle.  After the opening hymn and prayer and singing again, Apostols Geo. Teasdale, <Rudger Clawson> & Hyrum M. Smith and Geo. A. Smiths <Reed Snow> were the speakers, and at 2 p.m. Hyrum M. Smith, Geo. A. Smith and Charles W. Penrose were the speakers.  In the evening went to a Priesthood meeting, and afterwards to a reunion of the Elders of the N. W. 8. Mission and their friends.  I spoke a few moments there.

Was visited there by my dear young Friend and brother Lorenzo Haddock.  He walked home with me.  Prayed and retired about midnight.

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Salt Lake City, Ut.  Sunday

Oct. 7  Attended Conf. at 10 a.m.  It was cramed until there was announced an overflow meeting in the Assembly Hall.

The speakers were

This meeting was one long to be remembered.  The speakers in the Afternoon in the Assembly Hall where I was sent were Seymour B. Young, R. W. Young myself and John G. McQuarrie

In the evening attended the Sunday School Union Meeting

Went in the afternoon to Alfonzo Haddocks to dinner.  Good dinner  Good time.

Salt Lake City, Ut.  Monday

Oct 8   Went at 10 am to Priesthood Meeting (Special)  After this meeting went to the temple with other Mission Presidents and met with the t twelve.  This commenced at 2 pm.  and lasted until near 5 p.m. and then adjourned until 9.30 tomorrow.

Salt Lake City Ut  Tuesday

Oct 9   At 10 A.M. went again to the meeting in the Temple between the mission presidents and the twelve.  This meeting was made up of reports from the mission Presidents, and afterwards instructions from the apostols.  This meeting lasted until about one o’clock.

Visited at Edwards, Home to Flossie’s:  Prayers:  Bed.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, Wednesday

Oct. 10            At 10 a.m. went to the presidents Office and remained there about two hours.  They did not come into the Office, and many duties pressing upon me.  I felt that I must depart without seeing them.  I did so, and spent the day getting ready to Start for my field of labor.

A telegram from Elder Jackson informed me that brother Thomas Taffee had been operated upon for Apendicitas.  That he was apt to die at any moment, and to come to Portland if I could at once.  I had intended to go to Spokane at this time but hearing this sad news I concluded to hasten there to Portland, and packed up every thing preparatory to starting the next morning.

Salt Lake City, Utah, Thursday

Oct. 11            Took train at 8 a.m. for Portland arrived there about 9 pm on the next evening. and was met at the depot by Elder Jackson My Wife Sadie, Son Heber, and daughters Melissa and Olive.  I was greatly overjoyed to meet my dear ones again.  I had not seen Melissa for over four months, as she had been visiting our reletaves in Idaho during most of this time.  I spent a very happy evening with them.

Sal Portland, Ore.  Saturday

Oct 13 Spent the day preparing for Sunday.

Portland, Ore.  Sunday

Oct 14 Spent last night at Sis. Edna Taffee’s went from her house in the evening to a see Thomas at the Hospital.  I found him very low, but remained with him over an hour.  I annointed him and administered to him.  I returned to Edna’s where Sadie was and

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Portland Oregon  Sunday

Oct 14 and we remained over night at her house.  In the morning after breakfast I went to the Hospital and the moment I stepped into hm the office of that institution word was brought that brother Taffee was dead.  I met has Aunt there, and she was crying bitterly, and I tried to comfort her all I could.  I returned to Edna’s and broke the news to her and as there were others present Sadie and I returned home.

At two o’clock 7 pm Went to meeting and used all the time in Speaking upon the general conference at Salt Lake, and the persecuting spirit that is there exhibited by the Ministerial Assn.  The politicians, and the Tribune and the “American Party.”

The Saints were intensly interested.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I spent in Writing to corrispondants  etc., and preparing for the Taffee funeral.  It took place in the Elks Hall, under their auspices.  Their ritual was performed.  I was invited to the Stand with the “exalted ruler.”  After their ritual was performed, We Sung: Prayed: Sung again, and I preached 45 minutes on the life of Thomas Taffee, and the resurrection.  and then on the St. car went to the Cemetary and I had Elder Bromley dedicate the grave.  Returned home, P

In the evening Sadie and I went to Hi Henrys minstrel show.


Portland Oregon  Thursday

Oct. 18            Spent the morning hours writing up my journal.  Wrote letters to Hannah Alice J. and Brother Anderson in Eugene and Elder Geo Reynolds Heber Q. Hale and others.

In the evening spent an hour or two with Sis. Edna Taffee and her Sister

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Portland  Oregon  Thursday <Friday>.

Oct 9   Mrs. Smith.  Upon arriving there I found Sister Holling there, and afterward sister Westergaard came in and we ate supper together and had a nice visit.

Portland, Oregon.  Friday

Oct. 19            Spent to day and Saturday writing to Geo. Reynolds, about sending “Minority Reports” in Smoot Case to Pres. Hyde Pocatello.  also writing to Apostle Geo. E Richards, and Ezra P. Monson

This Saturday I bought me an an overcoat, cost 22.50 Paid 1000 down and am to pay balance in 60 days.

Wrote up my journal in the afternoon after a late dinner.  Studied the scriptures on Subject of “Resurrection from the dead.”  Went to Sister Edna Pope Taffee’s home, an Retired about 10.30 after being in town awhile with Sister Pratt.

Portland, Oregon,  Sunday

Oct 21.            At 10 a.m. went to Sunday School.  Before opening time Elder Jackson handed me a letter from Elder Cook at Seattle.  It was a very urgent letter informing me that my poor wife Jerome had yealded once more unto the influence of drink.

I gathered up my coat and hat, and returned to head quarters, packed my valise and took the 2 pm N. P. Ry. for Seattle.  arrived there at 9.10 pm: Took a room: Said my prayers and went to bed.

Portland Oregon <Seattle Washington>  Monday

Oct. 22

After breakfast went to Jerome’s on Western Avenue; and to my surprise and joy found her washing.  She was looking

[page break]



Seattle, Washington, Monday

Oct. 22

well and had only had a slight spree of desire for intoxicants. I gave her four dollars, blessed her after scolding her, and went to the Depot, and at 4.30 pm took the train for home. Arrived in Portland at 10:30 pm.

Walked home, found the folks in bed; retired.

Portland Ore.   Tuesday

Oct. 23 Did not sleep much. Worried considerable. Arose about 8: breakfasted; took a walk, returned to head quarters; wrote up my journal. Wrote letters to: Hannah Pratt
E.S Cook
D.W. Benson

Dictated letters to M.W.     W. Crowther,
“            “          Lee             Lyman Garner
A.J. Pratt

In the evening I attended the M. I. Assn. Meeting at Head Quarters. We had a lovely meeting. After meeting prayers and bed.

Portland Ore.  Wednesday

Oct. 24

Spent my time this forenoon, two hours in class work with the Elders;  Studying:

To Lucy’s with Sadie: a long walk with Sadie, all afternoon; Home; Received and read letters from Alice J. Pratt; Nels B. Lundwall; and poor Sister Susie Hasford. The latter is confined in the asylum at Salem, Ore.

Wrote letters to:  Helen Browning
Alice J. Pratt

Read awhile; Prayed; Retired.

[page break]


Portland Oregon         Thursday

Oct 25
I wrote a letter to Elder Cook begging him to buy food for wife Jerome, to hunt her a house, and to help her every way he could.

Wrote letter to Helen Browning. Spent this day at home reading and studying. Prayers. Retired.

Portland, Oregon, Friday

Oct 26
Wrote letters as follows:  Alice J. Pratt
one or two others

Choir practice at Head Quarters. also visit from Sis. Smith and Edna Pope

Taffee.  At 11, Prayed, Retired.

Portland, Oregon, Saturday

Oct. 27th – Spent this day in reading, studying until 10 a.m. when the Elders met in Elders priesthood meeting, and the following brethren spoke: William Crowther: W. P. Roderick: W. H. Anderson: J.L. Lindsay; Daniel Ricks: L. E. Balls: A.R. Stevens: F. W. Harris: W. F. Bromley: S.A. Jackson: J.W. McBride: C. L. Dunford: P.W. Madson: D.V. Dallof. These brethren gave a brief report of their labors and bore most faithful testimonies of the Gospel. It was glorious to listen to, and to feel the spirit that attended the same. Our songs, prayers, reports and testimonies to this time, made our meeting thus for about two hours duration. I then spoke for the space of two hours instructing the brethren with uncommon freedom, upon their duties and assigned them to their fields as follows: William Crowther, W. P. Roderick, A.R. Stephens and L. E. Balls to labor in the

Boise Conference.

J. L. Lindsay and F. W. Harris to labor in Anaconda Conference.

W. H. Anderson Released to Return home.

[page break]


Portland, Oregon, Saturday

Oct. 27th – Elders Bromley, Jackson, McBride, Ricks, Dunford, Madson, Dallof were to remainand labor in Portland Conference.

After our meeting I spent the day studying. Our priesthood meeting was a splendid one and will be remembered with joy.

Portland, Oregon, Sunday

Oct. Oct. 28
Attended Sunday School and meeting morning and afternoon evening. The visiting elders did all the speaking.

Between meetings I went to a bath on Washington and Second St and witnessed the baptism of old father Bertleson.  He was immersed by Elder Bromley. He accompanied me home and with the aid of some of the Elders, I confirmed him.  He was once in the church, had received his endowments in early days. Had been harshly dealt with in Logan, and his priesthood in the Elders quorum suspended and finally was severed from the Church. He had afterwards went back to Omaha and lived there and sinned. He now desired to have his former blessings resealed upon him.

I put him off until Apostle Richards arrives and will abide by his counsel in the matter.

I received letters during the week from Hannah Pratt, Anna Hansen,

A.J. Pratt, Geo F. Gibbs with 75.00 in it for Hannah. Nels Lundwall, Heber Q. Hale, Elder E. S. Cook, J.W. Combs, Ezra Monson and Geo. Ernest Brown.

Wrote letters to After meeting administered to Little Olive whose face had been swollen since yesterday. It started

[page break]



Portland, Ore. Sunday

Oct. 28
with the toothache. We had administered to her once before in the morning.

Family worship.  Bed

Portland, Oregon, Monday

Oct 29
Wrote up my journal and wrote letters to Hannah Pratt, Nels B. Lundwall, Susie L.
Hosford, E.S. Cook.

Sisters Holling and Simmons are at headquarters, fixing up some curtains for the Elders windows. The Relief society have bought some Linoleum to go upon the floor of the Elders class Room. These blessed and liberal works on their part, are righteous and God the Eternal Father will reward them. After spending the evening with the sisters and being visited by the elders we prayed and retired at 9 o’clock.

Portland Oregon         Tuesday

Oct. 30
Wrote up my journal for a few minutes. Wrote letters to: John W. Coombs
Geo. Ernest Brown,
L. C. Nelson,
C. C. A. Christensen

Dictated letters to:                                                                  Ezra P. Monson
(per Lehi Pratt Stenger)                                                          Florence Leaver

Rec’d letters from Rosie Whittle. At 7 p.m. met in basement at Mission Headquarters with Mutual Improvement Assn. Studying the political and religious condition of the Israelites at the time and preceeding the Birth of Christ.

After the crowd had departed I met with the family. Prayed with family. Retired about 11 o’clock.

[page break]



Portland Oregon         Wednesday

Oct. 31
Imediately after breakfast went down to Post Office. and recieved a letter from my wife A. J. Pratt.  It was a very cheerful one.

Spent some time writing up my journal.  Wrote letters to: Anna Hansen

Went to town and presented a form of release to be used in releasing Elders from their mission, to a printing establishment: and ordered 500 of them printed.

Went to Sister Thomas’ visited with them an hour in company with brother Jackson.  Returned home and studied until evening.  Visited with my family.  And Sis. Martha Werner. Sung hymns,  Talked with the folks about early days in Salt Lake, about my father President Brigham Young and others of the first apostles, prophets and saints.  A very great yearning to see my father and mother took possession of me, and I was touched to tears, in my heart hunger and so was Sis Werner and other members of the family.

Prayed and retired about 9 o’clock.

Portland Oregon  Thursday

Nov. 1
Spent a few minutes in writing up my journal.

Wrote letters to:
Mrs. Helen M. Callister,

Received Letters from:  Mrs. J.H. Dunn Josephine Box’s daughter, and from Apostle Richards.

Sister Thomas and her family came and slept at Head Quarters.  They have sold out their House hold goods, and Saturday will start for Canada.

Retired about 10 o’clock.

[page break]



Portland  Oregon   Friday

Nov. 2
Went to Post Office and received letters from Apostles Geo. F. Richards, J.W. Combs, Went to Sister Thomas’ who is going to Canada and Elders Jackson and Dunford took her infant in their arms with me, and I was mouth in giving him a father’s blessing, and we named him Robert Golding.  Returned home, wrote up my journal for a few minutes.  Wrote letters to: Rosie Whittle
Mrs. J. H. Dunn
(Daughter of Josephine Box.)

Portland   Oregon             Saturday

Nov. 3
Last night at 7.15 Elder Geo. F. Richards of the Apostles came from his tour thro the California mission, on the Southern Pacific.  I met him at the depot and we took a car for up town to Alder St. and from there on to the “U” car for home.

We met brother and sister Stewart Eccles on the car and they were just starting over to Head Quarters.  We found Sister Simmons, and Lou Simmons, and others at the house.  They had come to Singing practice.  We had a pleasant visit with each other and with Elder Richards and about 11 o’clock the company being gone we retired.  We had engaged a bed at Mrs. Wickandy’s for brother Richards, where he retired.  Today he and I have been to the hights, to the City Park, and to the Fair Grounds.  He enjoyed it greatly.

Came home about 5 o’clock and Wrote a letter to Mrs. Hannah Pratt.

Received letters from Presiding Bishops Office, and Christian Gabrielson.  Wrote a letter to Womens Health Institute, but cannot send it off until Monday.  Spent the evening writing and reading while brother Rich

[page break]



Nov. 3
ards was writing.  Had prayers Brother Richards being mouth.

Portland   Oregon     Sunday

Nov. 4
In company with Elder G. F. Richards, I went to Sunday School.  We both had fasted.  Sunday School commenced at 10 a.m.

After Sunday School excercises Elder Rich spoke about 20 minutes very interestingly upon the good things our children learn here.  At 2 p.m. and at 7 we held services and having published the coming of brother Richards in the papers our house was filled in both.  There were many outsiders present, and a beautiful spirit prevailed.  At the first meeting Elder Ezra Monson, was the 1st speaker, then Elder Richards, I bearing testimony, At the evening meeting Elder Stewart Eccles made the opening remarks, Elder Richards following with a discourse about an hour long and I made the concluding speech.

No one that came to hear brother Richards make a display of Oratory was gratified unless truth and the Holy Spirit would gratify them.  The Room was filled with the Holy Ghost, manifested in its most peaceful and lovely power enlarging the hearts, and increasing the testimony of the Saints, and eddyfing the strangers present, by the spirit of pure Knowledge that flowed from the mouth of brother Richards like a stream.

Our congregations were large at both sessions, and appeared filled with intense interest.  These certainly were meetings long to be remembered.  I had a long walk from the meeting house to head quarters with brother Richards and this little visit with him was very precious, and

[page break]


had a tendency to draw out my hearts affections toward him.  He is truly a nobleman in the highest sense.  In the evening at home, we visited with brother Richards and one or two of the Elders till about 11 o’clock and then retired.

Portland, Ore.  Monday   Nov. 5th, 1906

Held a priesthood meeting with the Elders at head quarters at 10 a.m.  All the Elders spoke and then they were addressed by brother Richards for over an hour and then I addressed them about 25 minutes.  In the evening we held a cottage meeting at Brother Westerguard.

The Simmons were there and Ida Day and her family husband were there, and we held a very good meeting.  The elders were there.

Elder Richards spoke most of the time and I bore testimony for some minutes.  All the saints seemed greatly interested.  Returned home in company with brother Richards and elders, & Sadie and Melissa.

Portland    Oregon   Tuesday Nov. 6. 1906.

At some part of this day, Elder Geo. F. Richards, the Elders, Sister Pratt, Melissa and Olive, and Sister Holling and Westerguard, went riding in a gasoline launch up the River above the Oaks.  We had a most pleasant ride.  In the evening we were present at the Mutual improvement meeting which was one of the best Elder Richards thought that he had ever witnessed.  It was indeed a very grand meeting.  Elder Richards spoke after the conclusion of the other exercises and lesson.  His words were greatly inspired, and most encouraging.  At its conclusion, we prayed and retired.

[page break]



Portland, Oregon, Wednesday, Nov. 7th.

Elder George F. Richards and I, went by invitation to Hood River, where a train from Dee was to be there in waiting for us. It did not come in time to be of any use to us. So we returned to Portland, where we arrived after dark.

Wrote some letters had our prayers, Retired.

Portland, Oregon Thursday Nov. 8. 1906.

Elder R and I Took train at 8.30 am for Seattle <Tacoma> Wash. Where we arrived about 2 p.m. Went out and visited the lumber mill called the “St. Paul and Tacoma,” Very large, and lumber in endless quantities. We had secured rooms in the Brooklyn hotel when we returned there the Elders awaited us, and after a while we went to a meeting in a Hall on Tacoma Avenue, Where a few Saints and a few Strangers assembled, the number in all being about 25. Elder Richards and I spoke about 55 minutes each with moderate liberty. Several strange ladies came forward after meeting and expressed their pleasure as to the meeting.

Went to our rooms, prayed, Retired.

Tacoma Washington. Friday Nov 9. 06.

After breakfast Elder Richards and I went one round on the Cable Car. Then out to Point Defiance Park. Then out to Spanway. Then took the 3.40 pm Flyer for Seattle, where we arrived safely about 6 p.m. We were accompanied by Elders Jardine and Ried. After we had ate sum supper at a Restaurant, the Elders accompanied Elder Richards to Brother Fritsche’s, while I went to Jerome’s. Found her well, and very happy at my coming.

Prayed, retired.

[page break]


Tacoma Seattle. Wash. Sat. Nov. 10 06.

At 10 a.m. the Elders, Bro. Richards and I met in priesthood meeting. all the Tacoma Elders, were present. Also brother Heneberg. Each Elder, and brother Heneberg spoke, then Elder Richards instructed them at some length, as did I after him.

The spirit of the Lord was with us, and some of the Elders confessed their sins, and a number of them were melted to tears, as was brother Richards, and all felt a great refreshing from the Lord. Our meeting was 5 ½ hours long, and none were tired. At this meeting Elder Hugh Ried was released from his presidency over the Tacoma District, and from laboring there, and Elder Jardine called to succeed him.  Elder Clayton was also released from Tacoma district. A

After meeting Elder Richards accompanied me home and after going out for a while went to a priesthood <Street> meeting, and after Elder Jardine and Elder Hugh Ried had spoken brother Richards indicated that I should speak which I did, on the subject of the comming of Christ, and the signs that were to preceed his coming. I spoke with great liberty, and retained the crowd, which was quite great in numbers, and they gave evedince of being deeply interested.

After meeting crowd did not seem like they wished to dispurse, and we had some conversation with some of them.

We soon retired, to our homes. Prayed and went to bed.

Seattle, Wash. Sunday Nov. 11. 1906.

At 10.15 am, met with our Sunday School. Prayer meeting at 10.30. Sunday School opened. Splendid excercises, good attendance. Fine class work, and deep interest. After it closed

[page break]


brother R. and I and many <several> of the Elders remained and counseled as the <to> better organization of the branch.

At 2 p.m. meeting, Brother Richards occupied about 50 minutes, and spoke with power and authority. I spoke the remainder of the time.

At 7 At 7.30 I presented the general authorities and the Mission Authorities, and then the Local Branch Authorities as follows:

Branch Presidency
President Elder E.D. Cook
First Counselor
Second      “  Louis Haneberg
Branch Chorister R. L. Price
“            Organist Emma Maxfield

Branch Sunday School.
Supt. Elder Alfred Butteane
Frst. Asst. “       “      Amos Iverson
Second      “       Eva Kinder
Secretery   Vivian Maxfield
Asst             “              Cora Hawley
Librarian Bertha Fritsche

Branch Relief Society
President Mrs. Estella Milligan
First Counselor “ Christina Peterson
Second “             “     Cordelia Ridgeway
Secy.  Miss Eva Kinder
Asst.          “         “    Cora Hawley

Branch Mutual Imp. Assn.
Pres. Virgil L. Chamberlain
First Counselor Miss. Eva Kinder
Second      “       Mrs. Zina Randall
Secy.  Miss  Cora Hawley
Asst.         “       Miss Vivian Maxfield
Class Teacher  C. H. Fritsche
Asst.         “         “    Elder James Taggart.

[page break]


Seattle. Wash. Monday Nov. 12. 1906.

Elder George F Richards and I took morning 8.30 N.P. Ry. train to Vancouver. Arrived there near 5 p.m. found Elders head quarters.  Elder Kennington soon came.

Went to Restaurant to supper. Hunted us some rooms. Went to a cottage meeting to Brother and Sister Neils. Found the Neils, present, a young man converted in Australia, and 7 or 8 strangers. Had an interesting meeting, an attentive audience, and brother Richards again spoke with power and authority, and over an hour, and I spoke about 30 minutes. The Elders accompanied us to our rooms bade us good night. We retired about 11 p.m.

Vancouver B.C. Tuesday Nov. 13. 06.

At 8.35 am Elder Richards and I started from this place. We were accompanied by Elder Reynolds, the latter and I were bound for Seattle and brother Richards for Salt Lake City. We arrived in Seattle about 4.30 p.m. I had released Elder Reynolds from the Vancouver field, and have not yet appointed him to a new one.

Elder Richards and I came to Romies house to await his train, went to depot at 9 p.m. where we went to the where he got on to the Sleeper, his train being due to Start at 10.30 pm for Portland.

I bade him good bye, thanked him and the Lord for his visit with me, and feel greatly strengthened by the same, and shall put in practice every thing he has instructed me to do. And I am much encouraged, and so are the elders and Saints, by his grand instructions given with such a spirit as they were. I returned home and spent a most comfortable and happy night with Sa Romey.

[page break]


Seattle Wash   Wednesday Nov. 14. 06

Spent this day in writing up my journal until 1.20 p.m. I have <felt> very comfortable and happy with Romie, and rejoice that I am to be here for a few days.

Wrote letter to S. A. Jackson informing him of the reason of my stay here; that I would be home next Monday: to send my letters alltogether Saturday.

In the evening Romie and I went to Mr. Evans home in the midst of a dreadful down pour of rain.  Spent a happy social evening with he and his wife, who is a member of the church.

Returned home, Prayed Retired.

Seattle Wash   Thursday Nov. 14, 1906

Wrote up my journal for awhile.  Wrote letters to:
L. C. Nelson
Ben E. Rich

Took a Turkish Bath, bought myself a scratch Brush, and some salve for Talt Rheuno, returned home, took supper with Romie, wrote in my journal.  Visited awhile with brother Cook.  Read the Salt Lake Tribune.  The newspapers say that the flats below Tacoma are flooded, many people homeless, and tracks under water.  This stops traffic and puts an end to travel for the present.  Read a magazine article, prayed, retired.

Seattle Wash.  Friday Nov. 16. 06.

Breakfasted.  Wrote in my journal, Wrote letters to William A. Crowther; Dr. Kellogg: Nels B. Lundwall: Geo Reynolds: Mrs Emma Nielson. Pres. Jos F. Smith.

Went and spent part of this

[page break]


day in the store of brother Fritsche, Visiting and talking with him about Branch affairs. I pray the Lord to Bless brother Fritsche in his business.  To also comfort his heart and lead him to be a strong man and one of the foremost men in this little branch.

May the Lord Bless this mission and my companion Elders, and my brothers and sisters in it, and preserve them from the sins and the calamities of the world.

The floods are destroying property in many places near Seattle, and rail road trafic and travle are at present suspended here.  It is probable that a number of lives will be lost, if they are not allready.

Spent this day in part reading, studying, etc.  Prayers. Bed.

Seattle, Washington                Saturday Nov. 17. -06,

Spent this forenoon at home writing reading etc.  In the afternoon Brother Cook and I went with a real estate man to see lots for sale.  Found a nice corner lot on Queen Ann Hill for $1300.

Came home spent Evening at home.  Prayed Retired.

Seattle Washington     Sunday Nov. 18. 06

Went to Sunday School and afternoon (2 p.m) meeting Spoke upon the knowledge Saints must obtain in order to be saved.  Spoke upon the history of Joseph the Prophet.  Appointed a meeting for 7.30 p.m. Invited All the Elders; the presidency of the branch: Presidency of the Relief Society: Superintendancy of the Sunday School; and Presidency of

[page break]


the mutual Imp. Assn.  I also invited Brother and Sister Fritsche and others.

These all came together at the appointed time.  In this meeting we ordained brother Henneberg ap an Elder, and set him apart to act as Second Counselor to brother Cook in the branch presidency;  We I being mouth.

We also set Sister Eva Kinder Apart to act as 2nd assistant Supt. of the Sunday School, this was done brother Cook being mouth.  I had called this meeting together for the purpose of instructing these authorities Too what relationship each organization held to the others, that they were all the children of the Bishop, and that must none of them make any important move without consulting the Bishop or Branch President, and must be governed by his counsel:

I then began teaching them their duties, and I spoke with great plainness, and with the spirit of Power and authority.  At the conclusion of the meeting, many shook hands with me and bore tesaimony to the truthfulness of what I had taught, and that the Holy Gohst was in our midst.

Returned home, Prayed Retired.

Seattle, Wash. Monday Nov. 19. 06.

My wife Alice J. and brother Cook went out to Killduffs in the forenoon.  We visited Sis. Milligan out there.  Also a Mr. And Mrs. Peterson, These will soon be baptized and also another young man a brother to Mr Peterson. so wem we are led to believe by their conversation to us.  We went and spent an hour or two with Sister Killduff and her sister.

[page break]


On returning home about 7 p.m. my my wife and brother Cook desired that we make a call up to the Elders Head Quarters a few minutes, we did so, and there for the first time I learned that there was a surprise party on me.  The Saints and Elders had assembled together, bought ice cream, cake and other refreshments, and I was introduced among them suddenly, and was indeed very greatly surprised.  We sung, recited, visited and feasted until midnight and then went home and to bed.

Seattle Wash. Tuesday Nov. 20, 1906

My Wife Romie seemed sick this morning with a heavy cold.  In company with Elder Cook I went and visited a Mrs. or Sister Ward very sick. At her house I met her mother Mrs. Peterson and two of her sisters and her a brother.  These all were members of the church, and Sister Ward had married an outsider, and had three little children.  We blessed them, and thus made them members of the church.  I was mouth in blessing two of them.  Returned home and spent the evening with my wife.  Found her quite sick.  Wrote up my journal,  Prayed Retired

Seattle, Wash.  Wednesday Nov. 21, 1906.

I bid Romie fare well, and in company with Elders Cook and Iverson went to depot, and took train for Portland at 8.40.  The elders remained in Seattle.

Arrived in Portland at 8 p.m.  Found Sadie, the children, and the Elders well and Holding a birthday Party with Nellie

[page break]


Astle.  They seeked to have a very enjoyable time, and retired about midnight.

Portland  Ore. Thursday Nov. 22nd, 1906.

Wrote letters to Elder Butteane, & Rosie Whittle. At 3 pm went and visited in Company with Sadie at the home of Mrs. Thompson. Spent a very agreeable two hours. Returned home, about 7 p.m. and spent the evening in reading.

Portland, Ore. Friday, Nov. 23. 1906.

Wrote letters to Hannah Pratt: Lyman Garner: W.H. Rowe. Went with Sadie to visit Sister Courter. Spent afternoon and evening and took supper with Sis. C. and daughter Jessie. Very pleasant evening it was. After leaving them, we went to the Baker Theater and the play entitled the “Middle Man.” Very beautifully played by a Stock Company.

Returned home, Retired.

Portland Ore. Saturday, Nov. 24. 1906.

Sawed Wood with Heber for an hour or two. Went in Company with Elder Jackson, and visited with, and administered to her.  Sister Edna Pope Taffee.  Returned home and wrote up my Journal.

Wrote letters to Elder Geo. F. Richards. In the evening went in Company with Sadie to visit the elders.

Portland, Ore. Sunday Nov. 25, 1906

Went to Sunday School, 11.30 am and 7 pm meetings. In the evening meeting there were a number of Josephites present, Spoke upon work

[page break]


for the dead, such as baptism etc. Also was led to show who are saved in the Kingdom of God, and how surprised the good old Sectarian and other opposers of Plural Marriage will be when they are introduced to Abraham Isaac, Jacob & their families.

Portland, Ore. Monday Nov. 26. 1906

Wrote letters to Henry Kennington, E.S. Cook, W A Carrother Young Mens Christian Assn. Salt Lake City.

At 6.15 pm took O R & N for Spokane arrived there at near 12 noon next day.

Found Hannah, Romey, Frank and Joseph in good spirits and all well except Hannah, and her much better than I had anticipated. Spent a very pleasant evening and afternoon with them, and skinned the whole family from mother down, on the checker board.

Portland Spokane Wash. Tuesday Nov. 27. 06.

Spent this day with the family, with the greatest joy.

Spokane, Wash. Wednesday Nov. 28. 1906.

Wrote up my journal.  Played checkers with Hannah, beat her all to smash. Also last evening skinned the whole family at checkers.

Wrote letters to: Florence Lever
D.A. Holman

Spokane, Wash. Thursday Nov. 29, 1906.

Spent thanksgiving with my family, and at Mays in evening.

[page break]


Spokane Wash. Friday Nov. 30. 06

Spent the day with the elders, getting up. Records etc.

Evening with my family.

Spokane, Wash. Saturday Dec. 1. 1906.

Wrote letters to J. Charlton Joint Agt. Clergy Bureau
Moroni Welsh.        S.M. Pratt
S.A. Jackson etc

Spokane, Wash. Sunday Dec. 2. 1906.

Went to Sunday School and meeting at 1 p.m. After a short S.S.  meeting convened. We ordained some of our brethren local to offices in the priesthood as follows.

Brother Glasson who was a priest I ordained an Elder.

His Eldest son was by the mouth of one of the Elders L.C. Nelson ordained to the office of a priest.

His youngest to the office of a teacher and Priest Haks Ber by my mouth ordained an Elder.

I then preached on the subject of Baptism for every creature either living or dead being necessary for their salvation. We had strangers present.  An excellent spirit prevailed, and many expressed themselves well pleased.

In the evening we all went to Mays. Ate with her and soon the Elders came up and we all spent a joyous evening together.

[page break]


Monday Tuesday and Wednesday the 3rd – 4th & 5th, I worked transferring old Records onto a New ward record.  It kept me very busy.

Hannah and I went to one good theater, and greatly enjoyed it. We also were treated by Bill to tickets for one good theater in the “Spokane”.

Spokane Washington Thursday Dec 6. 06

Blessed my dear Hannah.  Went to O.R.& N. Depot, took train for Walla Walla Wash. Arrived there at 3.15 p.m. Hunted up the Combs family, found them well but very poorly off in circumstances. Still faithful. Received of them 1800  in tithing. Gave them $10. back as worthy poor. Stayed over night with them. With them visited the Johnson family <who are> members of the church on Friday afternoon and evening. Found them full of faith, and radiant with joy at my coming. Ate a good supper with them, returned to Brother Combs residence, packed up and went to Depot, took train for Portland, arrived at Portland on Saturday Dec. 8th.

Spokane, Wash. Saturday Dec. 8. 1906.

After finding the folks and Elders, all well and greeting them, I dictated the following letters to Lehi my son. & He took them down in short hand and afterwards wrote them with the type writer.

Horace S. Ensign
Bishop Roscoe Eardley           Geo. D. Pyper
O. W. Benson                                     W.H. Kennington
Mrs. Ashbacher                       Wm Crowther
Dena Myers                             J.W. Jardine
Susie Hosford

[page break]


Portland Ore. Sunday Dec. 9. 1906

In the night I was somewhat sick, and this morning still feeling unwell, did not go to Sunday School. At 11.30 I attended meeting, Elder Jackson was the speaker and was quite interesting to me.

In the evening elders and Crockwell and Westergaard ocupied the time and we had a fine meeting. There were some strangers present and after meeting expressed themselves well pleased. We went home from meeting: prayed and retired.

Portland Ore. Monday Dec. 10th. 1906

Spent all this day writing letters.  to. Remained at Home with my family where I wrote. Studdied, attended meetings etc. until Jan 5th. The following letters among others I wrote.

Dec 10 wrote letters to: JW. Combs
S.E. Cook Seattle
A.R. Stephens
Frank Bramwell

Dec 11 Wrote letters to: J Charlton

“      12       “            “     J Charlton
Albert E. Walker
John J. Kirby
John J. Taggart
John R.    “

Dec 15 Wrote letters to : O.W. Benson
Eli A. Gardiner
Alice J. Pratt
E.S. Cook
J.W. Jardine
Ezra J Merril
Heber Q. Hale
Lyman J Garner
Eli Gardiner
Lyman J. Garner
Geo A. Hunter

[page break]

Portland Dec 15 1906

Wrote John J. Oldroyd

Dec 17    Wrote letters to L.C. Nelson
W.C. Spencer

Dec 19 Wrote letters to W A Crowthen
C.R. Rowberry
Wm Budge
John W. Combs
E.S. Cook
Geo. A. Corden
Matthias F Cowley

Dec 25  Wrote letters to:  J.W. Jardine
W. H. Remington
Susie L Sossford
J. Charlton
E A Gardine



Jan 4

Wrote  to Arthur Bryan
Hannah Pratt
Jerome Pratt
Heber Q Hale
Albert D. Bird
D. H. Holman
Alice J Pratt

I recieved a dispatch from Nephi J Pratt that his mother was very seriously ill and for me to hurry to Spokane. I was taken with a chill Christmas night and was sick with fever for some days. Am not very well now. Had to remain away from meeting last Sunday.

Jan 5. 1907      Portland. Ore

Took night train to Spokane, arrived Sunday about 11. am. found Hannah very low. Altho very sick myself. I nursed her that night. I found the children all well and felt thankful for this blessing. The Elders visited me and I found them in good health and spirits.

Spokane Wash Sunday Jan 6,1907

Upon this day the Elders came to visit me, and Pres. Taggart and

[page break]


Elders Oldroyd, Williams, and Walker upon my motion excommunicated <Brother Heppy & Mary H.> them for apostacy.  (They had joined the Josephites.)  I nursed Hannah until the 10th inst with great care night and day, administered unto her frequently and prayed earnestly all the time <for the Lord> to spare her life. I also sent word to Pres. Jos. E. Robinson of the California Mission begging him to try to procure half rates from the S.P. Officials for my family, to Los Angeles Calif., and I also wrote the authorities of same at Portland to try to induce them to give us rates. I covenanted with the Lord that if these favors could not be secured I would be sattisfied, and would take it as a sign from the Lord that He did not want Hannah to go there and that he would spare her life and by his marvelous power heal her from her low condition. From both California and Portland Or. I was refused <these> rates and strange to say Hannah commenced to recover quite rapidly.  My prayers and administrations from this time on were constantly answered almost immediately and by the power of God and not of man she was gradually and surely raised from almost death unto life.

Spokane Wash. Jan 11. 1907.

I wrote letters  this day to. J.P. O’Brien
Wm Crooks                  Pres. Jos. E. Robinson
Ben E. Rich                 Elder Eli Gardiner
W.P. Pratt                   Elder A. Stephens
C.F. Wilcox                 Elder L.J. Garner
Elder S.A. Jackson

I had a short visit with the Elders.

Spokane, Wash. Jan 12. 1907

Wrote letters to
Alice J. Pratt                        Anna Hanson
Daniel Ricks                W.C. Spence
S.A. Jackson

I recieved a letter from W. C Spence in which I found an annual pass over the O.S.L.  R.R. for which I thanked the Lord. Hannah was improved this day.

[page break]


Spokane, Wash. Jan. 13. 1907

The elders visited with me awhile. Blocked out a long letter to Pres. Jos. F. Smith in pencil.  Hannah improving slowly. Received tithes from Frank Pratt $30.40 and from Hans Benson $200

Spokane Wash. Jan 14. 1907

Copied my letters to Pres. Jos. F. Smith. It contained report of work performed and Prospects ahead of us in the miss.  Hannah is slowly improving, yet she is very low.


Spokane Wash Jan 21st  1907

Recieved Tithing from Francis M Pratt $240  Wrote letters to         Florance Leaver

Wm P. Pratt

Martin Lundwall

Wm Bromley

Spokane Wash. Jan 15. 1907

Wrote letters to S.A. Jackson, Sadie M. Pratt

Hannah had comparatively easy night, gradually improving.

Spokane, Wash. Jan 17, 1907

Wrote a letter to S. A. Jackson, Miss. Secy, in which I sent him a check from Boise Id which was a balance of tithes on hand in that branch Dec. 31st 1906 and which had been sent to me.

Spokane Wash. Jan 18. 1907

Wrote a letter to Sadie M. Pratt.  Studdied, Read to family nursed Hannah. She is still improving.

Spokane Wash. Jan. 19. 1907

Wrote letters to Elder S.E. Cook, Annie Newton

[page break]


Spokane Washington Jan 20. 1907.

Spent day at home.  In evening went to Nephi J. Pratts and blessed his little baby Girl.  Gave it the name of Myrtle, Virginia.

Spokane Wash.  Jan. 21. 1907.

Received tithes from Francis M. Pratt $2.40 Wrote letters to:  Florence Leaver, William P Pratt, Martin Lundwall, William Bromley.

Spokane, Wash.  Jan 22  1907

Wrote letters to Ezra J. Merrill, Harry Bitton, Susie L. Hosford.

Spokane Wash. Jan 23  1907

Spent this day until 2 pm with my family.  The rest of the day with the Elders.  Had a grand meeting with them.  Evening at home, Hannah improving.

Spokane, Wash. Jan 24. 1907.

Wrote letters to Sadie M. Pratt, and Alice J. Pratt.  Hannah is still improving for which I render thanksgiving unto my Father in Heaven.

[page break]

Portland Oregon

Wednesday  Mch. 6. 1907.

Wrote letters to various people, and received a number.

In the evening held a local priesthood meeting at which it was proposed to fill up the presiding quorums so far as choosing the individuals to act.  Which we did and then names were voted on and they were sustained the following Sunday at the Portland Conference.  We had a very lively priesthood meeting.  Several of the local Elders speaking among the number, Branch Pres. Westerguard, and Counselor Simmons.  I instructed the brethren in their duties, and exhorted them with great earnestness to be faithful.  After singing and prayer, we chatted a few minutes and the brethren departed well pleased with the spirit of our meeting.

Thursday and Friday Mar 7 & 8th.  I spent doing some business with the Railway authorities writing letters, Studying etc.

Sadie having been very Sick it was decided to have her go on a trip to Valley’s California to visit Helen our daughter.  I procured her clergy rates (12.50) and we decided she should start the following Monday.

On Friday the 8th inst. Elders Ence Curtis and Jansen Came by my invitation from Tacoma to Headquarters.

Saturday  Mch. 9.  1907.

At 10:30 had an Elders Priesthood meeting at which there were 9 Elders present viz:  Of Portland William Bromley. President: and traveling Elders, Madison, Dunford, Reynold, and Jackson and Sans.  Of Tacoma traveling Elders, Ence, Curis, and Jansen.

At this meeting each elder spoke in his turn, commencing with the Tacoma Elders, and gave their experiences, their dif

[page break]


Portland Oregon

Saturday          Mch. 9. 1907 (continued)

ficulties, and the manner of spending their time. It was a grand meeting, altho some of them had to be set right, and rebuked for their conduct, laziness or lack of wisdom.

I made the following distribution of the Elders for Portland: W.F. Bromley
For Butte                     Reynolds
Dunford                      Jackson
Jansen                          Ence

For <Boise>                Curtis

This change of field given to a number of the Elders was cheerfully accepted and our meeting terminated after having lasted several hours. Wrote several letters etc.

Sunday            Mch. 10. 1907

This day opened up very gloomey. The clouds were heavy and black and the rain pouring down. We went to Sunday School and at opening time (10 am) found a good turn out from our Branch and a goodly number of Visitors from Hood River and other parts. Our School was a grand success. At 11.30 Our first meeting of the conference convened, and we had an extraordinary turn out. Elders Madson, Dunford and Jansen who were called to other fields were the speakers first, and then one of Presiding Bishop. Robert L. Burton & sons from S.L.City who happened to be visiting Salt Lake Portland spoke. The various gospel themes discussed by the brethren were full of life and encouragement, and the Saints rejoiced.

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Portland Oregon

Sunday            Mch, 10. 1907.            (continued)

During this meeting Elder Bromley gave some most beautiful special peices, Sung by the Elders quartette once, and another by 2 Elders and Lee Simmons and Sister Ida Day, which assisted greatly to make the meetings interesting. At this meeting the Saints accepted by vote the resignation of Sisters Westergaard and Simmons as Counselors to Sis Holling in the Relief Society which they had tendered to me some days before.

The Choir Sung an Anthem and the meeting adjourned until 7 pm.


7 pm. Meeting convened and after the opening exercises I presented the <General> authorities of the church the Mission Authorities, and the Conference authorities, and the branch Authorities of the church, and they were unanimously sustained. The branch presiding quorum were:

James Westergaard                 President
H.C. Simmons                         1st Counselor
Dr. Geo. W. Crockwell           2nd        “
Lehi C. Pratt                           Branch Clerk
Elder Wm Bromley                 Chorister
Sis. Mary Westergaard            Organist


Sunday School
H.C. Simmons                         Superintendent
Oberg                                      1st Asst.
Olsen                                       2nd   “
Louise Banerele                      Secy

[page break]


Portland Oregon

Sunday  Mch. 10. 1907.

Evening Meeting 7 pm (continued)

Relief Society
Sister Mary Em. Holling                     Pres.
“     S.M. Pratt                                1st Counselor
“      Jorgensen refused 1s Act
“      Iday Simmons Day                 Secy.

Mutual Imp. Association
Heber C. Pratt                                     President
Lou Simmons                                      First Counselor
J Jorgenson                                          Second  “
Martha Banerele                                  Secy

The vote on these authorities both General and Local was unanimous.

I addressed the meeting for some time on the Spiritual Gifts and other principles and related a number of my own Experiences.

The New counselor in the Branch presidency Dr. Crockwell then spoke upon much the Same subject. Elder Bromley followed upon reviewing his labors and experiences in the Portland Conference etc. Altogether our Conference was a success. for which I return thanks to the Lord.

Monday   Mch. 11. 1907

Took N.P.R.R. Train for Seattle and Vancouver.

Sister Pratt took Southern Pacific Train to San Francisco or Vallejo Cal. to visit Helen. I arrived at Seattle early in the evening, was compelled to wait here until 11.30 pm for train to Vancouver B. C. so went to the Theatre to hear Black Patti Company Sing. I quite enjoyed it.

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Portland Oregon

Monday Mch. 11. 1907          (continued)
At 11.30 resumed my journey. Took Sleeper to Vancouver and arrived there safely by 7 a.m. next morning.

Vancouver B.C.

Tuesday Mch. 12. 1907.

Monday Took a room at the Empire Hotel. at which place I ate breakfast, and then spent some hours writing up my journal. I find I have forgotten to bring the Vancouver Elders address, and at 11 am am Starting out to find them. Went onto Cordova St and soon found the Elders whom I found well. I listend much interested to Elder Kenningtons report as to how everything in this field was going. I found that the foolish actions of Elders Dalimore and Cameron was a matter of sincere sorrow to Him. and that he was very much tried with them. I notified Elder Cameron that he could prepare to go home as two years would soon be up.

About 6 p.m. I accompanied Elder Kinington to Brother and Sister Neils. I there had a very pleasant and agreeable visit, and took supper with them and the Elders. Soon people began to gather in and at 8 p.m. we opened meeting and after the opening excercises I spoke something over an hour, and I found my self with a very interested audience and was filled with the Spirit and warned the people present of this <being the> day of the coming of the Son of God. At the conclusion of the meeting the xx Strangers

expressed their surprise and pleasure at hearing these doctrines.

I remained for the night at Brother Niels. and had an enjoyable nights rest, which was much needed as I was very tired.

[page break]


Portland Oregon

Saturday          Mch. 9. 1907 (continued)
ficulties, and the manner of spending their time. It was a grand meeting, altho some of them had to be set right, and rebuked for their conduct, laziness or lack of wisdom.

I made the following distribution of the Elders for Portland: W.F. Bromley
For Butte                     Reynolds
Dunford                      Jackson
Jansen                          Ence
For <Boise>                Curtis

This change of field given to a number of the Elders was cheerfully accepted and our meeting terminated after having lasted several hours. Wrote several letters etc.

Sunday            Mch. 10. 1907

This day opened up very gloomey. The clouds were heavy and black and the rain pouring down. We went to Sunday School and at opening time (10 am) found a good turn out from our Branch and a goodly number of Visitors from Hood River and other parts. Our School was a grand success. At 11.30 Our first meeting of the conference convened, and we had an extraordinary turn out. Elders Madson, Dunford and Jansen who were called to other fields were the speakers first, and then one of Presiding Bishop. Robert L. Burton & sons from S.L.City who happened to be visiting Salt Lake Portland spoke. The various gospel themes discussed by the brethren were full of life and encouragement, and the Saints rejoiced.

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Portland Oregon

Sunday            Mch, 10. 1907.            (continued)
During this meeting Elder Bromley gave some most beautiful special peices, Sung by the Elders quartette once, and another by 2 Elders and Lee Simmons and Sister Ida Day, which assisted greatly to make the meetings interesting. At this meeting the Saints accepted by vote the resignation of Sisters Westergaard and Simmons as Counselors to Sis Holling in the Relief Society which they had tendered to me some days before.

The Choir Sung an Anthem and the meeting adjourned until 7 pm.


7 pm. Meeting convened and after the opening exercises I presented the <General> authorities of the church the Mission Authorities, and the Conference authorities, and the branch Authorities of the church, and they were unanimously sustained. The branch presiding quorum were:
James Westergaard                 President
H.C. Simmons                         1st Counselor
Dr. Geo. W. Crockwell           2nd        “
Lehi C. Pratt                           Branch Clerk
Elder Wm Bromley                 Chorister
Sis. Mary Westergaard            Organist


Sunday School
H.C. Simmons                         Superintendent
Oberg                                      1st Asst.
Olsen                                       2nd   “
Louise Banerele                      Secy

[page break]


Portland Oregon

Sunday  Mch. 10. 1907.
Evening Meeting 7 pm (continued)

Relief Society
Sister Mary Em. Holling                     Pres.
“     S.M. Pratt                                1st Counselor
“      Jorgensen refused 1s Act
“      Iday Simmons Day                 Secy.

Mutual Imp. Association
Heber C. Pratt                                     President
Lou Simmons                                      First Counselor
J Jorgenson                                          Second  “
Martha Banerele                                  Secy

The vote on these authorities both General and Local was unanimous.

I addressed the meeting for some time on the Spiritual Gifts and other principles and related a number of my own Experiences.

The New counselor in the Branch presidency Dr. Crockwell then spoke upon much the Same subject. Elder Bromley followed upon reviewing his labors and experiences in the Portland Conference etc. Altogether our Conference was a success. for which I return thanks to the Lord.

Monday   Mch. 11. 1907
Took N.P.R.R. Train for Seattle and Vancouver.

Sister Pratt took Southern Pacific Train to San Francisco or Vallejo Cal. to visit Helen. I arrived at Seattle early in the evening, was compelled to wait here until 11.30 pm for train to Vancouver B. C. so went to the Theatre to hear Black Patti Company Sing. I quite enjoyed it.

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Portland Oregon

Monday Mch. 11. 1907          (continued)
At 11.30 resumed my journey. Took Sleeper to Vancouver and arrived there safely by 7 a.m. next morning.

Vancouver B.C.

Tuesday Mch. 12. 1907.

Monday Took a room at the Empire Hotel. at which place I ate breakfast, and then spent some hours writing up my journal. I find I have forgotten to bring the Vancouver Elders address, and at 11 am am Starting out to find them. Went onto Cordova St and soon found the Elders whom I found well. I listend much interested to Elder Kenningtons report as to how everything in this field was going. I found that the foolish actions of Elders Dalimore and Cameron was a matter of sincere sorrow to Him. and that he was very much tried with them. I notified Elder Cameron that he could prepare to go home as two years would soon be up.

About 6 p.m. I accompanied Elder Kinington to Brother and Sister Neils. I there had a very pleasant and agreeable visit, and took supper with them and the Elders. Soon people began to gather in and at 8 p.m. we opened meeting and after the opening excercises I spoke something over an hour, and I found my self with a very interested audience and was filled with the Spirit and warned the people present of this <being the> day of the coming of the Son of God. At the conclusion of the meeting the xx Strangers

expressed their surprise and pleasure at hearing these doctrines.

I remained for the night at Brother Niels. and had an enjoyable nights rest, which was much needed as I was very tired.

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Wednesday, March. 13. 1907.

Arrose about 8 am came down Stairs and ate breakfast at Sister Neils and visited with her and her daughter Beatrice until 11 o’clock then went to the Elders Head Quarters, and guided by Elder Cameron went to visit a Mr. Brown and his wife who had formerly been investigators but had been bluffed and kept back by a Josephite Elder who had poisoned their minds against us because of Pologamy etc. We had a lovely visit with them, and I talked very plainly, and though when we first presented ourselves we had a cool reception, we were fortunate enough to leave them possessed of the warmest feelings of Kindness and a deep interest in our principles.

We joined Elders Kennington, McDonald and Dalimore after leaving these good people and took a ferry boat and crossed the bay and went and visited a village on the opposite shore. Spent a pleasant two hours together. Returned to the Hotel, and the Elders to their homes.

At the Hotel I spent a season writing in my journal. I released Elder Cameron from this field and he will start Saturn Friday Morning for Seattle where I will appoint him either a new field, or give him an honorable <a> release from his mission as his conduct with women and girls, and his contentious disposition with the elders more than nullifies all his good works in the mission field.

At 11.30 after visiting at the Hotel with Elders Kennington and McDonald I took the 11.30 train for Seattle where I arrived in Safety at 7a.m.

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Seattle Washington      Thursday Mch. 14. 1907.

I had forgotton to bring the address of the Seattle Head Quarters with me from Portland and so wandered around hunting them for a time. At last Near Noon I called on brother Hawley at his place of business and found out their address from him. Was met at the door by My wife Alice J. whom I found well and also so were the Elders whom I soon found. Our meeting and our greetings were very happy. I took supper with them and afterwards retired to our room and spent the evening with Romey, which I greatly enjoyed after a four months sepperation.

Retired near 9 o’clock.

Seattle Washington

Friday Mch. 15. 1907.
Ate Breakfast with Alice J. and the Elders, then spent some time writing in my journal. Wrote letters to H.M. Monson and Sadie M. Pratt, went about 3 p.m. in Company with Alice J. to visit sister Ridgeway. Found her very much grieved over her domestic affairs, and also very much hurt in her feelings at the elders and the church for voting to hold Sunday School at 11.30 a.m. instead of 12. M. as she and brother Fritsche and another person or two desired. She said that the majority voted the way she did but and that only four voted against her, and from this she decided that the branch did not want her, so she had concluded to cease coming to meetings and Sunday Schools. From what I hear I believe this same spirit is working upon other persons in the branch. I greatly regret this state of affairs, and proceeded at once to enlighten her upon her duties. I believe her feelings were much improved by our visit, but what she will do in the future remains to be seen.

Coming from her house Romie and

[page break]


Friday March 15th. 1907. (Continued)
I went to the Theater Lois and enjoyed a fine play entitled “A Lady of Quality”. Home. Bed.

Seattle Wash. Mch. 16. 1907.
After breakfast I had a long walk and talk with Elder E.S. Cook about the Elders behavior and other affairs. Wrote in my journal for a short time. Spent the afternoon at home with Wife Jerome.

Spoke on the Street this eve. Subject Resurrection.

Seattle Wash. Sunday Mch 17. 07.
At 11.30 am in company with the Elders went to Sunday School which was extraordinary in its order, and the efficient work that is being accomplished.

I addressed the school for 10 minutes with good freedom upon the subject of order etc, and in praise of the class work being performed therein.

At 2 p.m. We held the first meeting of the conference, at which we called upon the Conference Presidents from Vancouver & Victoria Elders Kennington and Butteano to report their labors and speak as they felt. Also other speakers were Elder Cameron returning home and Elders Brown of the & Clayton of the Victoria Conference. There was a most beautiful Spirit in the house that gave life and energy to the words of the elders, and deep interest to the Saints and strangers who listened. It was a meeting not soon to be forgotton.

We had some of the most beautiful Singing by the choir that could be indeed every thing that was sung was very far above the average choir singing.

Evening: meeting commenced at 7.30. Our choir did them selves very proud again in their opening hymns their singing being very inspiring.

[page break]


Sunday the 17, Mch. (Continued)
I will say that our house was crowded both afternoon and evening, many strangers being present.

The whole time of this meeting was occupied by myself. I spoke one hour and forty minutes, upon various phases of Mormonism, and was exceedingly blessed with the Holy Ghost, as also were the audience.

Seattle, Monday Mch 18. 1907.
My wife and Jerome and I went at 9 Sharp and visited Henry Hawleys at his works where he is tearing down mountains and washing them into the sea by a great pumping plant. At 11 am met with the Elders in priesthood meeting, and found that several of the Local Elders were also present. I had invited them, and Brothers Fritsche, Chamberlain, Hennibery & Harmon were there. I opened the meeting, and called upon the brethren to express their feelings, bear their testimony, etc. and called upon them as follows: Missionary Elders Reed, Brown, Dallimore, & McDonald. Then upon Henneberg local Elders Henneberg, Fritsche, Chamberlin, Harmon: Again Miss. Elders Cook, Kirby, Iverson, Price, Harris, Dallof, & Kennington. These all responded, and most of them with a good spirit. After they had done, I spoke for an hour by the power of the spirit of God. Correcting erroneous impressions, teaching the week, and strengthening these rebuking the wayward, and especially Elder Harris who had been whispering and laughing and causing others to laugh in our Evening Conference meeting the evening before.

This was a very remarkable meeting and will long be remembered. At 15 minutes to two we dismissed, and at 2 pm The Relief Society Sisters met, and I in company with Pres. Cook, Kennington

[page break]


Mch 18  (Continued)
Buttcane attended it. There was about 9 sisters present, and none to preside as sister Ridgeway counselor in the presiding quorum was the only one present, the president herself being sick and Sister Ridgeway refused to act. In view of this Elder Cook presided at my request. All the Sisters bore their testimony, and then I spoke in an encouraging manner; for about 30 minutes.

Thus ended our conference meetings.

Seattle Tuesday Mch. 19. 1907.

Wrote letters to: Hannah Pratt
Melissa Pratt
S. A. Jackson
Charlotte Maxwell

In the evening went to a grand Ball given by the Saints at which we had a great crowd of Saints and their friends and many investigators.

It was a grand success and ended at midnight.

Seattle Wednesday Mch. 20. 1907

Wrote letters to: Susie Young Gates
F. S. Bramwell
David Cameron
David Cameron

I then this day made out the Elders appointments as follows:
for Seattle
Pres.  E. S Cook Pres.

Traveling Elders:         Iverson

[page break]


Wednesday Mch. 20th. (continued)
Vancouver:  President             Kennington
Traveling Elders:         McDonald

Released to return home to take effect on the 31st Mch. Elder Cameron

Anaconda Elder Price
Spokane Elder Brown
“                 Harris

Elder Cameron was released to return home because he had been foolish enough to engage himself to a young lady Miss Adamson, and by his conduct had worried his conference president and made discord among the elders in the Vancouver Conference. With all these faults he was in many ways as good as gold, moreover, before coming on his mission he had been a confirmed user of Liquor, a Briggerette friend and a blasphemer as he told me, and I concluded that he had had a great deal harder fight with himself, than others had. With these things in view I considered that for his salvation sake I should give him an honorable release.

He had overcome all these habits, and was virtuous and that counted much with me.

I counseled him to go home and report his mission, and then send for Miss Adamson, take her to the Temple and be Married therein.

Seattle Thursday Mch. 21st 1907.

This morning at 8.10 took N. P. R.R. for Spokane, where at one oclock night arrived in Safety.


Friday Mch. 22. found Hannah much improved weighing 102lbs.  She was cheerful and very happy at my coming. The children were all well and prosperous in their work

[page break]


Friday Mch 22nd. (continued)
Went up town took Turkish Bath. Home, spent happy evening with family. Meitle Nephis wife spent an hour, and took supper with us.

Spokane Saturday Mch. 23.
Have not yet seen the Elders, learn they have hired a hall and taken considerable pains for tomorrows meetings, and that quite a crowd is expected to be present.  Have spent some hours writing in my journal.

Wrote letters to:
Milando Pratt
Sadie M Pratt
O.C. Pearson

Spent the evening at home.

Spokane Sunday Mch. 24. 1907.
Met with the Saints in the Pacific Hall at 10 am and 8 pm. The Elders and I spoke in the morning meeting and had a very Grand meeting. I appointed Elder Williams to go to Head Quarters at Portland to Labor, In the evening meeting had a quite large congregation. Many investigators present. I spoke about an hour and 10 minutes mostly upon the Justice of God. I only felt a moderate degree of liberty. All seemed interested. After meeting I was introduced to some people, and had a short conversation with them.

At the fornoon meeting I and some of the elders blessed Sister Hasly daughters Babe and gave it the name of Caroline. Its mothers name was Mrs. Holt.  I was mouth upon the occasion.

[page break]


Spokane, Monday Mch. 25. 1907.
After breakfast wrote in my journal, and wrote letters as follows:
Mrs Rosie Whittle
Walter Whittle

Recieved a letter from David Camerons Parants for David which by his request I opened, and took therefrom $2000 currency an amount borrowed by David from Seattle funds, and which I must return to Pres. Cook of that place.

Also wrote letters to Elder I. A. Jackson
A. R. Stephens

Went with Hannah and daughter Romie to The Auditorium Theater. The play was quite interesting.

Home at 11 o’clock Retired at 12 midnight

Spokane, Wash. Tuesday Mch. 26. 07.
Wrote letters to: S. A. Jackson, F. S. Bramwell, H. M. Monson.

On invitation went to Son Nephi J Pratts to Noon Meal. Returned Home. About 9 evening. Prayed and retired.

Spokane, Wash. Wednesday Mch. 27. 07.
Wrote letters to:

S. A. Jackson, Lyman J. Garner, W H Anderson. Mr. E. Milzner. Went down town and witnessed Hannah take her third treatment under the hands of a Chiropractic Physician.  Took dinner in Restaurant. Returned Home, spent evening with family. Prayed. Retired 9.30

[page break]


Spokane, Wash.  Thursday, Mch 28, 1907.

Played a few games. Checkers with my wife Hannah.

Yesterday, learned that Mr. Markz <Marx>, a young man who with his wife and a lady friend was in our meeting last Sunday night, was yesterday taken down with apendicitus, and going to the Hosptal was operated upon successfully for same.

The elders administered to him by his own request altho upon entering our meeting Sunday evening he was a Scoffer.  His wife is a Latterday Saint Girl, and very desirous for his conversion.  After the meeting he told his wife and others that he was deeply interested in the meeting, more so than ever before in his life in any religious meeting.  In his delirium he constantantly called my name, and said if I would come and bless him he Knew he would get well.

The elders came hunting for me, but we were none of us at home.  After the elders had administered to him he felt much better, and declared he had much more courage to go through the operation.

Yesterday Morning a 12 days old infant of a Brother and Sister Pearson died and we had to go Security for the funthe feral expenses Ammounting in all to $28.00.  Its funeral will be held at their house at 3 p.m. today.

Wrote in my journal, and wrote letters to Sadie M. Pratt.

Went to the funeral of the infant above mentioned. Elder Taggart and I preached.  From there Hannah and May and I went to Mrs. Vaughns to a womans party in Honor of her mother Mrs. Hardy.  We greatly enjoyed this visit.  I spoke some comforting words to Mrs. Hardy, as she has lately been bereaved of husband and a daughter.

[page break]


Spokane, Wash. Friday  Mch. 29. 07.
Wrote a short time in my journal.  Yesterday I received a letter from my wife Sadie who is in Vallejo Cal. Visiting our Daughter Helen.  Sadie Has been sick for several weeks, and her complaint was pronounced Peretonitius.  It is dangerous and often ends in sudden death.  She went to California partly on account of her health.  Her letter was somewhat discouraging.  She feels quite ill and lonely, and wonders if her going to California was not a mistake.

Wrote letters to Wm. Bromley, Professor N.L. Nelson, and Alice J. Pratt.  Spent the evening home with my wife Hannah.

Spokane Wash.  Saturday Mch 30. 07
Spent some hours up town.  Came home, and remained at home the remainder of the day.  While up town wrote a letter to Sadie.  I have felt some what worried about her.  Spent this eve at home.

Spokane, Wash.  Sunday Mch. 31. 1907.
My poor wife Hannah seems to have caught cold, and is coughing and smothering a good deal with her Old complaint.  The elders have been looking for a Hall and could not find one.  So it is out of our power to find hold a meeting.

I went to the Christian Church in the morning and at night the Elders and I went to the Reorganite Church.  Who have a beautiful little Church building out in Union Park Cau which with the lot cost them $3000.00.  They profess to have a membership of about 200 souls.  A Mr. Smith preached but gave those subjects of contro

[page break]


Sunday  Mch 31st (continued)
versy between themselves and us a wide birth only preaching upon the first principles of the gospel.  We conversed both before and after meeting with Elder Winegar, and the speaker Elder Smith, his wife and others to whom we were introduced.  We had no controversy, nor anything approaching one with any of them.

Spokane, Wash.  Monday  April 1st  1907.
At 10 a.m. Met with Elders at their home.  Pres. Taggart and Elders Walker, Williams, Brown and Harris were all present.  They all spoke, at my request, after which I instructed them at some length upon how to spend their time.  How to govern themselves and conduct themselves towards each other, and all people, etc.  We certainly enjoyed a splendid Spirit.  After this meeting Elder Walker and I went to St. Luke’s Hospital and visited a young heretofore mentioned by the name of Marx, who had been operated upon a few days previous for Appendicitus.  He was getting along nicely, and was very warm in his greeting to me.  Returned home.  In the evening in company with Hannah and daughter Romie went to Spokane Theater, and witnessed the play of The Virginian.

Home about 11.  Bed.

Spokane Wash.  Tuesday  Apl 2nd. 1907.
Wrote letters to Sadie M. Pratt, Mellissa etc.  In the evening went to a theater with Hannah & Romey.

[page break]


Spokane Wash   Wednesday Apl. 3. 07
Took 7 a.m. Train to Salt Lake. Arrived at Pendleton about 6 p.m.  Waited there until 12.10 night for Train from Portland.  Did not arrive in Salt Lake until Friday Morning at 9.15. by this I lost first meeting of the Conference.

Wrote letter at Pendleton to Sadie.

Salt Lake Utah,< Friday>, April 5th, 1907
On this day cleaned up and prepared for Conference at 2 p.m.  Went and listened to several  discourses.  In the Evening took Annie to the concert in the tabernacle it was a grand affair.  I found Florence and Earl and Annie and children usually well.

Stayed this night at Annies.  Frank was at Bingham selling goods.

Salt Lake   Saturday  April 6, 1907.
Went to conference at 10 a.m.  Heard discourses by Rudger Clawson, Heber J. Grant etc. and at 2 from B.H. Roberts & others.  Every discourse was a gem in itself.  Tonight is general Priesthood meeting to which I am going.  Received a letter from Sadie.  Wrote one to Mrs. Sadie M. Pratt.  Was not able to finish it because Parker called to take me to his house.  Went to Priesthood meeting.

Salt Lake  Sunday Apl. 7. 1907.
Went to Conference all day and to Parker’s to stay at night.  Sis Mary Smith was there and my Sister Birdie.  Spent a nice evening and then Prayers and bed.

[page break]


Salt Lake, Monday     Apl. 8. 1907
Special Priesthood meeting. Splendid time. To Flossies and wrote in my journal. Finished letter to Sadie. At 4 P.M. Visited with Porter Callister and later with H.M. Monson at the Bureau of Information. Afterwards went to spend evening with Sister Toone and daughter Nettie. Greatly enjoyed this visit. Home to Flossie’s.

Salt Lake, Tuesday Apl. 9. 1907
We are to meet with the twelve in the Temple to day at 10 a.m. We had a glorious meeting. I called for 20 Elders, new for my mission. In this meeting we found that the Mission Presidents Each except Ben E. Rich Had made one issue of a New Missionary Paper Called the Liahona. It was thought that if this paper succeeded its success would Kill the Elders Journal.

After several meetings with the twelve it was decided to amalgamate the interests of the two Journals, and publish them under one  <the> name of Liahona, The Elders Journal, the same to be published in Independence Mo. I visited my children and some friends and wrote about 25 letters as follows between this and Saturday. On Friday attending the Pratt Family Reunion

Written on 12th Apl. Salt Lake Saturday Apl. 13. 07.
Eli Gardiner                            D.A. Holman
Lyman Garner                         Lehi Pratt
SA Jackson                             Hyrum B. Smith
Geo. W. Crockwell                 Marion White
Anna M Hansen                      N L Nelson
Daniel Ricks                            Haber Pratt
Cora Hawley
John J. OldRoyd

[page break]


Letters written on Saturday the 13th inst
Lehi Pratt
S.A. Jackson
Sadie M. Pratt
E. S. Cook
Hannah Pratt
Alice J Pratt

The Pratt Family Reunion held on the afternoon and evening of Friday the 12th inst. was the intensely interesting. There were Present at least 150 adults and perhaps 75 children and babes. Aunt Agatha the last living wife of my father was the guest of honor. There were Choir Singing, Prayers, Duetts, Readings etc. in the afternoon all done by Pratts. The particular Gems of the occasion were a reading from the autobiography of Parley P. Pratt by Clomenia Pratt Larsen.  Bp Elders Geo Teasdale and Orson F. Whitney of the Apostols Quorum were with us, and O. F. Whitney delivered a memorial address on the life and labors of Parley P. Pratt. He commenced at the birth of this great apostol, prophet, poet statement Statesman, Pioneer and Empire builder, as he designated him, and portrayed the principle events of his great life for an hour and a half and concluded with a vivid portrayal of the manner and of his death.

I have read of addresses delivered by great orators over the distinguished dead, have <costend> heard the discourses o from the lifes of men distinguished for their oratory eloquence, reciting the deeds of the some of the worlds greatest characters, but it was left for Orson F. Whitney to bring forth <at once> the most compact, concise, and <full> complete, full and perfect history of Parley P. Pratt the great apostle who was the subject of his discourse, that it has ever fallen to my lot to listen to or to read about.

[page break]

72        Salt Lake, Sunday Apl. 14. 1907

Other items of the deepest interest were a couple of Violin Solos by Willard Weihe and the flower Scene in the play of Ingomar by Clomenia Pratt Larson and a brother Robinson.

Went to Park’s and spent the night of Friday with him & Family.

Salt Lake  Saturday Apl 13. 1907
Spent some hours with Etta, Lucy, Birdie, Lees Emma and Ann etc. at Lucys home in the big field. Had a most interesting time.

Stayed at Flossies this night.

Salt Lake  Sunday Apl. 14. 1907
Went to meeting in the Tabernacle with my two Sisters Etta and Birdie. Enjoyed the Services very much.  Took Flossie in the evening and visited Ann. I remained at Anns over night.

Salt Lake         Monday Apl 15. 1907
Wrote my journal up. Wrote Letter to Sadie. Done some chores up town. Returned in the evening to Florence’s House and at 11.45 pm Took O.S.L. line for Butte Montana. Arrived there on Tuesday Afternoon about 5 pm. Went to Post Office found no letters for me there. Hunted up the elders whom I found well. They had not yet recieved my letter notifying me of the conference on Sunday the 21st and were greatly surprised upon seeing

[page break]


me. Elder Gardiner and I went to the Hall and I found it thorougly renovated, newly papered, a platform made for the speakers, beautifully carpeted, a lot of new chairs, etc. at about the cost of $200. We found the letter that I had written, under the door. Not knowing where the elders had moved to I had addressed it to our Hall at 902 Utah Ave. hence the delay. Attended Singing practice that evening.

Butte, Mont.   Wednesday. April 17, 1907
Wrote up my journal. Hunted up the Elders, and read a length of time in the “Pearl of Great Price.” Wrote a letter to Sadie. Spent the evening at brother Henry Andrews. Had a most pleasant time. Elder Gardiner was with me there. Home to the Olsen Block. Prayers. bed.

Butte, Mont. Thursday April 18. 1907.
For a number of hours studied the prophecies of Isiah. Wrote in my journal. Wrote a note to Sadie, one to Hannah, and one to Jerome. Also Rosie Whittle. Also replyed to a letter from Mr. Fred Copley, who by letter has applied for baptism. Went to the Theater.

Butte Mont.    Friday Apl. 19. 1907
Spent most of this day in Studying the portions of the book of Genisis. Attended the Mutual Imp. Meeting in the evening. A brother Wilson from Logan who is going to sell Knitted goods for his home factory, in various parts of Montana. Called on me and accompanied me to Meeting. We had an interesting time. I instructed the members and officers of that Institution a few minutes.

[page break]


Butte Mont. Saturday. Apl. 20. 1907.
Assisted a little in getting our Chairs screwed fast together in the meeting house.

Wrote letters to E.S. Cook, S.A. Jackson, W.F. Bromley Hannah Pratt. In the evening in company with the Elders went to the Theater.

Butte Mont. Sunday Apl. 21st 1907.
Sunday School at 10 a.m. Very interesting. At 2 pm. Our first conference session. The following brethren Spoke viz: Elders Price, Harris, Garner. Then myself on the subjects of the judgements of God,such as wars f earth qua<kes>  fires famines etc. and council for Saints to sanctify their homes by living in righteous lives, <that>  they may stand in Holy places when the judgements come to visit these places.

We had a pretty full house.

Aft Evening Meeting 7.30 pm House was crowded not a seat left empty. The speakers were first Elder Lindsay. We then presented the general & Local Authorities of the Church and they were sustained unanimously. I here called upon <a> brother Smith from Logan Ut. to speak. I gave him half an hour. He trespassed somewhat, and I touched his leg a couple of times with my toe.  He told the congregation what I had done and concluded his remarks amid laughter. I then spoke upon the first settling up of Utah, and the faith and power it took in the breasts of our fathers to perform the works they did, also spoke upon the power of God Manifested through them etc.

I felt that we had had a splendid conference.

[page break]


Butte Mont. Monday Apl. 22. 1907.
Wrote to Alice J. Pratt. Had a general Local Priesthood meeting. 8 pm At 6.30 at which all the local Brothers spoke and Missionary Elder Eli Garner and myself. The brethren bore most beautiful and interesting testimonies and two cried and confessed their sins, and one Young brother Hugi begged to be forgiven. He had been Married but a few months, and a New babe was born. We forgave him and him and his wife will be baptized.

Butte Mont. Tuesday Apl. 23, 1907.
In company with Elders Eli Gardiner and Lyman Garner I went for Bozeman on the 6.30 train. Arived about noon.

Met the Saints. All well. Spent the afternoon at brother Martin Lundwall’s. Hyrum B. Smith Supt of our Sunday School there had Hired a hall.  Play – carded the town, and we held a very excellent meeting and though there was a Snow Storm of considerable force the people gathered in to the number of about 39 Strangers.

Elder Gardiner Spoke upon the oregin of man, and I on his destiny. We had a most Splendid meeting. I stayed at Brother Smiths that night, and was brought from and taken to the depot in a Hack by brother Smiths kindness.


Butte <Bozeman> Mont. Wednesday Apl. 24.07
Wrote Returned from Bozeman to Butte arriving here about 1 pm. Met with the Sisters and the Elders at 2 pm.  Splendid meeting.

In the evening met in a Social with the Saints in our Hall. Had a nice time.

Butte, Mont. Thursday Apl. 25. 1907
Wrote letters to Mrs. S.M. Pratt, Hannah Pratt
Lehi Pratt        Eber Case
E.S. Cook        Hugh Ried

Was very sick with a bilious spell this morning. better in afternoon. I go to Anaconda in the Morning.

Butte. Mont. Friday Apl. 26. 1907.
Took the 10 am Train to Anaconda. Met the Elders, and rebuked Elders Harris and Price for unbecoming conduct.

At Anaconda I recieved letters from Pres. Smith and six others.

Wrote letters to the following persons.
Pres. Jos. F. Smith
Heber Q. Hale
Ezra J. Merrill
Ortherus P. Pratt
John A. Burt
Hon. Reed Smoot
Alfred Butteame

Spent the evening with Geo. A. Hunter. Good time. Went to room about 11 pm Prayed retired.


Anaconda. Mont. Saturday April 27. 1907
Wrote letter to Sadie, one to Alice J. Visited Sister Thomas & Family. I took a good bath this day. Studied in the Doc. & Cov. Retired early.

Anaconda, Mont. Sunday. April 28, 1907

Arose and dressed by 7 a.m. Put on clean clothing and felt myself sweet and clean. At 7.10 went to restaurant to breakfast. At 10 a.m. Attended Sunday School. About 35 present. After Regular exercises by invitation I made an address on the beauty of Salt Lake City, at my recent visit to conference, and upon the great crowds in attendance, etc, and upon the number of Sunday Schools in the whole Church, and the percentage of Officers, teachers and members who keep  the word of Wisdom.

2 p.m. Our Conference commenced, with only an average attendance. Elders spoke in the following order Elder Price first then Elder Dunford, the latter confined himself to the subject of baptism. He done well. I had made a short opening address, and I now presented the Branch Authorities as follows:

Branch Presidency Officers
President                     Geo. A. Hunter
1st Coun.                      W. H. Green
2nd   “                           D. B. Thomas
Branch Clerk               John Boise Jr
Chorister                     F.W. Harris     Elder

Sunday School
Supt.                            Charles Maxwell
1st Asst “                     Martha Thomas
2nd “                             Ernest Hugi
Secy & Treas.              Blodwin Thomas
Asst Secy.                   Celia Short
Chorister                     Elder F.W. Harris
Librarian                      Edith Evans
Asst  “                         Stella May Boyce

[page break]

Anaconda 2 o’clock Sunday 28th inst (continued)


Organist                      Stella May Boyce
Theological Teachers   D. B. Thomas
L. J. Garner
G. A. Hunter
2nd Intermediate “       F. W. Harris    Elder
W H Green
1st “      “                      Hattie Hugi
Celia Short
Kindergarten “            Lizzie Green
Olive Wheeler

Relief Society
President                     Mrs. Martha Thomas
1st Counselor               “ Charlotte Maxwell
2nd        “                      “ Hattie Hugie
Secretary                     “ Louisa Evans
Asst “                          “ Lizzie Green
Treasurer                     “ Olive Wheeler

These were presented to the people and were unanimously sustained.

We presented the General Authorities in the same Order as they were presented at the Genl. Conf. Salt Lake Apl 6th and they were also unanimously sustained.

After these duties were over I spoke for a few minutes, and after Singing and the benediction meeting adjourned until 7.30.  Went in company with Elders E Gardiner, and L. Garner and visited and dined at our dear Friends house (the Milzners.

We had a delicious dinner and an interesting visit until time to go to meeting.

Evening Meeting

7.30  Called to order.  Preliminarys ended, Elder Jensen opened with a short and very good address.  Then Elder Eli Gardiner, Who spoke Eloquently and finally me upon “Man’s destiny.”  I had the same good liberty as did my brethren, and our meeting was pronounced

[page break]


most excellent.  There was a full house many being strangers and the friends of elders and Saints.  After meetings went to my Room and retired.

Anaconda, Mont. Monday Apl. 29. 1907
By invitation Visited Sister Ernest Hugi, and sealed the Washing and annointing which had been placed upon her her by Sisters Thomas and Davis, and Elder L. Garner.  Elders Garner and Gardiner and brother Ernest Hugi, and the two Sisters mentioned above laid their Hands upon Sis. Hugi’s head and assisted me.  Then with the Elders went to Sis Charlotte Maxwell’s and took our noon meal with bro. M. & his wife.  Then went to Sis. Brabrants and we taught the gospel to her Husband.

Returned to Room and wrote up my Journal.  Between four and five pm I went to Geo. A. Hunters and visited <them> in company with Elders Gardiner and Garner.  About 7 pm returned to my room, and lay down until about 10.25 then went to a Saints Party, at the Austrian Hall.  It was a delightful party, the hall just full enough to be leave comfortable room for every one present, while there were plenty of tickets sold to defray all expenses and give over six dollars profit.  Returned to room about one past midnight.  Prayed retired.

Anaconda, Mont. Tuesday <Apl> 30. 1907.
Wrote up my Journal of yesterday.  Went out to Sis. Evans to see her new babe. I blessed him and called his name Joseph  Elder Garner assisted me.  We took the Noon meal there.  In Evening we had local priesthood meeting at brother Greens.

We had a most excellent meeting.  I had occasion to rebuke in very Sharp language Elders Price

[page break]


Tuesday April 30th. (continued)
and Harris for going with girls.  After meeting both these Elders came to me in tears confessing their sins and begging to be forgiven.

I forgave them, and blessed and instructed them, and their hearts were melted, and their sorrow was turned into joy.

My Feelings.

When the power and responsibility of the Holy Priesthood rests down upon a man, he cannot rest.  You might as well put him to digging down a mountain with a single shovel and wheelbarrow, as to require such a man to rest.  The task of one would be about as easy as the other.  And so it is with me.  While the spirit of my high and holy calling rests upon me, I cannot be sattisfied to cease my exertions and never expect to be while sins remains unconquored, the earth groans under the iniquity of its inhabitants, or death holds captive one of the bodies, or hell one of the Spirits of my Father’s children.

Until wickedness is driven from the earth, and death and Hell are conquored and destroyed, and Saints and angels reedemed, and all the Kindred tribes of the earth of every nation and generation, are safe in the various mansions of Salvation prepared for them by our Eternal Father, men bearing the Holy Priesthood can never be sattisfied to rest.

Anaconda, Mont. May 1st 1907.
Wrote up my Journal.  At 8.30 went took train to Spokane, arrived home to Hannah’s about midnight.  Found Hannah pretty well.  And all the children were well.  Annie had arrived from Salt Lake, and was Keeping house for Nephi J.

[page break]


Spokane, Wash. Thursday May 2. 1907.
Wrote letter to Heber Q. Hale, and sent him P. O. Order for the sum of 81.75 for Repairs on meeting house, insurance etc.  Visited Nephi & Bunny at the store, and in company with Hannah went in the afternoon and visited May and seen Bill for a few minutes Annie came there and visited with us.  Came home and visited with Joseph <and> with.  Frank.  Wrote up my Journal, and wrote a letter to May Papworth, who has just lost by death their little five year old girl Cecilia.  Remained at home with the family.

Spokane, Wash. Friday May 3. 1907.
Visited with family until 3.30 p.m.  Reading extracts from Father’s the Autobiography of my father to them.  Then bid them farewell for the present, and at 4.15 p.m. Took O.R. & N. Train for Portland Oregon.  Took Tourest Sleeper, Traveled all night.

Portland Oregon  Saturday  May 4. 07.
Found Melissa and her Olive fine in health and Spirits.  Was met at the depot by Elder Jackson.  At Head Quarters met Elders Bromley, Sant, Curtis & Williams.  All seemed well and happy, and Elder Bromley reported briefly to me the conditions prevailing at Head Quarters, and the country work of the Elders.

I took Melissa, Olive and Nellie Astle to Theater.  Heber Beunse Lee were well and happy.

[page break]


Portland, Ore.  Sunday, May 5. 1907.
Attended Sunday School & meetings all day. Spoke little in all meetings.

Spent the afternoon at Simmons place.  Sis Simmons is very sick.

Blessed Sis. Blacks baby.

Wrote letters as follows:
E. S. Cook
Pres. Jos F. Smith
W H Kinnington
Heber Q Hale
E S Cook

I was mouth in setting apart.  Elder Geo. W. Crockwell as Second Counselor in the branch and reconfirming Brother Bertleson former blessings upon him.

Packed Valise

Portland Ore. Monday May 6. 07.
At 8.30 a.m. took Southern Pacific Ry. for Vallejo Cal. in company with Elder S.A. Jackson just released.  Traveled without incident all day, and all night and until Tuesday night, when we arrived at San Francisco, and thence same evening or 8.30 pm Boat to Vallejo.  Went to Helens found Sadie there.  All was well with her and Helen and the children.  Elder Jackson and I had taken rooms at the Wilson House and Sadie accompanied me to the room, and we spent a joyous night together.

Vallejo Cala.  Tuesday May 7
spent the night at the Willson House.

Vallejo Calif. Wednesday May 8. 07.
Spent the day with Sadie and Helen.  We bade Elder Jackson farewell at 12.30 noon and he went to San Francisco with a view of visiting there a day or two and thence

[page break]


Los Angeles and Home to Salt Lake.

I took a room for Sadie and I at the Wilson House, and visited with her that night.  I had been very sick with a dreadfull cold in the face and head and suffered all day with it.  Helen came to our room and visited with us an hour.  Went to bed at 9 quite ill.

Vallejo Calif. Thursday, May 9. 07.
Continued to visit with Sadie and Helen, about 3 pm Came to the room and wrote up my journal.

Vallejo California Friday May 10. 1907.
Visited all day with Helen and Sadie.

Vallejo California Saturday May 11. 07.
Wrote a letter to Honorable Reed Smoot about sending Knox and Smoot speeches on the Smoot case, 20,000 in number into my mission etc.  Spent evening with family.  At 12.30 noon took boat alone for San Francisco.  Looked over the town a little, and seeing the great number of Steel Structures in the course of erection from One to 14 Stories in highth I felt a gloom upon me all the time I was there, like that soon another calamity night utterly destroy all these vast edifices and the people who dwell therein and do business.  Returned on the 6 pm boat to Vallejo.

[page break]


Vallejo Calif. Sunday, May 12. 1907
Spent all this day with Sadie and Helen, Sadie and I went to the Catholic Church for an half hour.  I read much in the Book of Mormon while Helen & Sadie played Parcheesa.

Vallejo Calif. Monday May 13. 1907.
Spent this Morning packing up and getting ready to go to Oakland on the 12.30 Train Boat.

Wrote for some time in my journal Catching it up to date.  Took the 12.30 Boat and arrived at Sanf. Fransisco in due time.

Although San Francisco was having a Street Vallejo car Strike, and there had been riots, and several people Killed a day or two before, the cars on Some lines had begun running, And Sadie and I got onto a car bound for Golden Gate Park.  This car was threatened but no harm came to us, and we secured a room that evening just by the Park, and spent the afternoon and evening in it.  When we left Vallejo we left poor Helen and the children crying bitterly because of our departure.  We were very much affected.

Valle San Francisco Cal. Tuesday May 14. 07.
After Prayers and breakfast went into the Park, Spent all the forenoon, walking through it to the Clift House, where we arrived after a walk of four or five miles.  We remained arround there several miles <hours>, and much to our delight a Street Car came out just in time to take us to fourth and Market Sts.  Here we got off and walked to the Townsend Street Depot to meet little Ray.  My

[page break]


son Nephi J. Pratt, Child, who being with his mother at Pacific Grove, was to come to San Francisco for the purpose of accompanying us home to Portland enroute for his home in Spokane.  He did not come, and so as it was late and the Street cars were stopped for the night we were compelled to walk back from there to our room at the Park a distance of several miles.  We arrived about 9 p.m. weary almost unto death.  We remained in San Francisco until Thursday morning the 16th inst. when we took the Southern Pacific Ry. for Home, and was enroute until 10 p.m. Friday the 17th.  Arriving home we found the children well, the house clean and orderly, and we woke up those of them who were asleep and had a joyful time.  Saturday. May 18th we prepared ourselves for Sunday etc.

Portland Oregon, Sunday, May 19. 1907.
Met with the Saints in Sunday School, and in the two regular meetings.  Spoke in both meetings upon the subjects of “The evil spiritual influances that are always manifesting themselves in imitation of the spiritual powers that comes thru the Ministrations of the Holy Priesthood”, and of the eternity of the Marraige Covenant as compared to the Marraiges of the Christian world.  I had good liberty in both discourses.  Elders Ence and Bromley, and a young new convert by the name of Cameron also spoke briefly in these meetings.

Portland, Ore. Monday May 20. 1907
Wrote letters to the following viz.:
German E. Ellsworth
George F Richards
Eli A Gardiner

Home all day Working at records

[page break]


Portland, Ore. Tuesday. May 21. 1907.

Wrote letter to:
L. J. Garner                 John J. Oldroyd
J. E. Wilson                 Alice J. Pratt
L. C. Nelson                Mr. & Mrs. Maxwell
O. P. Pratt                   R. L. Price

In company with Sadie went out and Visited with Sister Holling, Home, Study, Prayers Bed.

Portland Ore. Wednesday May 22. 07.
Wrote letters to:
S. A. Jackson
John R. Taggart
Pres. Jos. F Smith

Went through the woods on the west side and down the Willamette to take an outing.  Took dinner at a wayside Inn.

Portland Ore. Thursday May 23. 07
Sadie, Millissa & I went to Relief Society <meeting> at Sister Simmons.  We had a very lovely little meeting.  I set Sadie apart for first counsellor of the Society and Sis Ida Day was set apart for Secretary.

All the sisters Spoke and the two Missionary Elders, and myself.

At the conclusion I and my folks came home, and at 8 p.m. Priesthood meet was held at Mission Headquarters.  Pres. Westergaard & Crockwell and local Brethren White, Palmer, Cameron, Ben, Heber, William Holling and Missionary Elders, Bromley and Ence were present.  I spoke very pointedly on abstanance from Tea, Coffee, Tob and Liquor, and all the brethren spoke upon Same, some of them confessing their Sins, and their determination

[page break]


to forsake them and also to live up to the law of tithing.  A mothion that we present bro Palmer to the branch for ordination to the Office of a priest was carried unanimously.

This was one of the best Priesthood meetings ever had here.

Remained home studying reading writing, working on records etc, during this week.

Portland, Ore.  Sunday May 26. 1907.
Sunday School and Meetings all day.  Preached in the evening on Baptism for the dead and the living.  On the coming of Elijah to Jos Smith the prophet, The turning of the hearts of the Children to the fathers and the hearts of the fathers to the Children etc.  I had good liberty.

The Saints were edified.

Spent until Thursday at home with the family, reading, Studying, Writing letters etc.  Wrote to Susie Young Gates, Jos. E. Robinson and Hyrum B Smith and others.  Sadie, Mellissa, & Sis. Holling went to Cemetary to Visit grave of Thomas Taffer.

Portland, Ore. Friday May 31, 1907.
Wrote the following letters.
Elder Lindsay,            Anaconda
Elder Cook                  Seattle
Pres. Eli Gardiner        Butte
Pres. Amos Stephens  Boise
Pres. Heber Q. Hale    Boise
Alice J. Pratt               Seattle
Hannah Pratt               Spokane
Elder Lyman Garner   Sugar City
Jos. F. Smith Jr.           Salt Lake City
S. A. Jackson              “       ”       “

Went to Post Office

[page break]


Portland, Ore. Saturday June 1st 1907.
Remained at home reading studying and writing, and preparing for the Sabbath.

Portland Ore. Sunday June 2. 1907.
Attended Sunday School, and the two meetings. Our Fast meeting was one of the very best I ever attended quite a number of the young people bore their testimonies among them being my Melissa, Lee, Bennie, Martha Bauerle, and Zamenia Holling. This was a very joyous occasion. The evening meeting was held under the auspices of the M.I.A. and a delightful programme was rendered, and I made by invitation an extempore speech on the word of Wisdom.

Portland, Ore. Monday June 3. 1907.
Went up town and done some business, Returned home and wrote letters as follows:
Amos Stephens           Boise
Heber Q. Hale             Boise
Ezra J. Merrill              Nampa
Pres. Jos. F. Smith       Salt Lake

Portland Ore Tuesday June 4. 1907.
Wrote up my journal. Compiled some statistics for the govnment, on forms sent me for the purpose. Wrote a quite lengthy letter to Pres. Jos. E. Robinson. and one to A L. Clayton & J. R. Taggart

Portland, Ore. Wednesday June 5. 1907.
Busied myself on my accounts. Was called up early this morning to administer to Brother Palmer who lay in a convulsion when Elder Brom

[page break]


ley Elder Sant and I arrived we administered to him and he came out of it soon after.

Wrote letters to
E.S. Cook                    Seattle
E. J. Merrill                 Nampa
Mrs. W. Scott Matthews         Horse Heaven Wash

Attended Choir Practice in the evening.

Portland, Ore. Thursday June 6. 1907.
Went down town recieved a letter from Alice J. Wrote letters to:

Pres. Geo. Reynolds            Salt Lake City, Ut.
N L Nelson J                         Provo     “
Jos. E. Wilson                      Lewiston Mont.
John J. Oldroyd                   Spokane Wash
Hannah Pratt                             “             “
Alice J. Pratt                             Seattle    “
Mrs. J. F. Moses                   Smithfield Cache Co “
S. Andrew J Jackson           Salt Lake City
German E Ellsworth           Chicago Ill
Jos. F. Smith Jr                    S. L. City
W. H. Kennington, Vancouver James L Lindsay

Portland, Ore. Friday June 7, 1907

June 6 Spent the day visiting Sick Saints. Went to Sis Simonsons Doctor Crockwells to see Brother Palmers folks, and to Sister Hollings. Then home Prayers Bed. Theater. Home bed

Portland Ore. Saturday <Friday> June 7. 07.
Spent the day visiting Sis. Bauerle. Home, Went to Docter Crockwells to a Cottage meeting There was present a Mrs Blackford an outsider. We had a most lovely meeting.

I spoke last and spoke upon the personality of God. Elders Crockwell, Bromley and Williams and Sister Holling were the other speakers.

[page break]


Portland Ore. Saturday June 8. 07.
Took Turkish Bath Got measured for Suit Clothes.  Home read, Studied, Prayed. Retired

Portland, Ore. Sunday June 9th 1907.
Went to Sunday School Did not remain at meeting, because I had to get ready to be off in the morning. I got Lee to come home with me and we finished up my corrispondance. Went to meeting in the evening. Doctor Crockwell came to our House after meeting, and gave sister Pratt who had been very poorly, all the morning a treatment. I forgot to say that in the morning sis Elder Bromly and Daughter Mellissa and I went to the Bath plunge on 2nd and Washington in company with Mr & Mrs Markle, where Elder Bromley administered the ordinance of Baptism to Mrs Markle. We then returned to mission Head Quarters, where Elder Bromley and I confirmed her I being mouth.

We also blessed her baby and named him Albert Vernon, Elder Bromly being mouth.

Portland Ore, <Monday> June 10th. 1907
Remained at home and done considerable reading. Remaind home in <till> the evening the even train going to Spokane. time 7 p.m.

Portland Ore. <Spokane> Tuesday June 11. 07.
Arrived here at 11 a.m. found Hannah much better than I had been led to expect, remained here until Friday Morning. Found the Elders well and got them all to

[page break]


subscribe for the Liahona the Elders Journal. Remained at home with Hannah and the children until Thursday Friday morning at 6 o’clock when I took train for Boise Idaho and arrived there Saturday am.

Boise, Idaho, Saturday June 15. 1907.
Wrote letters to Jerome and Sadie early in the morning. Went to Post Office after 9 am. Got several letters. Went to H.Q. Hale’s Office and had long visit with him. Met with the elders found them well and busy and happy.

Boise, Id. Sunday June 16. 1907.
Went to Sunday School at 10 am had a most beautiful time.

Conference Meetings Afternoon and evening were well attended, I only spoke a few minutes in afternoon, and was followed by Elders Eli Gardiner and Balls.

We found the meeting house clean and beautiful. A new chimney built in it: New matting o in the isle:  A pretty sign at the door outside: A paved side walk in front: Green young lawns in front and on both sides of the house: Alive janitor at the door. I took pains to note these things in my opening remarks for I certainly appreciated these works.

I found the Choir under the able leadership of Sister Hale, had prepared some quartetts and Anthems especially for this occasion, which through the conference meetings were sung with fine expression and most splendid effect. Each of the special numbers were <was> a gem in itself and their rendition worthy of professionals. The fine singing in this branch often attracts numbers to our meetings. In the evening I took up all the speaking time

[page break]


taking the last two verses in Malichi for my text.  Had fare liberty and discoursed over an hour.

Boise Idaho Monday June 16 17. 07.
Wrote letters to           May Papworth                        Salt Lake
Lyman J. Garner         Sugar City
W. H. Kenninngton    Vancouver B.C.
M. E. De Cora             Oakland Cal
Lee Pratt                     Portland Ore
F. S. Bramwell                        Le Grande Or.

Spent Afternoon Visiting Saints and at relief meeting.  Splendid

Boise Idaho Tuesday June 18, 1907.
Wrote letters to
Hannah Pratt               Spokane
W. F. Bromley                        Portland

Spent this evening with H. Q. Hale in a gathering of Saints & Elders.  Had a good Meeting with the Elders.

Boise Id. Wednesday June 19. 1907.
Went in the afternoon and took dinner in company with the Elders at Sister Annie Andrews Home.  We visited some hours with them, and in the evening went out with <by> Mr. Farmers invitation with the Elders and a lot of Saints to the Natatorium.  Spent very happy day. there

Boise Id. Thursday June 20. 1907.
This will be my 10th day away from Home and

[page break]


I have not recieved a line from my family.  I wrote letters to Mrs Helen Browning Vallejo Cal.
Carlos L Dunford.

Boise Friday Afternoon  June 21st 07.
Went to Nampa.  Held Conference on Sunday 23rd inst.  Had a great Sunday School, and two sessions of Conference at 2 and 7.30 p.m.  In the evening had a crowded house many outsiders being present.  I spoke over an Hour, and had fair liberty, and the close attention of my audiance.

Everything in this conference went off delightfully.

I stayed at brother Merrills.  Got a letter from wife Sadie the day before left Boise.  I cried with Joy upon recieveing it.  I am lonely and homesick.

I remained in Nampa until Thursday afternoon the 27th inst.

I never recieved another line from Portland.  I am sick at heart.  They cannot care much for me at home.

Nampa Id. Thursday June 27.
In company with Elder Gardiner took train for Portland.  Got to Le Grande and feeling downhearted let Elder Gardiner go on while I remained at La Grande over night.  Friday morning took train for Portland where I arrived in the evening.  Sadie was there too meet me.  Remained at Head Quarters, writing letters etc.

Portland, Or. Friday June 28. 07.
Worked hard a Short while before retiring.  Felt down hearted all this night could not sleep.  Got up and went down town

[page break]


and took a room.  Came home next morning found the folks alarmed about me.  Remained at home Spent Sunday in good meetings and Sunday School.

Portland Or. Monday July 1. 1907.
Wrote letters visited Saints, etc.

Portland, Or. Tuesday July 2. 1907.
Spent the day visiting saints and at Home, & wrote a number of letters.

Portland, Or. July 3rd  <Wednesday> July 3. 1907.
Wrote letters.  Went riding on St. Cars with Sadie and Sis. Holling.

Portland Or. Thursday July 4. 1907.
Wrote 5 letters  Spent the day up town alone.  Went to Portland hights, and to the City Park.  Very lonely, wanted to weep all day.  I am worried and unhappy.  Many cares.

Home early in Afternoon.  Am very nervous cannot rest.  Am despondant.  Oh how I need comfort!

Among the letters I have written were the following:
Rosie Whittle
Hannah Pratt
Alice J Pratt
Hiram B. Smith
German E Ellsworth
Jos. F. Smith Jr (Reports)
Presiding Bishopric for (Miss Nintuce)

[page break]


Portland, Ore. July 5. 1907
Spent till Saturday the 6th. With family and writing letters etc.

Portland Ore. Sunday July 7. 1907.
Spent this day in Conference.  After presentation of conf Authorities and other business Elder Eli Gardiner occupied the 1st session.  It was extremely hot.

In the evening Elder Bramwell spoke most of the evening.  His discourse was delivered in a tone and manner that was somewhat pathetic and captivated the Audiance.

He spoke to their Hearts rather than to their minds, and his remarks roused up their emotional nature.  While it was not deep nor <particularly> intellectual it was timely, and will have a good effect.

We were glad to have pres. Bramwell with us.

Portland Ore.  Monday July 8. 07.
Spent day at Home except to visit a brother Brown who seems almost on his death bed with Asthma.  In the evening took a ride in Gasoline Launch with the Elders and Saints about 50 in Number.  This was done in honor of our beloved brother Bramwell.  We had a two hours ride on the Willamette River.

This was a very enjoyable occasion.  Took Ice Cream with some friends after our boat ride.

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Portland Ore. Tuesday, July 9. 07.
With Sadie went and visited Doctor Crockwell and his wife, the latter being very sick we then went to at 2 p.m. to Sister Emma Hollings to a meeting of the Relief Society.  We had one of the loveliest meetings ever held!  I among others I taught with splendid liberty on sacred subjects.

In the Evening we held a priesthood meeting of the Local male members of the branch.  The Elders were present (Missionary Elders) and we had an extraordinary meeting.  Every one of the local brethren spoke, and also brother Elder Reynolds.  I taught with excellent freedom on the duties of the priesthood, and especially of the presiding quorums.

Elder Reynolds was today Honorably released from his mission to return home.

Portland Ore.  Wednesday July 10. 07-
Spent some part of this day morning writing in my journal.  Spent the the 11th and 12th laboring among the Saints.  Took train at 8.30 am in company with Elder Eli Gardiner for Seattle.  Arrived there at about 5 p.m. on the 12th inst.  Was met at depot by Alice J. She looked mighty well, went home with her had a good supper a good rest and a good night.

Seattle Wash. Saturday July 13. 07.
Wrote letters to L. Pratt, Albert E Walker.

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Seattle Wash. Sunday July 14. 1907.
Conference meetings as well as Sunday School were held this day.  We did not present the general authorities because we were not prepared to know at this time.  We therefore turned the sessions into preaching meetings.  I occupied most of the afternoon meeting.  Subject, the unreasonableness of the prejudice existing against the church of God anciently, and in this age, also what Mormonism has contributed to modern thought.  Elder Cook took up Evening Meeting: the balance of the time.

Evening Meeting: I introduced Elder Gardiner and he preached a beautiful discourse on “Pre-existance” occupying about an hour, I spoke on the absurdities prevelant in the religious world and some incidents in our pioneer life that showed how the Lord had saved us from distruction when danger threatened us etc.

We had crowded houses, Many strangers, some investigators, Splendid liberty, close attention, and many complimentary remarks by Saints and sinners.

Settle, Wash. Monday July 15. 1907.
Spent day at Home and witnessing the works of Henry Hawley.

Seattle, Wash. Tuesday July 16. 07.
Wrote letters to:
James E. Hart              Jos E Wilson
A B Bryan                   John S Lee
Geo. F. Richards         Lee Pratt
Anna M Hansen          P W Madsen
Merrill Pack                 John W Combs
W H Kennington        James Taggart
Charlotte Maxwell      Hannah Pratt
Carlos L Dunford       Hans Jensen

In the afternoon Romie and Elders Cook and Gardiner and myself went and spent the afternoon with brother Fritsche & Family and at about 9 pm went to a party in our meeting house where the Saints danced until midnight.

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Seattle Wash. Wednesday July 17. 1907.
This day wrote some letters: one to Sadie.  Went to Henry Hawleys work and remained there watching a mountain being washed away in a Sluice box into the sea by a stream of water pumped from the sea.  It was the mightiest force by far that I had ever seen a pumping plant send through a pipe, and fairly tore up the earth.  At 5 pm went to a Wedding at the meeting house where I performed the ceremony which united in marriage Elder Amos A Iverson and Eva Kinder.  This was a very elaborate affair, and after the ceremony was performed the Saints about 70 in number partook of a fine dinner, after which there was an evening spent in Singing, reciting, dancing etc. until midnight.  This was a grand affair and will long be remembered by all who participated.

Seattle Wash. Thursday July 18. 1907.
Arose late, spent the forenoon down town. Came home wrote up my journal until half past one pm

Went to see Hawleys works for an hour or two.  Came to 5 o’clock dinner.

Then to launch ride on the bay with about 50 Saints.  It was a very enjoyable affair, and greatly enjoyed appreciated.

Upon our return we went up to brother Hawleys and surprised Cora.  Good time, came at 12 night. Returned.

Seattle, Wash. Friday July 19. 1907.
Spent the day at home studying etc.

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Seattle Wash. Saturday July 20. 1907
Wrote letters to
J Charlton                    Chicago Ill
Pres Jos. E. Robinson  Los.  Angeles
Hannah Pratt               Spokane
H M Monson               La Grande
Calhoun Combs          Walla Walla
Lyman Garner             Sugar City Ida.

Held meeting on the street with the elders, and stood with them and assisted in the singing, also bore strong testimony to the truth and to the divinity of Joseph Smiths mission and to the truthfulness of the remarks of the two Elders who spoke.  Elder Cook and Elder Gardiner, and then dismissed by prayer.  The Holy Gohst spoke in mighty power by the mouths of the Elders upon this occasion, and the testimonies born upon the corner of the street this night will face the people who listened, in the judgement day.  Jerome and a half doz other sisters were among our auditors.  We had a crowd of about 300 to listen to us and our sisters expressed themselves well paid for coming

Seattle Wash. Sunday July 21. 1907.
Attended Sunday School at 11.30, and at 2 p.m. Held meeting with the Saints.  There was a fair attendance.  I recieved the Holy Ghost after I had been on my feet a few minutes and spoke with mighty power to the saints.  My discourse was upon the duties of the saints, then hopes and aspirations, their failures, their bad habits, the force of habit, the reason of our failures, and other things of importance.  I showed them the Hell to which some of the Saints are hastening unless they repent.  The Lord condescended to inspire this discourse, and I

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entertain the hope that it will do good, for it seemed to stir the saints to the very foundation of their hearts.

Seattle Wash.  Monday July 22. 1907.
Went to town and got shaved, went to Post Office and got nothing.  Bought myself two pair Cuffs. Returned to Head Quarters and wrote up my journal until near twelve noon.  In the evening in company with Alice and the Elders, I went out to Green Lake and there spent the evening & partook of a feast with brother Walker his two married daughters, a Mr. Lumereanx and wife and Mr. and Pickering at the home of  Mr. and Brother and sister Kilduff.  We had a pleasant and joyful evening.  Returned home about 12 midnight.

Seattle, Wash.  Tuesday July 23. 1907.
Went to town in morning, and about noon Alice J. and I with the Elders went to visit with Brother and sister Haniberg.  Had a lovely visit with them until 5 pm then returned home.  Had local priesthood meeting at 8 pm a grand spirit prevailed, and we talked over the reorganization of the branch.

Seattle, Wash.  Wednesday July 24. 07.
Went to the Woodland Park with the saints at 12 noon to celebrate the Pioneer day of Utah.

There was a short programme rendered.  I delivered the oration on the entrance of the Pioneers into Salt Lake Valley.  We then enjoyed a good feast and remained in the grounds until near three or four oclock. Then home.

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Seattle Wash.  Thursday July 25. 1907.
Wrote a letter to my daughter Melissa, and one to Brother J.W. Jardine.  Brother Jardine had written asking me for Melissa, and Melissa had written me on the same subject.  I wrote to him telling him to wait, and to her, telling her I wished her to do nothing about it until I returned home.

At 2 p.m. met with the Relief Society and with the Elders in Relief Society meeting.  Elder Cook spoke a farewell address, and Elder Gardiner made some very lovely remarks. I read a poem on the departure of Elder Cook and gave same to him.  I then spoke for an hour or more upon the duties of members of the Society having most perfect liberty.

Seattle, Wash.  Friday July 26. 1907.
Elder Cook was released at Conference and gave us the parting hand, about 8.50am.

Wrote a letter to Sadie. In afternoon with Jerome went out near University to visit Sister Milligan.  Found her a woman of many sorrows, on account of a gentile Husbands debaucheries.  We spent several hours with her and blessed and comforted her all I could.  Returned home about 6 p.m.

Seattle, Wash. Saturday July 27. 1907.
Spent some time in town on errands.  Got a letter from Amos R. Stephens, Boise Conference Pres. reporting all things going along peaceably in his Conference.

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Portland  Tuesday Aug 27. 1907.
In company with brother and Sister Heber Q. Hale, took morning train for Seattle Wash.  Found wife Romie feeling very blue and disconsolate.  Procured a bed at Head Quarters for the Hales.  Next morning went to Spokane from Seattle on Gt. Northern.  My dear Hannah looked bloodless, stooped and ill, but claimed to be on the improve.  I found the Elders well at both places.  Spent a week at Spokane.  I councelled Elder Walker to take with him Elder Brown and go to Moscow where the Saints are and try to organize a small Sunday School, if possible with local talent and try to baptize the Saints children there.

Spokane  Friday Sept. 6. 1907.
Took N.P. from Spokane to Butte Mont at 10-50 am when I arrived at about 4 am Saturday.

Butte Saturday Sept. 7. 1907.
Went to P. Off.  Got shaved.  Hunted the Elders for several hours could not find them until the conference president came and found me.  Wrote up my journal.

At 8 pm Street meeting.  I occupied all the time.  Spoke one hour and five minutes.  All seemed edified and none left during the discourse.

Butte  Sunday Sept. 8. 1907.
Attended S.S. at 10 am.  About 38 present.  Theological class very interesting.  After Excercises I talked with power on the subject of Spiritual death, and its causes.  Conference meetings afternoon and evening.  Inspired discourse by me at 2 pm. on duties of Saints.

In the evening crowded house.  Bro. Wilson and I occupied time.  Doctrine all for gentiles.  My discourse on Coming forth of this work, especially the Book of M.

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Butte Monday Sept. 9. 1907.
Wrote letters to J.J. Kirby, S.M. Pratt, Hannah Pratt, George Reynolds.

In the evening the missionary Elders and I met with the local priesthood and held a most interesting meeting.  All the Local Brethren spoke and then I taught them for awhile.

Butte  Tuesday Sept. 10. 1907.
Held a Relief Society meeting in afternoon which was indeed beautiful in its spirit and testimony.  Many of the sisters present testified, and afterwards I instructed as the spirit led.  In the evening we went to a surprise party on Elder Taylor, gotten up by the Branch.

At midnight took train in company with Elders Dunford and Pack and Sis. Anna Hansen for Bozeman.  Spent Wednesday and Thursday there, and held a cottage meeting one evening at Hansen and our evening at Smiths.  Had one or two Strangers in each meeting.  Spoke with extraordinary power in the first, and only fairly good in the next.  I abode at Lundwalls during my stay there.  On Friday the two Elders and I returned to Butte.

Butte  Saturday Sept. 14. 1907.
Went to Primary recently established in Butte; and the first organized in the Mission.  This was presided over by Sisters Adams and Wood.  There were 19 little ones present.  I was greatly gratified with the exercises.  Went to Anaconda with the 5 pm train.  Wrote letters to:       S.M. Pratt
Romie Pratt
Hattie Graham
Elder Alfd. Buttcane

Anaconda  Sunday Sept. 15. 1907.
Attended S.S. at 10 am Spoke after the excercises a few minutes.  Wrote letters to S.M. Pratt  Lehi Pratt  Geo. T. Dye

Meetings at 2 & 7p.m.  The Speakers in

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afternoon session were myself and Elders Dunford, Taylors, Jensen & Smith.  Had a good lively meeting.  Evening meeting brother Maxwell being about to remove to Salt Lake with his family, resigned his position as Sunday School Supt. and a hearty vote of thanks was given him by the Branch.  I occupied the whole time with good liberty.  Subject – God a personal being, illustrated and proved by the resurrection of Jesus.

Anaconday Monday Sept. 16. 07.
Wrote letters to Rosie Whittle.  By invitation took dinner with a Mrs. Hunter Johnson and her daughter Mrs. Hunter.  Mrs. Johnson is the Land-lady of the Elders, and her hospitality to them is boundless.  (Wrote letter to Wife Alice J. Pratt)

By conversation preached the gospel to the two women who so royally entertained us.

At 10 this morning met with the missionary elders, Had a most lovely meeting all the Elders speaking in turn.  I instructed them with power.

Anaconda Tuesday Sept. 17. 1907.
At 7-30 met with the Elders and local priesthood at the residence of John Welch.  Had a glorious meeting.

Appointed Elder Harris Supt. S.S. in bro Maxwells place.  Appointed Elder Pack First assistant, and left it to these two to choose a third as 2nd Asst. Supt.  One of the sisters was appointed Secy. & Treasurer.

Several of the brethren Spoke most feelingly.  I spoke after the rest, and the spirit of the Lord melted all our hearts.

Anaconday Wednesday Sept. 18. 07.
Took 8 am train for Spokane.  At Garrison Mont. Was hindered nearly six Hours by a wreck which had occured Some distance ahead.Arrived at Spokane about 5 am next morn.

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Spokane, Thursday Sept. 19. 1907
Found Hannah in her usual health, also Romie and the boys.

Spent very happy afternoon and evening with them.

Friday Afternoon Sept 20. took OR&N for Portland Ore. took Hannah with me there to be treated by Doctor Crockwell for Rheumatism and Asthma.  Arrived in Portland 8 am Saturday.

Portland Saturday Sept. 21st 07.
Found Sadie and children as usual, and On Sunday went as usual to Sunday School & Meeting.  Found four new elders Whom I had never previously seen, had arrived there names were Jones, Hyde, & Cassity all aparantly fine men.  I found that the Josephites meeting had been visited by some of the Elders, and their members invited to come to ours of this evening.  Which they did in great force, and brother Crockwell and I were the speakers.  I spoke with fine liberty upon the dealings of God with Brigham Young and our people in their settling up of Utah etc.

Portland Monday Sept 23. 07.
From this day untill Thursday 26th inst I spent very busily catching up my corrispondance, which was very heavy.  This morning the 26th I spent catching up my journal.  Till Saturday the 28 I remained at home with my family writing up letters etc. Attended our cottage meeting at a Sister Smith’s.  All elders present and some saints.

Portland Sunday Sept. 29, 1907.
Attended meetings at and Sunday School.  Spoke in evening.

Portland Monday Sept 30th 1907.
Took 8.30 am Train for Salt Lake.  Arrived at Pendleton

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in Evening and Mrs. Duncomb came on my train.  I had her company to Salt Lake City where we arrived at on Tuesday evening about 8.30.

Salt Lake City Wednesday Oct. 2. 07.
Last night I came to Annies to lodge after calling on Florence.

Found Florence and children well, and also Annie and her family.  Annies house is very large, conveniant and beautiful.  I had a beautiful bed and enjoyed the night very much.  Went to the Warm Springs this morning had a lovely bath.  It has been raining all the night and this morning.

Wrote letter to Hannah Pratt, Mrs. Alice J. Pratt,     Sadie M Pratt

Salt Lake City Thursday         Oct 3. 1907
Spent the forenoon with Annie.  Wrote letters to:
Mrs. Alice J. Pratt
“      Sadie M. Pratt
Mrs. Rosie Whittle

In the Evening accompanied by My Son Park and his wife Katie went to the Orphium Theater.  Stayed to Flossie’s.

Salt Lake City Friday Oct 4. 1907.
This is the 1st day of Conference.

Wrote letters to Amos R. Stephens P. W. Madsen

Appointing Conferences in Boise and Nampa on Sunday the 13th and 20th insts respectively.  Went to Conference meetings all day Also Saturday.

Saturday Evening took Nellie Astle to a theater.  Sunday the 6th all day in Meetings.  In the afternoon went was sent into the Assembly Rooms Hall and with others preached there.

Monday Oct 7th In Special Priesthood meeting from 10 till about 3 pm at Susie Y Gates house in the evening.

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Salt Lake City, Tuesday Oct 8. 1907.
The mission Presidents and twelve met in Temple.  Had long but very happy meeting.  Mission Presidents are the directors Of the “Liahona”.

Spent Wednesday and Thursday the 9th and 10th with the children.  Visited Robt Graham at Parks.  Grahams wife confessed to being in love with Elder Dullimore now on a mission.  She confessed that he had got her to covenant to be sealed to him and not to her own husband.  That they had fondled and caressed each other in brother Grahams absence.

Salt Lake City Friday Oct 11th. 1907
Took one p.m. Train for Nampa, where I arrived safe at 2 o’clock in the night.  Went to the Dewey Hotel.

Nampa Idaho Spent Saturday writing 15 letters, took supper with Elder Madsen at Brother Merrills.  They were all well as usual.

Nampa Sunday Oct 13. 1907.
Went to Sunday School at 10 a.m.  It commenced about 10-17.  At the termination of the class excersises.  I spoke upon the place being dirty, and unkempt and upon Sunday School opening on time.

Held meetings at 2 & 7.30 pm (conference meetings)  The Elders from Butte Boise also Brother Hale and Lewis spoke, and I spoke afternoon upon the personallity of God.  Evening upon the justice of God and the punishment and final Salvation of the Wicked.

Spent Monday Visiting Saints and in the evening young Ladies Mutual. Sister Adams of the general Board was present and spoke in a very interesting manner I also spoke and also Brother Merrilll

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Nampa Ida. Tuesday Oct 15. 1907
Spent this afternoon in Sisters Relief meeting Sis. Adams and I occupied most of the time.

Wrote letter to Rosie Whittle.

Wednesday:  Spent the day visiting Saints.  Took Supper at brother Harts.

Nampa  Thursday Oct 17. 1907
Took train for Boise, took Room at the Iden. ha

Wrote letter to Sadie M Pratt.  Went to P.Off. got short letter from Romie.

Addressed a letter to Each of the following Sunday School Superintendants.
Anaconda                    Butte
Bozeman                     Boise
Nampa                         Dee
Portland                      Seattle

Wrote letter to Hannah Pratt.

Boise Ida.  Friday Oct 18. 1907
Wrote letters to Elder Thomas Sant and Elder Workman.  In which I notified Elder Workman that I would appoint our Conference at Portland for Sunday the 3rd November.

After my Boise Conference on the 20th.inst I held a Relief Society meeting on Monday afternoon, and on Tuesday evening. held a priesthood meeting.  I delivered addresses in Both.  On Wednesday at 2 am took train for Portland where I arrived on the evening of Thurs same day.  Found Sadie the elders all well.

We held our Conference in Portland on the 3rd of November.

While at Boise I told Elders Stephens and Roderick they would be honorably released on <the> same to take effect on the 28th Oct.  I also told Elder Balls he could come down to Seattle to work when Elders should

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be sent from Portland to succeed Stephens Roderick and himself.  I found New elders at Portland. viz Elder Bean, Cowley and Swindle and Hooper upon my arrival here these Elders I sent to open up a mission at Tacoma Washington.  Elder Fred Dallimore from Vancouver Conference was here.  and by careful questioning he confessed to having committed adultery with sister Robert Graham.  I called Elders Workman, Mancur and Cassity into counsel, and he confessed the same thing to them.  I moved that he be disfellowshiped, and sent home in disgrace; it was seconded, and was carried by vote unanimously.  He went home on Monday the 28th inst. We had a good Conference on Sunday the 3rd Nov. at Portland  Ore.

Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I spent at Home.  Wrote many letters held a Relief meeting and a local Priesthood meeting etc.

Portland. Thursday.  Nov 7. 1907
Took train at 2pm for Seattle Washington. Arrived about 9pm.  Romie was at the depot to meet me.

She was well and looked fine.  Found the Elders well.

Remained Friday & Saturday, and on Sunday the 10th inst  Held Conference in the Meeting House.  Good attendance.  Spoke afternoon and evening.  great liberty.  Deep attention.  Spent Monday Tuesday and Wednesday at Home writing letters, giving Counsel, and planning with the Elders on details of tracking etc.  Administered in Hospital to Sis Gibb.  Released Elder Kirby to return home to his loved ones.  The same to take place on Thursday the 21st inst.

Seattle Thursday Nov. 14. 1907

Wrote letters:  Read Ingersol’s lecture on Voltair: Went visiting Saints etc. Friday 15th inst.  Went out and visited with Sister and brother

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Kilderf’s.  While there, Was called to the phone and informed by Conf. President J.J. Taggart that a telegram from Portland had been issued delivered at Head Quarters.  I had him open the Dispatch, and read it through the phone.  It contained the alarming news that my wife Hannah at Portland had fallen and serriously hurt herself.

I immediately bade my friends good-bye, and taking leave of my wife Jerome on the corner of St, continued on my journey to the depot.  Caught the 10.20 pm train and arrived next morning in Portland.  Found Hannah very severely bruised upon her hip knee and side of her head.  Also all her the ligaments and muscles of the thigh and hip sprained in the most fearful manner.  I nursed her until Friday evening the 22nd inst when we took her in a hack to the train and I accompanied her to Spokane, where we arrived in Safety on Saturday after noon at about 3 o’clock.  Spent Sunday and Monday with Hannah and the children and on Tuesday the 26th inst took the 4:15 pm train for Portland, Left Hannah gradually improving.


Wednesday Nov. 27. 1907
Arrived 8am from Spokane Wash.  Sadie was at the depot awaiting me.  All well at Head Quarters.

Spent all my time from above date in writing, visiting saints, attending meetings, answering correspondents, meeting the Elders, and transferring them, from our field to another, or serving, new elders and appointing them their fields of labor initiation the elders into a new method of detail work, releasing some etc until Wednesday the 4th of December. 1907.

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Portland Ore. Wednesday Dec 4. 1907
Elder John E. Evans just came into the field is appointed Secretary of the mission

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Aug. 31           By Fare to Tacoma                                                                        2.20

“   “                  “      “   “ Seattle                                                                               .25

Sept. 4             “    “   “ Spokane                                                                            5.05

Aug 3                              Dr

Sept. 3             To Tithing Seattle                                       30.95

“  9                  “       “         Spokane                                10.95

“  12                By Stamps etc                                                                              25

“  8                  “  Books for Conference                                                            260

“  18                To Tithes Boise                                        37.80

“  “                   By Stamps                                                                                   50

“  21                “  Expenses pr C W Penrose                                                      500

“  24                “  Suit Clothes                                                                             2250

“  21                “ Sleeper to Butte                                                                      150

“  27                To Tithes Butte                                    3000

“  29                “      “  Anaconda <Lincondorfer 25..00> short <7.00>   3200

Oct 1               “    “    “ from Hunter                           8790

“  2                  By Fare to Anaconda & Ret Butte                                              80

“  3                  “  Stamps                                                                                     50

“ 3 “                 “Fare Sleepter to Salt Lake                                                         300

“ 8                   “ Pd Ben E Rich Tracts                                                               75.00

“  “                   “Stamps                                                                                       50

“ 11                 “ Sleeper Salt Lake to Portland                                                 525

“  15                To Received Elder Jackson                 1000

“  20                “        “           “          “                         2000

“  21                “       “            “          “                         1000

“ “                    By Fare to Seattle                                                                      280

“  22                By “       “     Portland                                                                280

“  “                   “ Conference house                                                                   110

Nov 9              To S. A. Jackson                                      40.00

“      “               By Fare to Tacoma for self                                                            4.40

“       “    “    Seattle “                                                                   50

“       “    “    Vancouver     “                                                      225

“        “    “    Seattle           “                                                      225

“        “     “    Tacoma Richards                                                 220

“        “     “    Seattle            “                                                      25

“        “     “    Vancouver     “                                                    225

“        “     “     Portland       “                                                     450

Sleeper    “           “              “                                                     200

“  Amt given to Brother R                                                       245

Nov 15               “ Given Romie                                                                           500

“    13              “ Room & Board to “        “                                                          6.00

[page break]



Nov 15            Paid for Stamps and Stanry                                                         80

“     22             Fare from Seattle to Portland                280

“      “               Amt. Tithes from Seattle                     1300

“      23            Hall Rent at Tacoma                                                                  300

“     “                Amt to Jerome for Board                                                              500

“     “                “ Recdd for brother Jackson                1100

“    “                 Amt. Paid on Lees Board                                                             500

“   26               “  Recd of Secy Jackson                          15.00

“   “                  Sleeper to Spokane                                                                    125

“    “                 Meals on Train                                                                              150

“  27                Hannah                                                                                          100

Dec 8               Amt recd S                                                    5.00


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[page blank]

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1350    W. H. Kennington

1.90    # 629 Cordova St.

1.50                     Vancouver B. C.


Boise Elders Address
1408 Grand Ave
1012 State St.

Butte Elders Address
Box 658

[page break]

Hannahs address
01226 Lincoln St.

J.W. Combs
14 East Main St
Walla Walla Wash.

Adress of Vancouver Elders
629 East Cordova St.

Rosie Whittle
Huntington Park
Los Angeles

Spokane Elders address
Box 1126

Alice J. Pratt
Wall St House 2421 ½ Western Ave.

Anaconda Address
PO Box 323

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