Oct. 17, 1899

231 Canyon Road
Salt Lake City, Utah

To Gambly, Sweden

Dear Oscar,

It has now been 6 months since you left us, and I am ashamed for not having written to you yet.  That is not because I do not think of you, for you are almost always in my thoughts, and believe me when I say that we do not forget to pray to the Lord for you, that you will be protected from all danger and harm, and perform a good work on your mission.  I feel you will perform a good mission because I know that you are earnest and trust God (have faith in God).  And that is the type of people the Lord needs.

If you will continue as you have begun, I know we will have good reason to be proud of you.

I read your mother’s letter with the greatest of interest because I have never had Cora’s letter read to me. (she keeps them personal).

There is no new news, everything is as it was. We are all well, and feel good, but we do miss you, indeed we do. I greet you from Mrs. Lundgreen and Andersen.  There is a young man here that stopped to visit, and the first time Parley saw him he called him Oscar.  You must excuse me for now.  May the Lord bless you is my prayer and wish,

Mrs. Pratt

*Originally written in Danish, translated by Grandson Wallace P. Winkler, Feb. 1992

[Parley Parker Pratt Jr. & Descendants, Cora S. Winkler, 1992]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Dec. 2006]

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