Colonia Juarez,
June 21, 1893.

Miss Anna R. Pratt:

Dear Anna; –

I have no doubt but what you will be surprised at receiving a letter from me.

I have felt ashamed of myself, for my rude conduct Sunday afternoon, ever since you left in such a hurry.

I will come down Sunday the 24, and make that feeble effort to attone for my rudeness.

[page break]

The reason I write to tell you about it is because I cannot start until after S. S., and you would in all probability be in meeting.

I suppose you will not mind or apostatize if you miss one meeting.

I hope you will pardon this hastily written letter as bro. Bently is ready to go.


[Transcribed by Cheryl Brawn, Suzanne Taysom, and Mauri Pratt; May 11, 2014]

“Mary Wood Pratt collection, 1841-1937,” MS 25036, file 1, p. 19-20. ( : Retrieved September 2015) Church History Library, Salt Lake City.

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