Islington, Liverpool
October 2nd 1857

 President Brigham Young,

 Dear Brother,

 Your letter of Aug 7, which crossed the plains by express in care of Elder Samuel W. Richards came to hand on the 23rd September – along with a note from him dated New York, Sept 11th, informing me of his arrival there, and intention to proceed hither immediately, also that he had further advices along with him. I am now anxiously awaiting his arrival, which I expect will be by the first Steamer. The Contents of your Communication of Aug 7 are duly noted, and it will be my study to carry out your views. I wrote to you on the 27th Aug, enclosing copy of my previous letter, and sent it to brother Eldridge to be forwarded per express. I shall enclose this to brother Felshaw, according to your advice. Since <writing> my last letter I find that the sum of £5 (five pounds sterling) was forwarded per Elder James A Little, for John Pickett, G.S.L. City. This is the sum about which you made inquiry in your letter of June 30th

 I received, a few days ago, from brother William Robb, Sydney, of Australia, a Bill of Exchanges for £1000 (One thousand pounds sterling), for which he desires me to send an order on you.

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 I shall accordingly do so as soon as the money is received (it is due in about a month from this date) and place the same to your Credit with Elder Horace S. Eldredge, St. Louis, according to your previous instructions.

 I have now visited <nearly> all the Pastorates, and nearly all the Conferences in the British Isles, and been to some of them twice <or three  times>  It has given me much joy and satisfaction to visit among the Saints, and I have had much liberty of the Spirit in preaching to them, which I attribute in a great measure to their faith, and diligence.  The Saints, who remain since the Reformation, are faithful and diligent  in the services of their duties, and enjoy much of the spirit.  The rage of the adversary is equally manifested in the opposition that is met with, which shows itself in many places in the shape of mob violence, &c. The papers throughout the whole country have teamed with abuse, gathering their matter principally from the United States papers, but exceeding them in hatred, for whereas I have seen many counter-statements, and favorable articles in the States’  papers, the editors here have refused to insert one, although they have been frequently requested to do so.

 Elder Benson is travelling from Conference to Conference, comforting the Saints and instructing the Elders.

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 I feel well in visiting the Churches, and in performance of the other duties belonging to my mission.  I am in the enjoyment of good health; and so far as my labours in this Country are concerned, I am ready to return whenever you wish me to do so, or I am willing to remain as long as you desire, if it should be five or ten years.

 Yours faithfully in the Gospel

 Orson Pratt
G.S.L. City, U. T.

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 L’pool. Oct. 2 1857
Orson Pratt to B. Young
Received May 18, 1858 by the hands of Peter Clinton
$1000.00 rec. from Mr. Cobb in depot

 [Transcribed by Nora Fowers, Erin T. McAllister, Pete Pratt, Rebecca Staker,  Gail Wasden and Julia Winfield; Feb. 2010]

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