Helaman Pratt

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helaman pratt

Helaman Pratt was born May 31, 1846, to Parley P. and Mary Wood Pratt outside Mt. Pisgah, Iowa. The Saints had been expelled by mobs from Nauvoo, Illinois, in February of that year, and Helaman was born on the trail. Helaman grew up in Salt Lake City and helped colonize Overton, Nevada, from 1868 to 1871. He lived in the United Order in Prattsville, where he was bishop, and then worked as a policeman in Salt Lake City, where he was chaplain of the Utah legislature. Beginning in 1875 he served a series of proselyting and exploration missions in Mexico, and was finally called on a life’s mission to the colonies in Chihuahua. He ranched in the Sierra Madres and later farmed in Dublan. He married Emaline Victoria Billingsley in 1868, Anna Johanna Dorothy Wilcken in 1874, and Dora’s sister Bertha Christine Wilcken in 1898, and had twenty-one children.

Note: Deena Christensen is continuing the late Elena Brown’s work with Helaman’s portion of the Pratt Family Descendancy project. Currently 1/10th of all known descendants of Jared and Charity Pratt are in Helaman’s line!