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Nephi Pratt
267 Hancock St.

May, 1906, to Aug., 1906


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May 21  Started at 10.30 p m from Spokane for Bozeman.  Arrived at Butte about 2 pm on the 22nd May.

Was met at the depot by Pres. Bingham.  Spent until near midnight with the Elders Laret Bingham, Ence and Walker   Elders Bromley and Taggart being at Anaconda.  A note from them informed us of the death of Sister Wharton’s baby the funeral to be held at 2 pm on Thursday next.  I wrote long letter to Sadie.  We are to start of

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May 22

Near midnight for Bozeman Mont.

23rd.  Arrived at Bozeman about 5 a.m. in company with Elders Bingham and Ence.  We were received with great Joy by Mr. Lundwall and wife, and spent the day at his house.  It being his birthday (64 years of age) Neighbours and friends came in the evening and we had a lovely party.

This day the Elders and myself me being mouth Laid our hands upon the head of Brother Lundwall and blessed him with good liberty.

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May 23     We also ordained his son Nels Benjamin Lundwall to be a Priest.

I was requested to Preach a short time in the party at night. I did so on the Origin of man, good Liberty.  Also told a story or two.  Went to bed about midnight and rose before 5 am on the

May 24     Took train for Butte And the Elders went on over to Anaconda to attend the funeral of Sis. Wharton’s little Boy.

I remained and wrote letters to P. M. Los Angeles Helen Browning, Hannah, Landlady at House No 701 W. Tenth St. Los Angeles

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May 24

California and Boise Idaho
Mary Smith
Sadie M Pratt.
Thomas Hull.

May 25  Came to Anaconda on the 12.30 train. Took a room by invitation at bro. Short.

Wrote letters to Nephi J. Sadie M Pratt
Elder Crowther,
Geo Reynolds
Andrew Jackson

Wrote Local about our Conference to the Anaconda Standard. It was accepted.

Went to bed early. Prayed before retiring.

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May 26


Breakfast with Brother Augustus Short. Wrote letters to:
Prof F. J. Kellogg
C.A. Walruff
Walter E. Whittle

May 27

At 10 a.m. met with the Sunday School had a very large attendance all day in our afternoon and evening meetings as well. Called on the young Elders, and Elders Ence, Saub, Taggart and Bingham and a returned missionary from Germany, now living in Butte, occupied the time except as to my opening remarks, in the afternoon meeting. In my remarks

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May 27 Anaconda

called on the brethren to pay their tithes and offerings spoke upon the conditions as to apostols Cowley and Taylor re sining call on the Saints [unreadable] to accept same.  Vote unamous  Presented Authorities they were unanimously Sustained.

Spoke upon the signs of the coming of the Son of Man.

Afternoon Evening Meeting Elders  Walker & Bormley and myself occupied the time. I spoke at considerable length on the subject of family government. This was a most delightful meeting. The Holy Spirit was manifested and rested upon me mightily, and my audiance seemed en-

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May 27    Anaconda

tranced. At the close many spoke of the beautiful discourse. Thank the Lord for this glorious manifestation of his power. In a part of discourse the people were in tears.

May 28

After meeting  Breakfast wrote up my journal concerning the events of yesterday. Wrote letters to E.W. Petty –

At 2 p m met with the Relief Society. 3 Elders, one local brother, myself and 13 Sisters were present.

At my suggestion after Sisters Davis, Ancer, and Thomas had spoken (these were the presidency) the Relief Society was disor-

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May 28                                   Anaconda

ganized, and by paper Ballots Sister Thomas was called to be President in a new organization to be completed at this time.

She Chose for her first counsellor sis. Maxwell for her second Sis Magdiel for Secy Sis Evans, and for Treasure Sis Olive Wheeler. I then talked near 40 minutes to the Sisters. A good spirit prevailed.

I went to Sis Maxwell’s to Supper.

At 7 pm met with the missionary Elders and the Local priesthood.

All the brethren

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1906  Anaconda
May 28

spoke and a splendid spirit prevailed. Branch Pres. Geo. A. Hunter informed the meeting that his father in Utah wanted him to come home.

At my request all the Brethren present expressed their regrets that brother Hunter should leave us but in case he should do so, we voted that brother Thomas should succeed him in that office.

I then instructed the Brethren for a good while on their duties etc, and The spirit of the Lord came upon us in great power. This was one of

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May 28

of the best meetings I ever took part in. from this I went to my room with Brother Shoots and retired.

May 29

By appointment I took breakfast at Brother and sister May Diels and dinner at Brother and Sisters Jerginsons.

Returned to my Room and wrote letters to
Andrew Jackson
Alice Smith
S.A. Jackson
Jacob Beeker
PostMaster Valley

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1906               Anaconda
May 30

This morning I wrote letters to:
S.A. Jacson
Hannah Pratt
Sadie M. Pratt

Visited Saints and investigators all day.

Retired after 10 pm.

May 31

Wrote letters to
J. B. Hunter
Sadie M. Pratt
Rosie Whittle
Sadie M Pratt
Mrs. Alice J. Pratt

Went to a Saints party in the evening but only remained about an hour.

One of the most sorrowful things that has ever come to my notice

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May 31            Anaconda

was told to me by young Mrs. Jorgensen.  I married her and her husband together about three months ago.  She informs me that in 3 weeks after her marriage she became sick and began to break out with sores .It has been discovered that she has become diseased with Sypholas.  She has caught this loathsome sickness from her husband.  There is no doubt that knowing full well that he had had it a year ago, thinking perhaps  she might not catch it wickedly and lustfully had intercourse

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May 31

with her and now she is heartbroken.  I counseled her to have nothing more to do with him and told her if she lived with him the consequences would be that her and her children and her children’s children would be cursed with that awful disease.

Oh how she did cry and mourn!  It was pittyfull to witness, it almost broke my heart.

June 1  Took train to Butte arrived there about 10 A. M.  Went to the Olsen House and took a room.  Wrote up my journal.

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June 1  Butte

Received a letter from Sadie dated May 28th in which she acknowledged receipt of $10.

Wrote letters as follows – Sadie M. Pratt.  Went to sing, preach.


June 2 Wrtoe Letter to Earl, Leavan & Sadie M. Pratt.

Took the 7.30 train to Gregson Springs in company with Elders Bromley and Saur, and with Father Martin Lundwall.

We went for the purpose of Baptizing the Latter in which I officiated.

Upon our return, about 10 a.m. at the little meeting house 902

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1906  Butte
June 2

Utah Ave.  Elders Bromley, Saut, Walker, Taggart, Bro Lundwall and myself Kneeled down and prayed after which we layed our Hands upon Bro. Lundwall’s head, Confirmed him a member of the Church and then proceeded to ordain him an Elder of the Church in the Holy Melchisadic Priesthood.

There now only remains his wife, out of his immediate family, who is not a member of the church.  I pray unto the Lord in the name of Jesus that she may be speedily con

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1906    Butte
June 2  –  vinced of the truth and become identified with the work of the Lord

June 3    Wrote a letter to Brother Gardiner in Boise to come on the 11th inst. to Butte to Preside over this conference

Went to Sunday Sch at 10 a.m.  We had a delightful time, I, at conclusion of lessons spoke to the children for 5 minutes.  A good spirit prevailed

I recieved a letter from Sadie dated May 30th.

At noon wrote letters to J.P. Finley & Sons Portland and Sadie <Hannah> Pratt

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1906     Butte
June 3

At our first conference meeting, in Fidelity Hall on West Broadway, at 2 p.m. We only had a small congregation.  The Hall is a very Beautiful one with easy cushioned seats.

Elders Walker

I took up most of the time in this meeting giving the Saints a graphic account of the conversions that are taking place in many parts of the mission, and the <miraculous> manner in which many people are being led to the truth.

The people seemed almost breathless during

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May 3  Butte

the recital of these matters.  Our meeting was greatly Blessed by the Holy Spirit manifesting itself in our midst.

After the conclusion of these remarks Elders Walker, Saut, Bingham and Ence Spoke,  everyone enjoyed good liberty, and the saints seemed greatly Edified.

I arrose and begged permission to speak again.  I did so, and spoke upon our people first coming into Salt Lake Valley.  I recited <some of> the incidents of pioneer days

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1906            Butte
May 3

and was listened to with seeming delight by the audience.  We had Brother Lundwall (Martin) with us all day.  He seemed filled with the spirit until he could hardly keep his seat.

At 7.30 o clock we again convened, and Elders Taggert spoke beautifully upon the settleing up by the Saints, led by apostol Woodruff the Big Horn Basin in Wyoming.  His remarks were listened to with the greatest interest.  After Him Elder William Bromley Spoke with splendid power on Baptism necessary to be performed

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June 3   Butte

for every creature, both those on earth and the spirits in the Spirit World who have departed this life.

Before we commenced our preaching this evening we voted to accept the resignation of Apostols Cowley and Taylor. and then was presented the general Authorities, and unanimously sustained.

At the conclusion of Elder Bromley’s remarks I entered into the subject of How to get our sins remitted.  The only way was by baptism by Imersion by one having authority for the remission of Sin.

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1906    Butte
June 3

That this was as much the only way to enter into the door of the Kingdom of God. and recieve forgiveness of sins, as the Law of naturalization by which a foreigner becomes a citizen of the United States and recieves forgiveness for having been an Ailian is the only way by which he can identify himself with the government as a free and independent <accomplish it>.

As the law of the United States <adoption> was made and formulated by this great government. by which an alien may become a citizen, <of this republic> So is the Law of by

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June 3

which an alien can be addopted into the Kingdom of God made by the Authorities of that Kingdom even by the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.  It is not for the alien who desires to become a citizen of this country to make a way of his own by which he shall become naturalized, But he must submit to that law made by the Congress of the U.S. and signed by the President there of which has been made for that <the> purpose of admiting the Alien.  In the same way the Alien from the Kingdom of God, cannot

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June 3

choose a plan of his own whereby he may be recieved into citizenship, but must submit to the Law made by the authorities of that Kingdom or be for ever shut out.

These and a great many other illustrations I used to show that ordinances made by man for himself such as pouring sprinkling etc, or the doing away with baptism all together would not avail.  By his schemes and devices man cannot obtain forgiveness of sins, nor a place in the Kingdom of God.  I also spoke upon a person <who> becoming dis-

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1906       Butte
June 3

gusted with the devision and strife in the religious world of our earth <and> recieveing power went to Heaven and inquired of Peter James John Paul and lastly Jesus as to what to do to be saved and how they refered him to the things they had left on record in the bible about baptism etc. and informed him he must not go to unauthorized men who had pretended to invent various plans of Salvation, for they had done so without Authority, thus as Isiah said they had transgressed the law,

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1906      Butte
June 3

changed the ordinance and broken the everlasting cov.etc. My discourse was well received, and thus ended a very spirited and lovely conference.

I forgot to say that during this meeting brother Martin Lundwall bore a good and faithful testimony to the truth and divinity of this work.

1906     Butte
June 4

This morning I wrote up my journal, had a long conversation with Maggie Coleman who is enroute for Salt Lake where she

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1906         Butte
June 4

Intends to reside.  at twelve noon Elders Ence  Bingham, Bromley and myself went and took dinner with Brother and sister Garner and their children.  I soon after dinner got excused from remaining and went to 746 So. Main St. to visit with Sis. Andrews and counsel with her about compliting the Relief Society our R.S. meeting tommorrow.

Came to Room, wrote in my journal until 4.30 pm

Wrote a letter to Sadie M. Pratt at 7.30 met with the Missionary Elders and the Local Priesthood.



1906         Butte
June 4

Of the latter there were present
6  Henry V. Andrews
4  Harvey L. Angell
7 Arthur B. Bryan
5  Brother Spokeman
3  Edward H. Watson
1  Brother Benson
2  Brother Dow

In the Beginning of the meeting I spoke on priesthood, its being without beginning of days or end of years.

How great it is to be a have and to hold this great authority to speak to do and to perform in the name of God.  After I had spoken

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1906    Butte
June 4

The local brethren all spoke in turn, and the spirit of testimony was greatly poured out.  After they had concluded their speaking I had brother Ence make some blank paper slips and gave one each to the Local brethren, and to the three Elders who are going to remain here, and called upon them to write a name each on his slip whom they each desired to have for President over Butte Branch. We had them drop the names into a hat and at the conclusion of the voting we counted the ballots and

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June 4

found they were all but one in favor of Elder O.W. Benson.

We then voted to make it unanimous for brother B. which we did.  And he was pronounced president.  I instructed him that it was his privilege to choose the two men whom he wanted for counselors.  He begged to be given time to think it over, and said he would report to me his decision before my departure from here.  I then talked very pointedly to the brethren about their duties and about tithing Especially.

We then appointed

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June 4

The elders a committee to hire music for a social and dance for Wednesday evening.  and to take up the carpet and prepare the floor for same.

Sang and dismissed.


June 5                                      Butte


Went up town, got breakfast, Had my hair cut and got shaved. Went to Post Office. and at hand delivery got a letter from Jerome.  Returned to Head Quarters and the Elders handed me the a letter from brother Martin Lundwall contain

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June 5

ing a P. O Order for $3.00 for myself, Bro. Saut, and brother Bromley each to have $1.00.  I paid the brethren mentioned each a dollar. Came to my room and was engaged in writing up my journal, until 11.05 a. m.

Wrote a letter of appointment to William Bromley to go to Spokane, Vancouver, Tacoma and Seattle and work in these places in my stead and then return and report to me to Portland.

Wrote letter to A. J. Pratt

Received one from her today.

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June 5

At 2 p.m. met with the Relief Society. After the opening services I addressed the sisters at some length and with good liberty, and asked that the sisters give an expression by vote if they are willing to sustain their present president Sis Bertha Andrews. There was eight Sis. present, and they voted unanimously to Sustain her.

I then asked Sis. Andrews to select her counselors. She chose Sis Jensen for first Counselor and Sis. Gabrielson for her Second. These Sisters were unanimously sustained. The sisters

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June 5

had allready born their testimonies, and after their testimonies, this business was performed. We also sustained sis Evans as Secy. and Treasurer of the Society.

My instructions to the Sisters were upon their conduct at home, upon their duties as to prayers meeting-going. Their tithes etc. I told them that the husband names many of them were only conspicuous on the tithing records for their absence, and that while this mission here to fore had not only been self sustaining but had

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June 5

sent each year several hundred home to the general ther tithing office, that now I had been compelled to borrow money, and was going behind, because their husbands had ceased paying their tithing. I stated that the wage earners this year in the Northwestern States Mission have not paid one tenth of their tithing.

At my request Elders Bromley and Bingham also spoke backing up what had been said and done there today.

The meeting dismissed and the Saints ack-

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June 5

nowledged that they had had a very enjoyable time. I ate supper and spent the Eve. at Sis <Lewis>

June 6

Went to the P O Office Recieved a letter from Sadie dated June 3rd. No other mail for me. Breakfasted in a restaurant, Home to Room, Wrote up my journal until 10.25 a.m. Wrote letters to –
Martin Lundwall
Geo. A. Hunter
Elder Willard Holliday
H.P. Hovey
Sadie M Pratt

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1906  Butte
June 6

After writing most of the day went and at night to a little party given in a the L D. S. hall.  Good music, dancing etc.  At 11 pm took a hack went to Depot.  Retired in a pullman.  And the next morning at 11 am landed at Pocatello enroute for Portland <Boise>

June 7  At about 5.30 resumed my journey and at 2 am the next morning found myself in Boise.

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1906   Boise
June 8

Went to the Capitol Hotel.  Slept late.  Visited Branch President Hale at his office for an hour or so: found by his report that there had been 10 souls baptized here.  Met with the Elders found them well and Elder Gardiner handed me a great lot of letters.

Visited for a time with Sis Mary Smith her Sis Anna and Anna Andrews.

At Night Room Prayers Bed.

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1906     Boise
June 9

Wrote letters all day.  After a little walk went to room Prayed retired.

I had this day written two Locals, one for the “Statesman”  One for the “News”.  I found that these papers both published them in proper season.  They published them in conspicuous places, giving news of the mission.  Our coming Conf. etc.

June 10 Went to Sunday School at 10.  Had some excercises from the little classes; and

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1906   Boise
June 10

then was invited to occupy the remaining time which I did with a very vivid picture of the Earthquake and fire in San Francisco.

2 pm Conference convened.  Good attendance, Good liberty for the speakers.

I spoke first upon the condition of the mission.  Its <late> converts.  The providences of God in bringing them into the church etc.

The following Elders followed me:-
Confce Pres. Gardiner
Branch Pres. Hale

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1906    Boise
June 10

This was a glorious meeting and all seemed greatly edified.

I told the Saints of the action taken at the late general Conference wherein the resignations of the two members of the quorum of Apostles John W. Taylor and Mathias F. Cowley were accepted by unanimous vote. This action the Saints here sustained unamously. I then presented the Genl Authorities, including the 3 new Apostols, and they were sustained unanimously.

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1906    Boise
June 10

I also was sustained as Mission President.

I informed the Saints that I needed Conference President Gardiner in another field, and I nominated Elder Rowberry as his successor. He was sustained as President of Boise Conference.

Branch Pres. Hale was sustained and Brother Lewis as his 1st Coun. Notices were given out that the sisters would meet tomorrow and at 2 pm and a Relief Society organ

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1906    Boise
June 10

ized anew, as all the officers of the Society had moved away.

Notice was also given that the local priesthood meet
together tomorrow at 8 p.m.

June 10    At 7.30 pm Conf. continued. We had the meeting house allmost full. Many strangers present. Elder Rowberry was the first speaker, and Our Old Branch President Ezra Merrill being present we called upon him, and he spoke at some length.

I was the last speak

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1906    Boise
June 10

er, and spoke upon the subject of Everyman being Arbiter of his own fate both in the world of spirits from whence we came, here, and in the spheres beyond this life.

Quoted a few passages to prove preexistance and that intelligences had their Agency and acted upon it in their prior life.

We had some splendid singing throughout our whole conference.  Sis Hale leading Choir and mixed Quartette.

We. Extra from regular hyms .1 Solo sis Hale

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1906    Boise
June 10

1 duet Brother and Sis Hale. 1 Quarteett by Male Club, and one quartette by mixed Club.

This and the fine training which the choir had recieved from its fine leader

Made you our Music a splendid feature of this most excellent Conference.

I forgot

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June 11

Wrote up my journal

Wrote letters to
Sadie M. Pratt
S A Jackson
A.J. Pratt
Florence Leaver
Geo A Hunter

2 pm    Met with about 20 Sisters. Organized a Relief Society as follows:
Mary Smith                 Pres.
Sis. Hale                      1st Coun
“     Moss                     2nd  “
“                                  Secy
“                                  Treas

The Vote for these were unanimous.

This society had become disorganized by the officers all

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1906    Boise
June 11

having moved away. I instructed the sisters with good liberty for about one hour.

8 pm    Met with the Local Priesthood 13 of them, and three of the elders. Called upon them all to Speak which they proceeded to do.

I then instructed them with much freedom on tithing etc.

After meeting went with the Elders to Bro Hale and listened to some singing

Took dinner at brother Hales.

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1906    Boise
June 12

Wrote letters to Pres Jos. E Robinson, wherin and brother Lloyd. Sent them Each 10.00 which I had borrowed of them.

At 1 p.m. took train to Boise Nampa where in the evening we met a few brethren at Ezra Merrills and they expressed themselves as desireous to have a branch <organized> raued there.  We, brother Rowberry and I remained and lay down at brother Merrills house until one o clock in the morning then we walked to the depot. I took a train

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June 12

for Portland and brother Rowberry for Boise.

June 13                        Enroute all day for Portland. Arrived 7.30 p.m. (18 ½ hours)

Phoned from depot to Sadie.  She came over to town and had joyful visit with her.

June 14

found the following young Elders at Head Quarters viz
S.A. Jackson
Lyman Garner
Amos Stevens
Daniel Ricks

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June 14

Frank W. Harris
Jabiz W. Harris
R.L. Price
Wm H. Kennington
Riley E. Taylor

I called these brethren together and after due consideration I made the following assignments.

South on the Southern Pacific R.R. Frank W. Harris
Wm H. Kennington Jr.
Amos Stevens
Daniel Ricks

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June 14

Wrote letters as follows to
1 Elder Harry Bitten
2    “      David McKenzie
Will Morris
Alice J Pratt

June 15 Wrote letters.  Went to town and took a Turkish Bath. Helped elder Jackson to procure transportation for the brethren who are going away.

This morning had a two hours priesthood meeting. Spent am hours or so teaching the elders their duties with mighty good liberty

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June 16

Bid the elders good bye who were going to their several fields. Wrote letters nearly all day to
Pres. Jos. F. Smith & Counselors
Elder Harry Bitton
“          Heber Q. Hale
“          J.W. Jardine
“          W.P. Pratt
“          Benj. Goddard
“          A.E. Gardiner
“          A.R. Stevens

June 17 Sunday:

Went to Sunday School, and the two Sabath meetings.

Preached at night. Poor attendance, poor inspiration, poor meet

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June 17

ing.  A poor Branch.  Home.  Prayers.  Bed.

June 18            Wrote letter 6 pages to Thomas Hull.  Received a visit from brother Jen Jensen.  He and wife desire to be baptized when she returns from a visit .



June 19     Wrote letters to:
Florence Pratt
O. P. Pratt
Ezra P. Monson

Home with family.

[page break]


June 20

Home with family.  Wrote letters, two in number.

June 21            Spent morning home.

Wrote letters to:
Mr. Alaxander Crower
J. W. Combs

June 22           Wrote letters to:
H. Q. Hale
Elder Willard Holladay

June 23            Went to Hood River.  Got off at Viento 8 miles this side of Hood River and visited with Will Geddes, his wife and mother.  I remained

[page break]


June 23            Saturday

I remained and took dinner with these saints also Blessed the infant daughter of brother and sister Geddes, and placed upon her the name of Lola.  I also administered to Sis. Geddes for gathered breast.  In the afternoon went on foot to Hood River a distance of 8 miles arrived there about 6 o’clock very tired and thirsty.  Took a room and slept soundly.

June 24            Hood River.  We held our conference meetings at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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Hood River
June 24            Sunday

I occupied most of the time in the morning meeting on the subject of Every man being the Arbiter of his own fate.  Elders Garner and Jackson spoke each at length in the afternoon meeting and I on family government.  The two elders went with the Saints to see many of whom had come to our Conference.  I remained at Ezra P. Monson’s and had a good visit with Frank Davenport Jr. and wife, and with Ezra Monson etc.

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June 25
Hood River

Went on the morning train to Dee. Looked over the Land and timber up there. Returned to Hood River in the afternoon. Slept at the Hotel so that the Elders might have the bed at bro Monsons.

June 26                        Hood River                 Tuesday

The Elders and I took the morning train to Portland. Wrote some letters.

June 27                        Portland                      Wednesday

Found a tel that Elder Geo. A. Smith of the Apostols would be here to meet with the

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June 27
Portland                      Wednesday

Saints Friday night

Spent the day calling the Saints to the Friday night meeting, and in the evening at 8 p.m. I performed a marriage ceremony which bound together Miss Kitty Evelyn Eagan and my Cousin Orthreus Phelps Pratt for life.

There was some company assembled and we had ice cream & cake.

June 28                                                            Thursday

Received some company, and studdied.

Heard that Geo A Smith was in town at a hotel, and that he had with him his

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June 28
Portland                      Thursday

own little daughter and three others.

I published in the Morning Oregonion and the two evening papers the Journal and Telegram the fact of an apostle coming to hold meeting.

June 29                        Portland                      Friday

Found bro Smith this morning.

Went with Elder Jackson and him and the girls who were with him to the hights: the Park: and the fair Grounds. Returned to Hotel with them and on the way home with G.A. visited

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June 29    Portland                  Friday

The good Samaritan Hospital. Where we saw and administered to young brother Jensen. one of our runaway boys and another <from Salt L> who to see the world had run away from home, took sick at Hood River, been brought to this place.

We also visited another young man sick.

In the evening at the Appointed time we went to meeting. We had the Hall 300 at the Alisky building full, and I spoke a few minutes and then Elder Smith occupied

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Portland Friday
June 29            over an hour.

It was very warm but we had a Glorious time.

June 30.   With G. A. S. the Elders and Sis Pratt <and self> We went <met> at 10 a m in Elders Priesthood meeting Myself and Each Elder was requested to speak and they did. Then Elder Smith instructed us for a long time with great power and fine liberty.

It was a great meeting and one long to be remembered. After we dismissed, Elder G.A.S. and I went to the Williamette Iron Works where we had

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1906    Portland          Saturday
June 30

been invited by Elder Westergaard, who is a workman there.

At the noon hour we invited the men to come together which they did <to> the number of about 30 and Geo. A. addressed them for 15 minutes. They were smoking their pipes, and behind us some of them were loudly talking and laughing and some of the machinery was making a noise and althogether it was not a very inspiring occasion.

After wl we were through here, we got the elders and Sadie my wife, and went in a Gasoline Launch for an hours ride up the Williamette River. This

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1906    Portland          Saturday
June 30

was one of the pleasantist times I ever enjoyed.

When we landed I bade George A. farewell, and at 6.15 pm took train for Spokane to visit my Wife Hannah, who from a letter just recieved I had learned that she was very sick. I arrived there on next morning about 10 a.m.

July 1   Spokane          Sunday

Found Sis Pratt very sick. Smothering coughing and filled with pains in the lungs and throat.

I remained in Spokane nursing and caring for her until this

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1906 Spokane  Monday
July 8

day which is Monday <Sunday> July 8th.

Yesterday <On July 6> I wrote the following letters to
S. M. Pratt –                Wm Crowther
Alice J. Pratt –             Elder Cook
Jos. E. Robinson –       Ezra J. Merrill
Harry Bitton –             Rosie Whittle

On July 7th Wrote letters to Thomas Hull May Pratt & Mr Whitemore

On the date of the 8th met <my arrival> I released Elder Bingham. He represented to me that he was in debt and had come to the end of his resources, and I percieved a tendency in him to make such excuses as seemed to

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July 81906

me to be entirely out of character with former representations and statements.  He had not much seemed to enjoy the spirit of his mission of late, if indeed he had at all, and he asked for his release and I thought it time to let him go.

Upon this day I met with the following Saints in Sunday School and meeting, Viz – Heber Ball, Antyne and three children.  Hetty Bowers and Baby, Brother Glassen and eldest son, My Romie and Joseph, Mrs. Peterson, <Burt> and the Elders.  We met in the <Pacific> Hall

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1906    Spokane  Sunday
July 8

at 1-30 pm Sunday School and at 2.30 meeting.  In meeting I called upon bro. Heber Ballantyne and bro Glasson to Speak which they did quite interestingly, after which I occupied over an hour upon subjects as follows:

Matters that prove the existence of God.  Such as the Planetary System.  The desire to worship which is inherent in men of all nations proves there is a God.  <Spoke upon> Family Spirits disembodied, upon mans spirits yet unborn, Angels and resurrected beings and gods etc.

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Spokane          Sunday
July 8

Also upon family government, organization and having to prepare for eternity etc.

I had a good degree of “the Spirit” and was listened to with deep interest.

After meeting Sis. Peterson treated Romie and Joseph <and I> to Ice Cream.

Home spent the evening with the family.

July 9               Spokane          Monday

Spent the morning writing up my journal, reading, Studying etc.  I expect to leave for Portland on Wednesday morning next.

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Spokane  Tuesday
July 10

Had the elders with me at the house till late in the afternoon.  They took dinner with us.  At 4.30 after taking <leave of> dinner the Elders and of my poor afflicted Hannah, and the children I took train for Portland enroute for Seattle, hearing that my poor wife Jerome had been again overcome with drink.

Arriving at Portland about 8 am next morning I hurried to mission Head quarters.

July 11             Portland                      Wednesday

Found Sadie and children as well as usual.  At 2 p.m. Took “Northern Pacific” for Seattle Wash.  Was accompanied as far as Tacoma by Elder S. A. Jackson and my

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Portland          Wednesday

son Heber. Arrived in Seattle just after 9 p.m. Took room at the Stevens House.

July 12  Seattle    Thursday

Found my wife J. this morning recovering from a ten days spell of inebriety.  Found Elders at head quarters all well. I recited to them how she came to acquire the “drink habit.” Got them to promise to care for her until I could go to Tacoma and labor until after Sunday the 15th inst.Took the 2.45 pm boat “The Flyer” for Tacoma.

At Tacoma I found matters in a very sattisfacory condition Spent the Evening with Elders Jackson, and the Tacoma

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July 12
Tacoma     Thursday

ones, and with Heber until near midnight. Went to room and retired.

July 13  Tacoma   Friday

Wrote a letter to Rosie Whittle. Wrote a local <each> for the “Tacoma Ledger” and the “Daily News” setting forth the prosperity of the missions.  The fact of my coming. Gave notice of our meetings Sunday the 15th.etc.

The city editors of these respective papers promised to publish them in their local columns.

Took dinner with the elders after which we all went to Point Defiance Park. We borrowed brother Christensens Boat and hired another, and crossed the bay to an island

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July 13
Tacoma            Friday

where we remained a couple of hours, and all stripped and went into the sea bathing. Returned greatly refreshed, and went to bed early.

July 14 Spent this morning in part writing up my journal.

Wrote a letter to Hannah. In the afternoon Elder Jackson Heber Elder Crowther and myself went again to Point defiance Hired a Row Boat and crossed again to an Island and went in Bathing again.

July 15     Tacoma    Sunday

At 2 p.m. held a meeting at the Smelters’ had several strangers

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July 15
Tacoma            Sunday

present and such saints as could come out. The day was terribly hot and sultry.

Elder Crowther <Jackson> Spoke before me. I spoke for 45 minutes with only moderate liberty.

At night at 8 pm Held a meeting in a Hall on Tacoma Ave. Elder Crowther preached first and then I spoke for three quarters of an hour with good liberty

July 16    Tacoma        Monday

Elders Jackson Heber and I spent the day with the elders and visiting Saints and one investigator. Went over to Seattle, met Jerome

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1906    Seattle             Tuesday
July 17

Spent the day with her. At midnight went on board the S.S. “Princess Victoria”, and in company with Elder Jackson and Son Heber went to the city of Victoria on the island of Vancouver. Arrived about 6am.

July 18 Victoria B.C. Wednesday

Spent this day sight-seeing etc. Took rooms. Retired early.

Thursday   July 19    Took Princess Victoria and Sailed to City of Vancouver. Spent the day with Elders, and at brother and Sister Neal’s. They were full of apostacy and I rebuked them very sharply, and with great power. We held

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1906    Vancouver       Wednes <Thursday>
July 19

a meeting at brother Grahams where this family of Neal’s were present. Our meeting was a grand success. We had two strange women in. After meeting Brother and Sis. Neal each rose and bore a faithful testimony of the gospel.

July 29 Vancouver B.C. Friday

Took Train at early morning to Seattle, arrived there at the hour of 3 pm as I remember it. Met Jerome at Depot. Took up my quarters at her house Wrote locals for the P.I. and Seattle News

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1906    Seattle                         Friday
July 20

Visited with Romie Spent very comfortable and happy night.

July 21 Seattle Saturday

Took my locals about my mission our Conference etc. to the papers and they were accepted and published and no doubt helped fill up our house. on Sunday.

July 22             Seattle                         Sunday

Sunday School at 10 was very lovely. At 2 pm Conference Convened and at 7.30 in the evening I spoke at both

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1906    Seattle             Sunday
July 22

meeting with fine liberty. At the 2 oclock meeting upon the entrance of the pioneers into the Great Salt Lake Valleys: and at 7.30 upon family government etc.

Elder Jackson and Elder Garner also spoke very fine. The general Authorities, Mission Authorities, and branch authorities were unanimously sustained. Upon the whole I was greatly pleased with our conference.

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1906                Seattle             Monday
July 23                                                 —-

Elders Conf. convened at 9 a.m. With brothers Fritsche and Heneberg there were twenty of us present. The Elders all spoke in turns:  After<wards> I spoke telling the elders of many actions of theirs which were contrary to the rules of the mission and were condemned by me and I taught them with great earnestness as to their duties. Our meeting lasted 4 hours. Spent this afternoon at Hawleys Fritschel’s.

He, Henry Hawley, gave me a present of $25.00 on Sunday. May the Lord reward him for same.

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1906                Seattle             Monday
July 23

At todays Elders meeting I made my distribution of the Elders as follows

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July 24

About 1 pm went to one of <Wodland> Park. The Saints were there to celebrate the 59th Aniversary of the entrance of Brigham Young and the pioneers into the Great Salt Lake Valley.

We boated, bathed Sang, recited, Had some photographs taken etc. This was a very pleasant day and only


1906                Seattle             Tuesday
July 24                                                 —-

mared by the rowdyism and folley of some of the Elders To whom I wrote letters of warning from Portland afterwards

July 25             Seattle             Wednesday

Took 11.10 a.m. Train for Portland.  Bade Romey an affectionate farewell, I going to Portland and she to Tacoma to Nurse Sis. Neal through her confinement. Arrived at Portland in the evening about 7 p.m.

Found everything O.K. at home. I left Heber at Seattle. – at He got work there and desired

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1906                Seattle                         Wednesday
July 25

to remain.  He lives with the Elders.

July 26             Portland                      Thursday

Spent this day writing letters, and held meeting with the Elders, many of them new arrivals, and sent 6 of them away to various fields as follows:


1906                Portland                      Friday
July 27

Wrote letters most all day.  Several of them to Elders who seemed unrepentant and who were very fresh in their conduct at Seattle.

In these letters I warned them most faithfully, and bade them write me their intentions as to their future conduct as I intended to send some home without an honorable release if they did not sincerely repent.

From this time until the ______ spent in Portland with my family and answering a very heavy corrispondence.

On the

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Sadie and I and little Olive took S.S. Telegraph for the little Town of Rainier’ 45 miles down the Columbia Rive,r from which place we took stage to the “Mormon” Logging Camp and Saw Mill 6 miles up in the hills.  Where we arrived in peace and safety.


Mormon Logging Camp

We returned by Rail to Portland.  Where I attended Sunday Services.  Visited Saints.  Answered many letters and recieved many calls and held many gospel cons.  I had recieved several letters from repentant Elders, and answered in every case forgiving them.  I preached in the Morning Meeting of Sunday Aug. 16th.  Had good liberty and somewhat on the hopes of the Saints, and the enjoyments of resurrected beings, etc.

On Friday Aug 17 Went to Salem where I found Elders Bitten, Anderson, Kennington, Balls, Lindsey,

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Aug 17                        Salem              Friday

and Ricks. They were well and in good Spirits, and I released Elder Bitten from his Mission to return in peace to his loved ones.

We held a meeting at Sis Brookman’s at which were the six Elders Sis Brookman and 3 children. Sis Van and daughter, a man and his wife and infant named Simms. (These also were Saints) and an Outsider a woman. We had a good meeting in which Elder Bitton Spoke, a short time and I occupied the balance. Good liberty prevailed and all enjoyed themselves

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Aug 18            Salem                                                  Saturday

I was expecting to go to Eugene this morning at 11.10 but upon arriving at Depot discovered the time had been changed this very morning to an earlier hour. Thus we lost it. Returned to my room and wrote up my journal. Also Wrote letter to Rosie Whittle telling her I should come to Los Angeles in Oct with Hannah.

At 6 pm took train for Eugene in company with Elder Anderson, and arrived there at 9 pm. Slept at a hotel. Brother Anderson prayed very fervantley for the people whom we were come to visit.

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Aug 19            Eugene                        Sunday

We had come to visit a Brother and sister Brown (old people) brother and sister Stogsdale:  brother and sister Smith. And their children etc. Browns and Smiths had some time before desired their names to be taken off from our records, as they no longer wished to be identified with us.

There was nothing done however at the time, and they had still remained members.  Now, they were very repentant, desired that they might retain their fellowship and were very humble, and acknowledged their sins etc.


Aug 19                        Eugene                        Sunday

Sis. Smith had lain in bed sick for 8 months. Her boy 12 years old was <at this time> lieing unconscious with typhoid fever.

There was a young woman whose maiden name was Stogsdale, but who some years ago married Elder Jenkins. She had left him and got a divource and at the time of our visit we found that she had married again to another man. She lay at a hospital very low with typhod fever. Her little baby girl 3 years old (Elder Jenkins child) was with her father and mother and was also very sick with this same awful con-

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Aug 19                        Eugene             Sunday

plaint.  Thus had the Lord visited them with sore affliction.

In their repentant condition we soothed and comforted them read them some of the revelations.  Called upon them to renew themselves by keeping the Word of Wisdom, Saying their prayers in their families in the season thereof, paying their tithes and offerings faithfully etc.

We visited arround  among them all day administering to all of their sick, and instructing and comforting them all we could.  At 10 pm Went to our rooms prayed and retired.

[page break]


Aug 20                        Eugene                        Monday

At 6 a.m <I> Took train for Portland and Elder Anderson for Salem.  I arrived at Portland at about 10 am found Sadie and the children well also the Elders.

Wrote letters to Eli A Gardener. Bp. C. A. Larsen 7th Wd. Logan, Heber Q. Hale, Boise.  Henry V. Andrews, Logan and Heber C. Pratt, Seattle.

In the afternoon went with wife Sadie and Miss Astel to St. Johns and visited with Sis Peterson.

Aug 21      Eugene <Portland>         Tuesday

Spent some time in writing up my journal.

[page break]


Aug 22          Portland              Wednesday

Wrote letters to:
Mrs. Hannah Pratt
Mrs Alice J. Pratt
Mrs Elder Cook
Mrs. Elder R. L. Price
Mrs. Elder Crowther

In the afternoon Sadie and I went to St Johns crossed the river on the ferry and walked back to Portland.  We enjoyed it greatly.  The distance was 4 miles.


Aug 23     Portland                  Thursday

Wrote letters to:
Pres. George Reynolds
A.R. Stevens
Willard Halladay
Maynard E. Nelson

[page break]

Portland          Tuesday
Aug 27

Wrote letters to
Ezra J. Merrill
Alice J. Pratt
Pres Jos. F Smith
C R Rowberry
Heber Q. Hale

[page break]


May 15  Borrowed at Spokane

Portland as follows:
Aunt Sadie    10,50
Heber Pratt        50
Elder Bitten     5.00
Fares to Spok
Ane Hannah
Joseph and 10 10.50
Sleeper             2.50

May 21  Tith Spokane

G.W. Cantrell 5.00

Borrowed of Elder Holliday    10.00

Fare from Spokane to Bozeman        (7.60

Tourest                * 1.25

[page break]


May 22 Tith from Butte 27.55

“ 24     Sent to Sadie               20.00
“ “        “      “ Elder Bitten         5.00
“ “        Fare from Bozeman to Butte  1.50
25        Stamps                                    .50
“          Fare to Anaconda       .50
“          Tith from Butte (Big timber Saints)    25.00
“          Sent to Nephi              5.00
“          “   “ Elder Halliday     10.00
“          “  “ Sadie                     10.00

27        Tith fr Anaconda

A. Short                      3.00
Bro Thomas                 9.00
G. A. Hunter               14.85


30       Sadie M Pratt  10.00
S A Jackson                10.00

[page break]


May 31                        Tith pr A Sort  2.00

June 1. Fare from Annacon     .40
Stamps                                    .20
“  3      Paid Hall Rent for Conference
in Fidelity Hall            6.00
“  3      Tith Hood River          59.25
Mrs Mary A. Smith     15.00
Sleeper from Butte to Boise     4.00
11      Stamps                                                   .50
12      Exchange                                  .45
“        Pres Robinson                         10.00
“        Brother Lloyd                         10.00
“        Donation Relief S                     5.00
July      Sleeper to Spok                         1.50
“    “ Portland                            1.50
Stamps                                                  1.00

[page break]

July 12 Rec’d of S. A. J.                     20.00
“  13    “ Tith Seattle                           13.00
“  12    Fare to Seattle                                     2.80
“  13    “  “ Tacoma                                            .25
“  20    “  “ Vancouver                                      2.25
“  “       “  “  Seattle                                            2.25


“  “       Cash Tith Vancouver                4.20

Aug 20            Fare of Elder Anderson to Eugene & Ret     2.40

Amt paid Heber <Lee>                                   5.00

[MS 1637 329-378. Transcribed by Pat Bishop, Cheryl Brawn, Shannon Devenport, Brandan Hull, Erin McAllister, Nora Fowers, Heather Hoyt, Marlene Peine, Becca Staker, Vincy Stringham, Mauri Pratt, Tiffany Whiting, Portia Williams, Verlie; Aug. 2010]

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