42 36, Islington, Liverpool,
Sept 5th  1856

President B. Young
Dear Bro.

I wrote you last week Augt. 29th (which I presume you will receive with this) giving you a detailed account of the Situation of affairs as they then existed in this Office.  Since then I have received a letter from Bro D. Spencer with advices concerning the £1000. drawn on the 21st July in favor of Train & Co, But not a word concerning the drafts of £1000 + 1250.  = 2250 drawn on the 15th & 17th of July.  It appears very strange that only one of these 3 drafts and that the last one should be advised, particularly as there was but 2& 3 days entervening between.  Can there have been any thing wrong in it.?  The letter also contained advices of the other draft for £500 drawn on the 11th of August- mentioned in my last.  It also contained advices of an other draft dated Augt 13th for £383.9.0 at 60 days which has been presented for acceptance, but which I have been compelled to reject.

I have in former letters endeavoured to keep you advised of the number and amount [page break] of drafts accepted and paid by me, but lest you should not get them all, it may not perhaps be amiss to recapitulate:  Since the 29th July I have accepted and paid of E. Snow’s drafts including £500. in favor of Deseret Inn Co.                 £1965.12.0
D. Spencers draft of July 2d–    500.0.0
Home liabilities-                         800.0.0
                           Total             £3265.12.0
Besides the current expenses of the Office.

By referance to my former letters you will at once discover that with the amount of money left, I could not do otherwise than reject those drafts-

Trusting that the Lord will open the way for our deliverance from these unpleasant and embarrassing circumstances.

I remain Your Brother in the Covenant

Orson Pratt

[Transcribed by Nolan Ogzewalla and Gail Wasden, Mar. 2010]

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