Norwich November 20th 1853

Dear Brother with pleasure I sit down to scratch a few lines to you to let you know that we are still a live and well except Marietta her health is very poor though she is able to be about the house at present sickness and death have visited us since we wrote you last we had a son born July 22 who lived but five weeks  we named him Orson so you see that we have not forgoten you we received your letter of the fourth last evening and was glad to here from you again  be asured Brother every worde from you is haled with pleasure and read with delight  I have received all the first return of the Seer and Book entitled O Pratts works and read every word fo the same  I will know try to correct a few mistakes of my last with regards to the place of my birth I was ignorant suposing it was heirforth Con with regard to my first marige  I was maried to Linetta Delano December twenty six eighteen hundred thirty six Edwin D Pratt born Feb twenty fifth eighteen hundred thirty seven Aurilla J. Pratt born may twenty first eighteen hundred fourty four I have not been able to gain any information concerning the Pratt familey as I seldom see or here of any of the name I think the work will be very interesting to all the relitives I should have writen sooner to you but was not sure of youre return untill a short time since

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Brother Orson I want you to write us soone as you receive this and tell me whether you can come and see us or not before you return home and when we may look for you O how rejoist we should be to see you once more and converce together this writing a few lines is a poor way to visit with a long absent Brother can you not arange your buisness and come here soon I sometimes almost promis myself that I will sell my farm and go home with you to see all the friends their I shuld delight to go and see the country and more the friends I should like to shake Parley by the hand once more, together with all the sisters in law and little ones and while I write I almost seem to be there but again I think of my family here and the poor health of my wife and that in all probibility I shall never go but were it not for <the> cure of my family I would certainly go and come to Washington and make you a visit but my family require all my attension at home dear Brother I feel that aside from my own familey I am alone in a world of speculation and strife where there are but few real friends

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I have not herd any thing from William or Parley this summer or fall and have not written to them you did not inform me whither you have herd from them I once went to Kirtland <Ohio> in hopes to find you or some of my Brothers there but was disapointed I also went to New Portage and failed of seeing you there it seems as though we aut not to loose the opportunity of visiting each other for it may be the last oppertunity when it will be as convient as know I feel very thankful for all the favers you have sent me the family all send their kind regards to you I will close by biding you adiue for the present

Nelson Pratt

Brother to M.R. Pratt

[Transcribed by Nora Fowers and Erin McAllister; Nov. 2010]

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