Mrs. Hannah & Agatha Pratt
Salt Lake City

                                                            Santa Clara,    Oct. 26th, 1854

Dear Agatha,           

I am well, I rec’d. your letter of 20th Sept. with great joy. You are just exactly una muchacha buena, with whom I am well pleased. I love your letter, and I love you, and Aga, Lona and Moroni. The same to Hannah and Alma, Lucy and Ette.

God bless you all, and keep you, and heal and comfort you.

I am sorry you have not been able to finish the house; but I hope you will, between now and June. I expect to be in your city in June, if the Lord will; and if I get time I will come and see you all, and spend an evening with you and perhaps stay all night. I remember all your love to me, and how you have suffered for me and been faithful. I will love you with all my heart, for ever and ever. Agatha, does your soul feel towards your Lord that exquiset, glow of warm, tender, delicate, pure, refined and inexpressable affection which first thrilled your whole soul with a heaven of happiness, and made us one? Yes, I know it does. I know it has even grown with your knowledge, and strengthened with your strength. It is so with me. But with us both, there is a kind of dross or scum on the suns face, caused by care and toil. Never mind, we will one day rest from coroding toil and poverty and care, and have everything enough, and have leazure to express our love, and act out the more refined and noble atributes of our nature. You shall be arrayed in robes of fine linnen clean and white, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, and dwell with me in palaces of royal splendor and magnificence, in a fulness of love and joy for ever. While our mutual love, and refined enjoyments as we mingle souls, will be a thousand times greater, and more exquisite than we could now even endure, without desolving. Excuse the shortness of this letter, as I have much to do and to write, and write a good long love letter to me every month.

This for Hannah and yourself. Your eternal, unchanging, P. P. Pratt.     Eliz.h sais, “You have not sent my love to H, and A.”

[transcribed by Dorrie Lee, Mauri Pratt, and Suzanne Taysom, Jan. 2014]

P. P. Pratt to Mrs. Hannah and Agatha Pratt, transcribed letter, 26 October 1854; MS 278, online images, Church History Catalog, Ann Agatha W. Pratt Reminiscences and Letters, 1847-1907 ( : January 2014), p. 28; Church History Library, Salt Lake City.

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