Canaan April 2nd 1857

Cousin Orson

I have neglected answering your letter of Sept 2 and untill the presant time it may be to late to get my family Reckard forwarded to Mr. Chapman before he gets his history published I supposed I had sent my family Record in full

I was Born 1818 August 31

I was Born the 30 of Nov 1818 was 35 years old last Nov was married to Mary C Browning Feb 24th 1842 I was married in the town of Chatham Mary C. Browning was Born Aug 4h 1825 in Canaan and Died March 20th 1843 in Canaan

John Wm Pratt Only Child of my first wife was Born march 13th 1843 in the town of Canaan is 11 years old the 13 of <last March> the past month

My Second wife Orpah Crandall was born oct 29th 1827 in Cooperstown Otsego Co NY was married April 19th 1848 in the town of Chatham I have three Children by my 2nd wife Mary H George S & Jane Hellen Mary H was born Oct 14th 1849 George S. was born July 24th 1851 Jane Hellen Sept 1st 1853 All born in Canaan

Father was married in Canaan Nov 24 1798
Titus Huested Born in Nassau Feb 27th 1804

Almima Born Sept 18th 1811

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they were married at Chatham Nov 12th 1834
Births of their Children Emma S. Huested Born Aug the 10th 1840 William H Huested
Born Nov 14th 1843 Emmas S Born Emma S Born in Nassan & Wm H. Born in
Schodack their post office Address is East Greenbush Ny

Mr Huested Ocupation is farming My Brother in laws are All farmers I have not obtain the Date of John S. Carrs & Hannah C Pratts marriage Nor who Aunt Sally Bigalows girs married If you write to John Van, Cott i wish you would Say to him that the Mortgague he left with Andrew Clark is in Anson E. Giffords hands he wanst to know what he shall do with it for he intends to leave soon in a cupple of months likewise write that I Cannot tell him where in Ioway Andrew has located John Sister Jemima H. family were well when I last herd from them

I should like to have you cum & see me verry much I Cannot write any thing verry incouraging with regard to my moveing to the Valey of the Salt lake at present

I will Inclose five Dollars in this letter for you & should like to have you send me the pearl of great price I have Recd the Seer Regulaur & perused it Close

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and like it first Rate & Should like to have it Continue threw the year if it was proffitable for you

My family is well Mother is verry Smart for her Ague My Relitives in this Vicinity Don’t incline to know anything of Morman as they Call it they wont Read the first word

Write to me as often as you Can write whether John Van Cott & the wrest of the Elders are going to return home this sumer

Yours with Respect
Alfred A. Pratt

To Orson Pratt

[Transcribed by Nora Fowers and Erin McAllister; Nov. 2010]

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