Re-organization of the Militia

On Monday, the 20th inst., a District Muster was held in this city, and an election of officers to command the first division of the Legion, and the several corps to be organized in Great Salt Lake Military District, according to the new system of regulations, which resulted in the election of the following, to wit.:–

…Also Jonathan Pugmire, jr., A.H. Raleigh, John Sharp, Seth M. Blair, Harrison Burgess, Daniel D. McArthur, Franklin B. Woolley, Robert Smith, Frederick Kesler, and David Pettegrew were elected majors, but of what corps we have not been informed.

With most of the officers elect, the public are well acquainted and the services they have rendered in the defense of their country, and especially in the defense of the people of this Territory, will long be remembered and duly appreciated.  Those who have not seen much active service, nor had the opportunity of displaying that military talent, they unquestionably possess, or they would not have been selected for commanders of such brave and warlike men as compose the militia of Utah Territory, may yet have the privilege, should they desire it, if they live to the common age of man.  Several of them, being quite young, will have ample time to cultivate those principles so essential to the success of military men; and if such cannot become men of renown, who can?

The object of organizing anew the military forces of the Territory, seems to be the attainment of a more perfect and simple organization than heretofore.  How far success has, or will crown the efforts of those engaged in this military reform, remains to be seen; but in this age of change, if the system adopted does not sooner or late give place to one more perfect, there will certainly be one new things under the sun.

[Deseret News, Apr. 29, 1857]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Sept. 2006]

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