Written by Caroline Amelia Pratt Van Cott, about her daughter, Edith, and Ezra Thompson Palmer, my mother and father, Yr. 1900

Their Engagement

There was a fair maid
Whose name was Ede,
She always was going,
Where will would lead.

She thought him so handsome
That none could compare.
With his tall lithe form,
And his soft wavy hair.

His mustache too was
Worthy of note.
And in his large frank eye
She could see no mote.

So now they are thinking
Of settling down,
And buying a lot
Nor far from town.

Where their friends may find them
In perfect bliss
And you may be sure
She’ll not refuse him a kiss.

–submitted by Mildred Palmer Larch

[courtesy of Carol J. Larson, transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Mar. 2007]

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