Spent my time mostly in Canton Reading.,

17 Sunday

This Being our council “monthly” we anticipated hearing some news, concerning who would be called to go to the vally, the saints were all on the qui vive about this.

I will just say here, that for some months, past there had been a general expectations among the Elders and Saints in this country that, all; both Elders and Saints would be gathered home to zion, the causes for this are about as follows. 1st, the Elders who returned home last Season “1866” Reported that, it very little use to send Missionaries abroad because, the people were so hardened against us; and there had been so much preaching done here, that they would not give ear, and it seemed that no one was left with an excuse, and our converts were very few and far between, this was a true Statement as I afterwards proved it to be.

In consequence of this President Young and the authorities in Zion, seemed to think it time to gather the Saints home, and leave these corrupt nations to themselves, and let the Lord preach to them with thunder, and Lightning awhile, to accomplish this they called on the people in zion to donate means, but there being a great scarcity of money in the territory the people donated a great deal of stock and grain, and as that could not be turned into money it could not be used this year consequently part or the prospects are that not over half the saints, will be gathered this season, that we expected.

When the news got abroad that the saints were going to be gathered home, hundreds flocked into the church, of there these were about three clafses, or perhaps four the first I will name are, People who have been in the church before, and thinking it would soon be too late, for them, thought like the prodigal son, the quicker they returned to their fathers house the Better.

[page break]

Also some who had never been in the church believed, and was afraid to let the saints go off fear lest the Judgments of the Lord would come upon the nations in fullfillment of the words of the Saints, to them, another Clafs of these came into the church, for no other purpose, than to be emmigrated to a better country.  Of these there are some that have been in the church before, and some who have not.

There is still another Class, who had never, investigated our doctrins but who had formed a very bad opinion of us, from what they had heard <read> in news papers, and from people who were our enimies, but this great gathering so much talked about, started great inquires abut us and our doctrin, and some of this clafs, were caught in this way.  Thus I see the hand of, the Lord in this thing.

But to Return to our council meeting Sunday.  We expect, Bros Morris and Parry to visit us from Merthy’s and bring us some news I went almost to the station to meet them, but only Bro Morris came and him, I met, near the station.  I saluted him with, whats the news?  Nothing said he, and as he and, Bro Parry was looking anxiosly for their Release, so was I looking anxiously for a change not knowing whether I would be sent to england, or be appointed to Wales.  So, I together with the Saints, in cardiff were disapointed at not receiving news, However considering all things, we had splendid times that day, held three meetings Bro Barry Wride, favored us with his presence and we then addresed the congretion.  We took a pleasant walk in the evening, after which we returned to Carston.

18 Monday

I visited some of the Saints in Canton, and having been invited to take dinner with a Mr. Uri “a bro to Barry Wride” [page break] in company with the Latter gentleman, I went about 12 oclock.  Spent a pleasant afternoon there, and in the evening met with the Saints at the Cardiff Meeting house we three addressed the Saints, had very good times.

19 Tuesday

After taking Breakfast, we walked to crop Road, mear Whitchurch, to Sister, Martha Jones, a cousin to Barry Uside where we had been invited since Sunday, we spent a very pleasant afternoon there, and in the evening went to Sister Jane Trides Sister to Bro Barry, here we took tea, after which we went to a Bro Gregory’s house, where were assembled, quite a congregation of strangers, and some Saints, we addressed them and the first principles of the Gospel, and after meeting two of them said they believed we spoke the truth.

Bro’s Wride and Morris accompanied Sister Jane Wride home and stayed there over night, and I returned to crop Road, having had an invitation to come back and stay over night.

20 Wedensday

I went to dinis Bowis, distance of 6 or 7 miles, attended Saints meeting. there, had very good times.  Returned Back same night fund Bro morris in bed, bro Wride had not returned from visiting his friends

21 Thursday Bro Morris and I took Train, he for Gre forest and I for Merthyr I arrived in Merthyr all right, af I had been there some time Bro John Parry came in and we attended meeting that night, and Bothe addressed the Saints, being very anxious to hear some news concerning who of the Elders here would be released and where I would be appointed I in hopes to have heard something from bro Parry but he knew no more than myself,

22 Friday Spent the [page break]


day in Merthyr, writing Bro. Morris joined us during the day.

23 Satturday      Spent the day in Merthyr Studying and writing.

24  Sunday  Bro Morris and myself took train he for Cwmerantha, and I for Llanfabon.  I arrived at Quakers Yard about Half past 9 oclock, walked to the Nelson, distance of about 2 miles arrived there held meeting at 2, and 6pm, had good times.

25 Monday iii Took train for Merthyr.  Soon after Bro E Morris arrive there and I took the 20 past six train for Aberdare, and according to his Request, appointed a meeting in Aberaman, where he promised to meet me the following night, I then walked to Cap Cach to attend a meeting with the Saints there, I arrived there in good time, and addressed the Saints, with a splendid Spirit.

26 Tuesday:  Walked down to Aberdare

[page break]


distance 2 miles, waited there for Bro Morris who did not come, and I then proceeded to Aberaman, where the Saints was anxiously awaiting our arrival and was disappointed that Bro Morris was not with me, We concluded<to hold> an out door meeting, we accordingly went out before the door and gave out a hymn, many people gathered arround us while we were engaged in singing and prayer  Bro Lewis then got upon a chair, and [page break]addressed them in the Welch tongue, after which I addressed them, in English, the majarity paid very good attention, and were not disturbed once during our service, which is rather an unusual thing.

27 Wednesday took Breakfast at Bro Lewis’s after which I read for some hours and then took may way to Aberdare, where I met Bro Morris.

We stayed there and met with the

[page break]


Saints. Briefly addressed them, after which Bro Morris gave them a Sermon, we stayed there overnight.

28 Thursday walked to Mountain Ash, met with the Saints there. Bro Morris returned to Merthyr. I  Stayed there over night.

29 Friday  Took the train for Cardiff, the distance of 20 miles, where I arrived all right, found the saints well and enjoyed myself visiting them.

[page break]


30 Saturday, Spent the day in visiting the Saints.

31 Sunday: Met with the Saints in the Cardiff meeting room at 2 p.m. there were two Strangers in and the Spirit of the Lord was with me and I reasoned with them untill they were forced to believe my testimony, they were so well pleased that they came in the afternoon again.

Bro Morris came in to the evening meeting. I again addressed

[page break]


them, after which, Bro Morris followed Saints.


1st Monday, according to Previous arrangements the Cardiff Saints went to Penarth, for Witson holiday. I met with them there, as also did Bro Morris, we spent a day very pleasantly in the evening some of us met at the Evans and had some enjoyments.

2 Tuesday: Spent the day visiting the Saints untill evening when I went into the Canton

[page break]


 Market to a fete that was held there. Saw some beautiful fire works.

3 Wednesday: Spent most of my time in reading the new Testiment. untill evening when I met with the Saints in the hall at Cardiff, addressed them, after hearing the Saints bear their Testimonys had joyfull times.

4 Thursday. Walked to Treeforest where I met with and addressed the Saints.

5 Friday took the [unreadable]

[page break]


oclock a me, Train for merthyr, where I arrived all safe and spent the remaineder of the day in Reading Writing &c. I also accompanied Bro Morris in the afternoon in his visits among some of the Saints in the vicinity of Merthyr

6 Saturday: Spent the day in company of Bro E Morris, Bro John Parry had previously gone to Liverpool to see the John Bright Sailing vessal off. also Bro R J Davies, who, was Released

[page break]


to Return home.

Bro Parry Returned here on this day about 7 o clock Bringing some of the Long expected news, namely, that he, Bro J D Rees and Bro B. Wride were ordered to prepare to Return home, also that Bro Davies was gone in the John Bright for home.

I have been waiting long and anxiously. for my appointment, to my fu<t>ure field of labor supposeing that when the

[page break]


Brethren start home I will be removed from Wales. or Preside here not knowing my Destiny. I forbear writing home,

7 Sunday: Was sent to Monmothshire to inform Barry Wride that he was Released to go home. Spent the day with him. We met with the Saints in Rhymny in the afternoon and in the evening walked to Tredegar and at 6 p m met with the Saints in

[page break] Missing pages


farewell Bro Parry was on his way home, and we bid him farewell with hearts full, for we loved him very dearly.

I had preaveously received my appointment to preside over the Glamorgan Conference, “on the 20th of June” and from that time up to the 30 I was very busy with the emmigration, from the 1st of July to the Bro Morris returned home from Liverpool where he had previously gone, on business for the saints who were emmigrating “Wedensday”.

[page break]


ll  On thrusday friday and saturday of the same week I spent the time in meeting with the Saints and teaching them besides attending to the business of the conference.

5 July Sunday <at 11 am> attended the council at Dowlais instructed the Brethren their conerning their Branches, and at 2 PM held saints meeting there had some strangers in but they did not pay very good attention to our preaching, in the Evening Returned to Merthhyr

[page break]


and preached to a good congregation of saints and sinners.

6  Monday spent the Day in attending to Conference Business and in the evening went to the Cofn to Meeting after my arrival there  I concluded to hold a meeting in the open air accordingly, with the saints who had gathered there we went out on the door step of one of the saints houses where opened the meeting by singing, and prayer

[page break]


after which one of the Brethren addressed the a scattered congregation, in the welsh tongue, when he had finished the saints sung, after which I took the chair and addressed them.  When they heard that I was from Salt Lake city the Began to gather arround, untill I had a very Large congreation of eager listeners.  the spirit of the Lord gave me plenty of language and I felt how

[page break]


good it was to have that spirit.

7 Tuesday          Walked to Troederhiew Where I held an out door meeting as on the night Previous had an excelent meeting gave the people here as on the previous evening a history of the Saints and some of their persecutions, I also spoke at some length on the first principles of the Gospel. After Meeting Returned to Merthyr.

8  Wedensday  walked

[page break]


to Aberdare.  Bro Morris and Thomas Went to Dowlais Saints Meeting.  I met with the Saints in Aberdare.  after meeting took Train to Merthyr.  Arrived there about 10 pm. found Bro’s Morris & Thomas. Returned from Dowlais.

9 Thursday <&> 10 Friday  Stayed in merthyr.  Busying my self with the immigration Business

11 Saturday  Walked to Aberdare on business stayed there over night.

[page break]


12 Sunday  Met in council with the Brethren in aberdare and adjacent Branches on Business a part of which was to organized the Aberamon district in to a Branch, with Bro Lewis Lewis as its president. Also to appoint Bro Brd Gibbs President of the Curmbach Branch in stead of Bro David Rees who was going to emmigrate.  Bro Wm C. Thomas came over that morning.  We held Meetings in the afternoon a 2 & 6 p. m. Bro

[page break]


Thomas Takeing up the Time of Bothe of them.  I did not attend the 2 oclock meeting as I had to go to Bro Bodens house, and if posible get an in sight into the Books Before he (Bro Boden) left.  as I had to take the Books after him which made me Book agent as well as President of the conference, and kept me prety Busy.  Stayed in Aberdare over night and on Mon the

13  Monday)  Took Train

[page break]


in company with Bro Boden and family on my way to gather the emmigrating Saints who were coming on that Line, and act as their Agent which I did.  went as far as Ponty pool, where I seen the Last Saint comfortably on the train for Liverpool. Of which I took Train back as far as Lanfabon, where I held an out door Meeting Preaching to a very wicked set of vagibonds.

14 Tuesday

[page break]


Took Train for Mountain ash. where I met Bro. W.C. Thomas. according to previous arrangement.  We held a meeting there that night and had prety good times among the saints.

15 Wedensday)  Brother Thomas took train for Merthys. and I walked to Cumbach where I held meeting with the Saints.  there was an old apostate in meeting by the name of Grier and we made it very

[page break]


warm for him.

16 Thursday) I took train for merthyr where I arrived all right .  found Bro. W C Thomas there.  Spent the Day in looking over the Conference Books.

17 Friday) Spent this day also in looking over the Books.  and C Bre returned from Liverpool.

18 Saturday Bro Thomas and Morris took train for Llanelly and during the Day Bro Levi W richards came over

[page break]


 from Monsmothshire. 

I spent a pleasant day with him.

19 (Sunday)  Took train from Merthyr to Cardiff the distance of 22 miles to attend a monthly councill there.  arrived there, about ¼ to 11 oclock went to council where I met the Cardiff Brethren in prety good spirits.  had good times in our council.

We also held meetings in at 2 & 6 oclock p.m. had excelent times.

[page break]


20 (Monday)  Walked to Whit church 4 miles distance to visit Bro. Gregory who was afflicted  administered to him, and in the evening walked to [unreadable] where I met with the Saints and addressed them.

21 (Tuesday) Spent most of the Day in Cardiff where I met Bro Gregory who I had administired to the day before.  who then told me that he intended going to work in the morning.

[page break]


22 23 & 24 I spent Laboring among the saints in the vicinity of Cardiff.

25 Satturday went to Treforest stayed over night &,

26 Sunday Took Train in company with one of the brethren for Estrod to attend a monthly Council we held 3 meetings there had very good times

27 Monday Spent the day here visiting, administering to, and comforting the Saints attended meeting in the evening after meeting one stranger from [unreadable] to be baptised.

[page break]

the following week I spent the with the Merthry Saints attending meetings in that district. I preached out doors several times during this week and every time that I did so I had large bodies of people listening.

the following Sunday 2nd of August we held council at Merther at 11 am also held Saints meeting at 2 P.m. and at 6 p.m.

3 Monday. Spent the day in straightening the Books.  until evening when I attended

[page break]


a meeting at the Cefn where I preached in the street in Open air Had a very good meeting Hundreds listened to us among whome were ministers, shop keepers, colliers and tradesmen of every description.

4 Tuesday spent this day, as the day previous until evening when I walked to Teoederhew  held an open air meeting here, with the Welsh Brethren Hundreds agan listened to us and we had freedom to speak by the spirit of truth.  returned to merthyr the same night.

5 Wednesday, walked to Lanfaban where we again held an open air meeting, but not with the same succes as on the two previous evenings only a very few people stood to listen to us the rest after listening long enough to find out who we were seemd frightened to stop.

6 Thursday took train for merthyr where I arrived all well.  after which I went to straightening up my accts

[page break]


7 & 8 Saturday Spent the day in writing and studing.

9 Sunday took train for Aberdare Where I arrived all right. Met with the brethren in Council at 11 a.m. and at 2 p.m. held Saints meeting. also at 6 p.m. held meeting had very good meetings Spent the rest of the week in traveling among the Saints in the vacinity of Aberdare holding meetings each night untill the

14 friday when I took train for Merthry.

15 Satturday spent the day in writing home

23 Sunday Took train for Cardiff in Company with brothers Morris, and Thomas, arrived there soon and after holding Council meeting at 11 a.m. took dinner with Sister Gardner. after which we went to meeting at 2 p.m. brother Thomas took up most of the afternoon. after which bro Morris made a few remarks. also held a meeting at 6 pm.

24  Monday  Spent a very pleasant

[page break]


day in visiting the Saints of Cardiff met with them in the evening at ½ past 7 and had a very good meeting. Bro Thomas taking up the greater portion of the time.

25 Tuesday Took train for Treforest distance of 12 miles bros Morris & Thomas accompanying me according to previous arrangement arrived there safe where many of the Saints were awaiting us with joy held meeting with them. and stayed there over night.

26        Wednesday

[page break]

Took train for Estrad, Levenryr on the distance of 18 miles and there also we met with the Saints in the evening having a very good meeting.

27 Thursday took train for Tlanfabon. and in the evening met with the Saints.

28 friday took train for Merthyr where I spent the next two days in posting up my accts untill evening when in company with bros Morris, Thomas & Lewis I walked over to Tredegar Mon to attend a confce the next day

30 Sunday we met

[page break]


with the saints in victoria in Council found the reports of the presidents of branches concerning the saints rather discourageing Our other meetings at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. were well attended both by Saints and strangers and we had very good times.  we spent the night with bro Levi in tredegar. and the following day

31st Monday we spent in in conversing with each other.  Reading &c – untill evening when we spent attended a concert given by the saints of that Confce

[page break]


by the way a very pleasant entertainment.

1 of Sept Tuesday.

Bros Morris, Lewis, Thomas, and myself, walked from Tredegar Home to Merthyr in the evening went to a prayer meeting at one of the Saints Houses had a very Splendid little meetings.

2 Weddensday: Spent the day in writing.  Bro Lewis Left no foe Swansed.  Also Bro Thomas for Carmarthen and in the evening we went to Troederhiew, and held meeting with the saints

[page break]


after which we walked back to merthyr.

3 Thursday Spent most of the day in study, untill towards evening when Bro Morris and myself took train for Aberdare, walking from there to Aberamon where we arrived and held a meeting. with the Saints of that place.

4 Friday  Took train for Merthyr.  where after arriving I spent the remainder of the day in attending to my books.  and visiting the Saints

[page break]


5 Saturday: also spent in book businiss.

6 Sunday  Held a council meeting in the white Lion Room at Merthyr at 11 a.m. in which were met the Priesthood from the neighboring  Branch is Where bro Morris & myself exhorted counciled, and instreteted the brethren what to do for the forwarding of the work, we also met with the Saints in the afternoon at 2 p.m. and in the evening I walked to Dawluis in company with bro L. W. Richards who had

[page break]


came over on a visit the privious evening, we met with the Saints a there at 6 oclock there were also some Strangers present. and we enjoyed ourselves very much. After meeting we walked back to Merthyr rejoining bro Morris.

7 Monday Bros Morris Richards & myself walked to the CefnCefu and met in that place with the saints. after meeting walked to aber merthyr.

8 Tuesday Went to Troederhiem. and met with

[page break]


the Saints there enjoyed a very good meeting after which we Returned to merthyr.

9 (Wednesday) Spent most of the day in study at merthyr, towards evening walked to the Cefn, met with the saints there and preached to them. correcting some of them for drinking &c.

10 (Thursday) went in company with bro Morris to cap cach, and from there to Aberamon. where we held a meeting with

[page break]


the Saints. avery good spirit prevailed during the meeting. after meeting we walked to Aberdare where we stoped with one of the Brethren ofer night.

11 (friday) took train back to merthyr and spent the Remainder of the day in study

12 (Satturday) also spent the most of this day in study at merthyr.

13 (Sunday) took train in company with Presnt Morris for Aberdare to attend our monthly

[page break]


Council there. we met with the Brethren of the surrounding Branches. in council at 11 a.m. accomplished the Business. in good spirits after which we went with <one of> the Brethren to dinner. we also held meetings at 2 & 6 p.m. and had a very good spirit prevailed.  Some of the native elders preached well, we walked to Merthyr that night.

14 (Mond) took train for Cardiff, which on my arrival I found decorated in a most beautiful manner, in every

[page break]


entrance or main road into the city. were arches painted to represent masonry with mottoes of welcome to Lord Bute this celibration was to in Honor of Lord butes coming of age. flags were displayed from almost every window and from the top of every roof.

15 (tuesday) Spent the day in cardiff.   the celibration still continued and the city was beautifuly decorated. with evergreens and flags, there was

[page break]


 a band from london and the music that they discoursed was the finest that I ever heard.  I did not before think that the angels in heaven could make such beautiful music. in the evening I attend a feild where there were displayed every veriety of fire works, of the grandest discription.

16 (Wedensday)  I also spent in Cardiff, this day the celibration was more grand if posible than eathor of the former

[page break]


 days. this day the marquis sailed into the Cardiff docks in his own yacht. took carraige at the docks and came up bute Road, bowing to the people as he passed along.

 we attended Saints meeting that evening in our room at cardiff.

17 (Thursday)  took train for mountainash, distance 20 miles, met with the saints there, and had meetings.  stayed there over night.

18 Walked to Erombach met with the Saints

[page break]


in that place. and Elder Morris & myself addressed them.

19 Saturday, took train for merthyr in the afternoon of this day took train for Swansee in company with Bro L.W. Richards to visit Bro John Lewis and attend a confce there.  found him in good Health and spirits, and enjoyed a pleasant evening in the company of the vally Boys.

20 (Sunday) Bro Morris joined us this morning and we

[page break]


met in council with the merthyr Brethren at 11 am when Presnt Morris gave some excelant instructions to the Brethren, we met in public meeting at 2 p.m. when most of the time was ocupied by bros Thomas & Morris we also met at 6 p.m. when we had our Hall crowded with strangers when Bros L. w. Richards, myself and Bro. Morris ocupied the time, we had one of the best meetings that I ever attended.

21 (Monday) Spent the

[page break]


day in the company of the valley Boys in Swansen and an excelent time we enjoyed together. attended Saints meeting in the evening.

22 (Tuesday) Spent the even morning in swenssen, and in the evening took train for Cardiff where we arrived all Right and attended a little concert got up by the Saints, where we enjoyed ourselves very well.

23 (Wednensday) visited some of the saints in Cardiff, untill evening when we attended Saints meeting

[page break]


when Bros Richards, Morris and myself addressed them,

24 (Thursday) Bro. Morris & Richards took train for merthyr while I walked to denis Bowr’s distance 6 miles and held meeting with the Saints. after which I walked to canton,

25 (Friday) made some pleasant visits among the Canton & Cardiff Saints. also spent part of the day in study.

26 (Satturday) spent this

[page break]


day as the one previous untill evening when one of the young Brethren invited me to attend a concert which I did.

27 (Sunday) took the 9 oclock train for cumsibran, arrived there and held three meetings with the Saints, exhorting, counciling, and advising them for their good.

28 (Monday) visited the Saints, in the neighborhood, and spent a pleasant day among them. in the evening holding a

[page break]


meeting when I addressed the Saints.

29 (Tuesday)  took train for Porth, and after taking dinner at a public House I took train for Ferndale, where I found some scattered Saints, had a meeting with them when some of the Gentiles came in and instead of Having only 3 or 4 persons as I expected I had as many as we could seat.

30 walked over the Hill to Aberdare, and from there to Hirwain where I had

[page break]


meeting with the Saints, after which I took train for Merthyr.  Spent the following days of this week, atending the Schools of which were established There among our Saints untill Sunday The 4 of Oct when I met with The Brethren in the vacinity of merthyr in council, at 11 oclock. also with the Saints at 2 & 6 p.m. and had three excelent meetings.  Spent the Remainder of the week in Merthyr and the adjoining branch

[page break]


-es holding meetings visiting the Saints & c.

11  Sunday Took Train for Aberdare where I met with The Brethren of That valley in council, at 11 am and at 2 & 6 oclock p.m. held meeting with the Saints our little hall being well filled, many Strangers being present and a powerful Spirit of Testimony prevailing throughout the day. 

The five following days I spent in visiting The Saints in the different branches having made

[page break ]


appointments to hold meetings among them found the Saints feeling first-rate and I spent my time in visiting & comforting them untill The

17 Satturday when I took Train for merthyr arrived there all right and on the

18 “Sunday,” In company with bros Carrington Morris Thomas Lewis Richards and many of The Saints for Took Train for Aberdare

[page break]


To attend our district Conf ce  which commenced at 11 am. when we had the Temperance hall which is a very large one well filled with Saints from many parts of the district.  we also had two more meetings at 2 & 6 oclock when the Hall was crowded many strangers being present who listened very attentively to Bro Carrington and others of the Brethren who addressed them.  After meeting we all took Train for merthyr, arrived there all right.

[page break]

19 Monday all the valey Elders from the valley being were present we had fine times untill evening when we met together with the Saints in the capacity of a concert had a crowded house I had the honor to priside over it: after enjoying two hours singing we went home much refreshed.

20 Tuesday we spent a happy day together and in the evening attended a meeting at the white Livn Room Merther when Present Carrington addressed a very attentive

[page break]


21 “Wednesday” I took train in company with Bros Carrington Morris Lewis & Thomas for Cardiff when we had given an apointment to meet the Saints arrived there and engaged a sitting Room and two beds at Mrs. Williams’s after visiting some of the Saints we attended our meeting house when we found many of the Saints assembled.  We had an excellent meeting Bro Carrington ocupying

[page break]

most of the time

22 I bid The Brethren adieu and they proceeded to Swansea.  I spent the next few days vising and holding meetings with the Saints arround the vacinity of Cardiff.

25  Sunday Took train for cunerontha where I met with the Saints in council at 11 a.m. also meetings at 2 & 6 p.m.  The Saints felt  well & a good spirit prevailed and we had good times  

[page break]

26 (Monday) went to Merthyr in the train.  found every thing as usual there. 

Spent that week in the vacinity of merthyr visiting the Saints and attending meetings.

On 1st of Nov. Sunday, I met with the Brethren in the vacinity of merthyr in council, at 11 o’clock am.  Bro Morris was also in attendance, and in the afternoon & evening at 2 & 6 p.m. we had a good attendance  and the People listened attentively a spirit of inquiry [page break] seems to be among the people here.

2 Monday Spent the day in studying writing letters &c untill evening when I attended meeting in company with Prest Morris at Gellideag. after meeting Returned to Merthyr. 

3  Tuesday Spent this day in study untill towards evening when in company with Bro. Morris I walked to Troederhiem distance about 3 miles it was very

[page break]

windy & Rainy this evening we called at a sisters and took tea on the Road.  after meeting we returned home to Merthyr.

4 Wedensday after writing several letters home to america and doing some other Business, Bro Morris and myself walked to Dowlais about a mile and a half distance and visited some of the saints there in the afternoon in the evening we held meeting with them after which we [page break] returned to Merthyr.

5 Thursday spent the day in Merthyr posting up my confce acct, reading &c untill evening when Bro Morris & myself attended meeting  White Lisa Ramon?] Merthyr.

6 & 7 Friday & Satturday.  Spent at the Conference House Merthyr writing &c.

8 Sunday Bro Morris visited Bro. L. W. Richards of The Monmothshire Conference & I

[page break]

took Train for Aberdare to attend my monthly council there, after a good council meeting at 11 oclock am we took dinner at Bro Lewis Lewis of Aberamon after which we attended a Saints meeting at 2 pm after the sacrament was administered and one or two of the Brethren had spoken I addressed them felt great Power in Speaking. we also held a meeting at 6 p.m. and I and several of the Local Elders addressed [page break] the congregation which consisted of Josephites Gentiles and Saints. we had in this meeting one of the most powerful spirit of testimony that I have ever felt after meeting some of the Josephites desired to come back and even plead & cried to be allowed to come back but as they had before proven themselves unworthy to be counted one of us by commiting gross sins, I did not at that time give [page break] them any encourgement.

9 Monday  Walked to Mountain ash. visiting the saints through Cap coch as I passed along. after taking dinner there with sister Evans I took Train for Hanfabon arrived there Safly and held meetings with the Saints there and addressed them upon the first principles of the gospel as there was some Strangers present.

10 Tuesday  walked to Cally distance about [page break] four miles visited the Saints here found them in excelent spirits held meeting with them in the evening and staid at Sister Lewis’s at a farm house about a mile from where we held our meeting.

11 Weddensday walked over 5 miles of steep hills to Merthyr and in the afternoon took train for Aberdare. there was so much excitement there about the election of a member of the  Barrasty for Parliment that we could not have a visit.

[page break]


12 Thursday walked to Mountain ash to attend meetings there. called on many of the Saints on my way there.  held meeting there and had a very excelent time with the Brethren & and Sisters there.

13 Friday  Walked to abe Hirwain to attend Meeting there distance being about six miles met with the Saints there, had good times and after meeting took train for merthyr. found Bros. Morris and Richards there

14 Satturday Spent this

[page break]

day in the company of Bros Morris & Richards.  had a very pleasant day of it.

15 Sunday Bro L.W.R. Returned to Mon. & Bro Morris & myself took train for Cardiff to attend our monthly council at that place.  we held our council at 11 a.m. and at 2 & 6 p.m.  we held Meeting Bro Morris & myself occupying the greater portion of the time in instructing and comforting the Saints and Reasoning upon the principles of the gospel  many Strangers [page break] were present at these meetings and gave us very good attention and we had an extraordinary portion of the Spirit to Speak this day.

16 Monday we Spent the most of this day in visiting the Saints in Cardiff and mingling with the throng <who> where crowding around the nomination Platform of the Members who were that day to discuss who should go to the house of Commons.

17 Tuesday

[page break]

Bro Morris & myself walked to cogy distance of about four miles or perhaps 6

We held meetings with the Saints in which a good spirit prevailed after which we walked back to Cardiff.

18 Wednesday

Spent the day in visiting the saints in canton and Cardiff and in the evening attended a meeting in cardiff where we addressed the Saints

19 Thursday

Walked up to the Grieg farm to visit.  Mr H Wrede

[page break]

the Father to Bro Barry Wride found him in prety good Spirits and after taking dinner with him walked to Walnut TreeJuntion, distance from Cardiff being about 6 miles. Took train from there to Treforest.

Called upon a Mrs Thomas Davies whose husband was gone to Salt Lake.  She is very well off but pining for her husband who has not written to her since last started away last spring   She Treated us with much hospatality.  and we

[page break]

comforted her considerably by our endeavours.  we held meeting with the Branch here and we had first rate times.

20 Friday

Walked to Pendaylon distance of about 10 miles, calling at several Saints houses on the way. held meeting with the Saints there and there were many young strangers present who listened very attentively.

21 Satturday

Started about day Break in the morning to cach the Train to Treforest Bro Morris getting some

[page break]

what in advance of me and the Bro who was with me called into Bro David Roderics house who lived near the station and I purchaced tickets for Both of us expecting Bro Morris to come to the station in time   I waited very anxiously for him expecting the Train to start every moment, which it did just as his portly Person came in sight. So I lost him. I did not ride very far, but got out and took dinner at one of the Brethren’s houses hoping that

[page break]

Bro Morris would catch me if I lingered on the Road, I walked to treforest in the afternoon expecting to find him there, but did not. Stayed in Porty predd with Bro gill

22 Sunday

Took Train in company with Bro D. R. Gill. for Treorkie Cumerantha where we arrived about 10 a.m. to attend our monthly council there, we found Bro Morris there he had taken train the night Previous.

We commenced our council at 11 a.m.

[page break]

when all we the priesthood were present and we had good times Bro Morris & myself giving such instructions as we were led to by the spirit.

23 Monday

We took train to parth station after visiting some of the Saints, an from there we took train for Blanlleche arrived there safe and found the Saints well.  In the evening many persons who were the neighbors of the Saints came in to here us and a splendid spirit prevailed.  After meeting many of the

[page break]

strangers brought money to us enquiring when we would call again, we left them in excellent Spirits and on the morning of the 24 Tuesday

Walked to the Mardee farm the distance of about a mile and a half to visit the proprieters of said farm who were Saints.  found them in midling good spirits and after taking dinner there, we walked to Aberdare distance about 4 miles, after visiting some of the Saints in this place we took train from Abernant to Merthyr where we arrived

[page break]

all right in the evening we attended a meeting where we addressed the Saints

25 Wednesday

Spent the fore part of the day in writing & study.  In the evening I walked to Dowlains in company with Bro Morris visiting some of the Saints and in the evening attended a Saints meeting addressed the Saints.  after meeting returned to Merthyr about one mile and a half distances.

26 Thursday

[page break]

Spent this day in visiting the Saints in the vacinity of Merthyr and posting up my accts and in the evening attended a meeting in the White Lion Room Merthyr where Presnt  E. Morris and myself addressed the Saints.

27 Friday

Spent this day in posting up my Book &c

28 Satturday

Bro Morris took train for North Wales, and I Walked to Tredegar to visit Bro L.W. Richards the distance of

[page break]

10 miles.  found Bro Lewis well and travled during the week with him in the following places Victoria Sunday 29   Tredegar  Monday 30  Lirawie Tuesday  Dec 1st  Blaina on Dec 2nd and Tredegar Thursday Dec 3,  at all these places I and Bro Richinards addrissed the Saints comforting and counciling them as we were led by the Spirit.

Dec 4 friday  returned to merthyr in company with Bro Richards spent the following day Satturday

[page break]

 at Merthyr and on 6 Sunday met with the Brethren in Council in the White Lion Room Merthyr  held 3 meetings with the Brethren and Saints here this day.  many Strangers were present during the day & a good spirit prevailed

The four following days I spent in visiting the Saints and holding meetings with them. in this week Bro. Morris & myself concluded to it would be wisdom to make Some kind

[page break]

of ammusement for the Saints, for Christmas we accordingly went to work, and printed tickets.  &c preparatory to this thing.

Also mad Preperations for one in Aberdare.

Friday & Satturday 11 &12 Spent in meeting &c at Merthyr.

13 Sunday I took train for Aberdare where I met at 11a.m. with the Brethren of the Surrounding Branches in Council after transacting Branch

[page break]

Business, council was dismissed & I took dinner with one of the Brethren after which I again attended meeting addressed the Saints.  Spent the Remainder of this week  in visiting the different Branches in this vacinity attending their meetings, an doing Business concerning the concert &c untlil friday the 18th when I Returned to merthyr where I found Bro. Morris Returned from north Wales.  Spent the day in writing &c.

19 Satturday 19 Spent

[page break]

the day at the confce house Merthyr studying &c. Sunday the 20 took train for Cardiff arrived there about 11 am when I went to our meeting house and there met the Brethren from the surrounding Branches in Council they seemed to feel well and we had a good meeting after finishing our business we dissmised our Council met again with the saints at 2 oclock when a splendid Spirit prevailed. at 6 pm. we met for the third time this day. many

[page break]

strangers were present this evening and paid very good attention.

21 Monday walked to Dennis Bowe’s attended saints meeting there and walked back to Canton

22 Tuesday met with the saints in meeting at canton had good times with them.

23 wedensday walked about 6 miles to walnut tree Junction visiting some of the saints on the Road. took train from this place to Treforest about 6 miles met with the saints in this place and addressed them found them in good feeling.

24 thursday took train for Merthyr  where I arrived about

[page break]

 ten oclock.  met Bro J. S. Lewis here. Spent this day in preparing things for the Canton

25 friday Christmas was very Busy preparing for Tea party & concert untill 3 oclock p.m. when in company  with some of the elders I went down to the white Lino Room in this town and met with the Saints in the capacity of a Teaparty we spent a very pleasant afternoon. Bros Morris Lewis & Richards being present in the evening about 7.30 the Tea was Removed from the tables and things were prepared for a Concert, at 8 oclock the house was Crowded with people Saints & sinnirs mixed together

[page break]

and our Concert was opened by prayer we passed a very pleasant evening and every Body seemed highly pleased with thier evenings entertainment

26 Satturday Bros Morris & Lewis took train for Swan sea & Bro Richards & myself took train for Cromorantha to attend a councel arrived all Right.

27 Sunday met in council at 11 a.m. after transacting our Business we took dinner with sister woozley met with the Saints at 2 & 6 in the evening they seemed to feel well and we enjoyed ourselves very well.

28 Monday we took train

[page break]

to Aberdare to attend another Tea party & Concert every thing passed off very pleasantly and some of the best musicians in Wales had volanteered their cervices to us & we had one of the Best concerts that the Saints ever had, in this part of the Country.  the Gentiles who are aquainted with our holaday ammusements are would always prefer ours to their own, as we have more freedom & more of the spirit of the Lord with us,  than they though they will not own it.

29 Tuesday Returned to [page break] merthye where Bros Morris & Lewis were awaiting me.  took train for cardiff in the evening arrived there safly, and forthwith went to making preperation for a concert on Newyears evening arrangments having previously been made for one.

30 Wedensday Continued preperations for the Concert met with the Saints in the evening preached upon the duties of the Saints &c.

31 Thursday  spent the day in writing to the folks at home, &c.

January 1th 1869 Friday

[page break]

spent the Day in visiting the Saints untill evening when we met in the capacity of a concert at our Room in that town.  Bro morris & Lewis having come down we had a very nice evenings enjoyment.

2 Satterday  took train for Merthye in company with Bro Morris, Brother Lewis going in another direction we arrived in Merthye all Right, spent the Remainder of the Day in putting my accounts to Rights there.

3 Sunday met with the Brethren in this & the surrounding Branches in

[page break]

my monthly council had good spirit of instruction resting upon me this day.  our meetings at 2 & 6 p.m.  were filled up prety well with strangers, and the Spirit the Lord Rested upon his servants to preach the word

4 Monday  according previous agreement after doing some Business at Merthyr I took the Buss for Tregar to attend Bro Lw Richards’s Concert at Victoria arrived there safe and found Bros Lewis & Richards there head a very pleasant evening together.

5 Tuesday Spent a

[page break]

portion of this <day> in company with the Boys in the after noon walked to the Colley Branch, the distance of a bout 6 miles, found the Saints in this Branch in good health and spirits generaly speaking  held a meeting with them, and enjoyed a good spirit.

6 Wedensday  Returned to merthyr found Bro Morris there, in the evening he & I walked to dowlais held meeting there with the Saints, after which we walked Back to merthyr.

[page break]

7 Thursday  took train in company with Bro Morris for Aberdare to attend the funeral of Bro Evan Thomas one of our Elders who had died of liver complaint after Officiating in the funeral we took train for Merthyr again, attended a meeting in the Garth Room having given up the White Lion Room.

8 Friday  spent this day in Merthyr Busying myself with my acounts & in the evening I attended a Panorama in company with some of the Saints.

9 Satturday  Spent

[page break]

the day in writing & other Business. during this day Bro Lewis & Richards paid us a visit at the Confer house Merthyr and Spent the evening with us  Bro Richards Returned to Rynney the same evening  Bro Lewis Stayed with us.

10 Sunday  Took train in company with Bro Lewis for mountain ash to attend my monthly Council  we had left Bro morris Bhind at merthyr as he was too late getting ready to Catch the train.  we arrived in mountain ash in good time, went to the meet-

[page break]

ing room where we found a member of the brethren awaiting us we had not Been in long before, in walked bro Morris, who I suppose had taken another train & arrived in time for our council which commenced at 11 a.m.  when we had finished the Business of the Council Bro Morris gave some excelent instruction to the Brethren and, council was Brought to a close by singing & prayr at 12-30

at 2 p.m. we again met and enjoyed an excelant meeting Bro Lewis Lewis, one of the native Elders, & Bro T. L. Lewis Myself & Bro

[page break]

Morris, an excelent spirit prevailed and the Saints felt Blessed under the Councils and instructions which were Given them.  We also met at 6 p.m.  we again had an excelent meeting.  Bro Morris had taken the 10 past 4 Train for merthyr  Bro Lewis & myself stayed in Mountainash over night.

11 Monday Sepent the Saints day in visiting the Saints of Mountainash was not very well.  had a touch of the Bowel complain.  About 30 past 4 oclock Bro Lewis & myself took train for Manfabor arrived there all right [page break] found the Saints there in prety good Spirits, and when our meetings was opened, we had several strangers present with whom we had quite a conversation Both before & after meeting.  they were much pleased with our meeting. we stayed in this place over night.

12 Tuesday after Breakfast took train at 10-17a.m. for Mountainash arrived there all right & visited many of the Saints there, after spend some time there we walked to Cumbach and called at sister Gibbs & found [page break] her out we however took dinner there after which we walked to Aberamon where we back to Curnback <CapeCoch> and visited many of the Saints there & wrote a letter for Bro Perkins to his Children in the valley. after which we watked Back to Aberamon and after visiting some of the Saints and also some Gentiles who were thinking to be baptized. we met with Saints in the meeting Room at Half past 7 and Bro. Lewis Lewis John L. Lewis & myself addressed the  saints. there were two or 3 strangers present, who gave very good attention and seemed pleas [page break] ed with our meetings. after meeting we went to Bro Lewis Lewis’s house & took supper, after which we walked to Aberdare where we stayed over night.

13 Wedensday spent this day in visiting the Saints of aberdare in Company with Bro John Lewis untill evening when we met with the Saints in the Meeting house & had a splenditt meeting.  Bro Werret, Bro Lewis & myself addressing the Saints. after meeting Bro Lewis & myself went into the Temperance Hall to witness the Remainder of an entertainment

[page break]

ment given by Mr Anderson the wizard of the North who Recently visited Salt Lake after the performance was over we went to Sister Smiths where we found comfortable Lodgings.

14 Thursday after staying in aberdare a few hours we walked to mill street where we took dinner with sister Evans after which we went to Hirwam we visited the Saints in this place wrote some letter for Bro. flees, to his son in the valley. in the evening met with the Saints in this place after one or two of the native Elders had spoken Bro Lewis addressed them in English & Welsh [page break] he carried an excellent spirit in his Remarks. the saints were much edifyed and after he finished his remarks in welsh. I addressed the Saints & strange to say I preached almost the same Sermon in english that he did in welsh showing that we were led by the same spirit, as I did not understand scarcely a word he said, after meeting we took train for Merthyr where we arrived about 10:30 p.m. found the folks well. after we had been home some time Bro Morris came in.

15 Friday spent this day in posting my books and co- [page break]

16 Saturday Spent this day in writing at the confer House Merthyr. visiting the sick saints & c

17 Sunday took the 9 oclock train for Cardiff where I arrived about 10 oclock went to Bro Gardners and about 11 a.m. proceeded to the cardiff meeting House where I met the Cardiff Brethren & those of the surrounding Branches in Council a very excelent spirit prevailed. One Bro was ordained under my hands to the office of a priest the saints met at 2 oclock in the afternoon pertook of the sacrement after which we opened the meeting for the Saints [page break] to Bear testimony. we had a prety good spirit after they had Bourne testimony I addressed them. after meeting I went in company with one of the Brethren to see a young man in the infirmery who belonged to the church. at 6 oclock we again met in the Room when serveral Gentlemen were present who were not of our faith. I think they were opposed to us very much as it was a very difficult task to address them.

18 Monday spent the day visiting the Saints in Canton untill towards

[page break]

evening when I went into Cardiff after doing a little business there I returned to canton where the Saints soon met together and we had a prayer Meeting.  after many prayers had been offered up I addressed the Saints a short time.

19 Tuesday  walked to Denis Bervis & visited the Saints there. held meeting with them and addressed them after meeting walked back to Canton.

20 Wedensday visited the saints in Canton until afternoon when I went into Cardiff attended a meeting in the meeting Room

[page break]


21 Walked to Pendaylon in company with one of the local elders and visited the Saints there holding a meeting with them in the evening stayed there over night.

Friday 22

walked to treforest the distance of about 11 miles got lost on the way being a Stranger to the Road.  and after walking a great distance through forests and fields found myself finaly on the Highway which I had lost in trying to find the house of one of the Brothren when lived in that neigh-

[page break]

bourhood which I failed to find I continued to track another highway untill dark set in, and as it had Rained considerable in the fore part of the day I felt weary and faint and I sat down upon a stone on the Roadside and, who should come along but the Brother whose house I had been looking for, accompanied by several of the brethren who had gone from the Treforest to meet me there  I was glad to meet them as they relieved me from a heavy Carpet sack which I had carried all day  And I felt Refreshed to

[page break]

have my Brethren to talk to.  we arrived in treforest shortly afterwards, found the saints met together to meet me as I had previously made an appointment to meet them on this night and hold a meeting with them.  we had a good meeting, and I stayed there over night.

Satturday 23

spent the most of this day in visiting the Saints in this neighbourhood, took the evening train for Estrad, Cumeranthae where I arrived about half past 8 oclock p.m.  Slept at a Bro Powels house that night.

Sunday 24

I met with the Brethren of the Cumsibran Branch also those

[page break]

from the Treforest, in Council we also held meetings at 2 and 6 p.m. at which there were a few Strangers.  a good spirit prevailed  there was one young woman posessed with a devil in the afternoon meeting, wich we succeeded in casting out after taking her into a Room by herself and Laying hands on her.  I slept at the house of Bro Powel again this night

Monday 25

spent the fore part of the day in visiting the Saints from house to house and in the afternoon took train for Parth sta and from there to Nlanllechie where I met with 4 famlies of

[page break]

the Saints one englishman attended our meeting who listened very attentively stayed there over night.

26 Tuesday walked to Aberdare and took train from <there to> Merthyr.

Wedensday 27 spent the morning in studying in the afternoon took train for Aberdare to attend meetings there attended meeting and spoke to the saints Stayed there over night

Thursday 28

Walked to Montainash distance of four miles to meeting calling at several Saints houses on the way in consequence of it be-

[page break]

ing a very rainy evening not many of the saints were in attendance.  Spent the night in this place.

Friday 29

after visiting the Saints in the vacinity of Mountainash took train for Merthyr.

Satturday 30

Spent the day visiting studying & c in Merthyr

Sunday 31

Spent the day in Merthyr attended a Branch Council where the Spirit of the lord was poured out upon us abundantly.  at 2 and 6 p.m. we held meetings where we enjoyed ourselves well some Strangers were

[page break]

present who listened very attentively

Monday Feb 1

Spent this day in posting accounts of the confce writing & c

Tuesday 2 Spent the former part of this day in studying upon the principles of the gospel untill about two o clock p.m. when I walked to a small town about a mile out of Merthyr where I visited the saints untill meeting time when I met with them in meeting we had a Splendid meeting at which were made to Rejoice by

[page break]

the spirit of God, after meeting Returned to Merthyr

Wedensday 3

In the evening walked to Dowlais where I met with the saints in Meeting and addressed them.  after which I returned home to merthyr

Thursday 4

Stayed in merthyr writing & c untill evening when I visited the saints at the meeting Room Merthyr and had a good time with them.

 Friday 5

Spent the day in Merthyr reading and c untill evening when I attended [page break] a singing school which I had appointed Previously and we had a good time in learning to sing.

Satturday 6 also spent in writing studying visiting the saints & c untill evening when I attended another singing school,

<Sunday 7th Spent merthyr also the week following the day in> took train for Aberamon to attend the district council of Aberdare met in council at 11 a.m. held meetings at 2 and 6 p.m. when several strangers were present and the Lord blessed his servants with much power to speak upon the first <page break> principles of the gospel, we had a time of rejoiceing

Monday 9 15 Took train for Hanfabon visited the saints there held meeting with them and stayed over night with them.

Tuesday 16th

Walked to the Colley the distance of about 4 miles met with the saints then according to previous a pointments had a good meeting there and stayed over night,

Wedensday 11 7 walked accross the mountain to Merthyr and in the evening in company with Bro Morris I took train [page break] for Aberdare according to previous appointment met with the saints there and had good times, stayed there over night.

Thursday 18 walked to Mountainash 4 miles in company with Bro Morris and after visiting the saints through cap Cach arrived at Mountainash and met with the saints in meeting Chastised the Saints for a spirit of Backbiteing which they were cherishing Bro Morris also followed and spoke upon the evils arrising from mischief makers, stayed there over night.

Friday 19

[page break]

we walked to Hirwain calling at Aberdare, met with the Saints in hirwain and enjoyed a good spirit with them.  after meeting we took the 14 minutes past 9 train for Merthyr distance of 7 ½ miles, arrived in Merthyr safe,

Satturday 19  20

Spent the Day in merthyr in writing & c untill evening when I attended singing School,

Sunday 15  21

took Train for Cardiff where I met the Brethren from the surrounding Branches in council at 11 a.m.  had a good Council

[page break]

meeting and met again with the saints at 2 p.m. and also at 6 p.m. when some Strangers were present who gave very good attention.

Monday 22 16 I visited many of the saints in Canton and in the evening met with the Saints in the same place in Prayer meeting.

Tuesday 23  17  walked to Cogg where I visited some of the scattered Saints visited Bro William James and found his little child aflicted we administered to her when she immidiately seemed

[page break]

to revive, bro Wm James and myself walked to Denis Bowis where we met with the saints and held a meeting.  after which I wrote a letter for Bro Orleed to the valley, I then walked back to Canton about 6 miles,

Wedensday  24

visited many of the Saints in Cardiff, and in the evening met with the saints of that place and preached to them,

Thursday 25 spent the day in visiting the Saints untill evening when I [page break] met in singing-school with our quior,

Friday 26

Walked to the Osreig farm to see Bro Barry Wrides Father called at the houses of some of the Saints on the way.  found Mr Wride feeling rather poorly.  after taking Tea with him walked to wolnettree junction where I took the Train for Treforest, arrived at that place all right and had a very excelent meeting with the Saints, Stayed in the house of a gentile

[page break]

Lady and her Son & daughter,

Satturday 27

spent the day in visiting and comforting the saints in this branch untill evening when I took train for Swmsibran Branch, arrived in this place about 8 o clock found the saints enjoying their religion

Sunday 28

Met with the Saints in this place in council at 11 a.m. & at 2 & 6 p.m.  held meetings with them enjoying much of the good spirit during the day,

Monday 29 1st March

Walked to poudy Station

[page break]

Bro Morris acompanying me we visited some gentile aquaintancies in this place, and took Tea <with> Jenkin or Ton.  after, which we walked to Blanllechi about 4 miles through a drizling rain, arrived there about dark, wet to the skin the Saints of this came together and we held a meeting, some Strangers were present but they seemed utterly incapible of obeying or even understanding the principles, which we spoke upon we stayed over night with a Bro John

Tuesday 2nd  We walked to aberdare visited sister Thomas, also Bro & Sister Charles, took tea with the

[page break]

latter.  after which we took Train for Merthyr.  arrived there safely.  Spent this week in Merthyr and vacinity visiting and holding meetings with the Saints.  Until also Spent Sunday the 7 in Merthyr holding meetings & c.  Spent this week in Doulais, Merthyr Troederhiew, & Colley Branches Meeting with and exhorting the Saints by the foolishness of Preaching until Sunday the 14 when I took train for Aberdare met in Council with the Brethren from the Surrounding Branches at 11 a.m. in the meeting house

[page break ]

of this Town, held meetings also at 2 & 6 oclock pm  Bro Morris was with me here and we enjoyed a happy day together addressed the Meetings 3 times

[Transcribed by Pat Bishop, Nora Fowers, Julia Winfield, Barbara Manning, Nolan Ogzewala, Jean Robins, Becca Staker, Janean Hendrickson, Erin McAllister, Delma Saunders, Heather Hoyt, Brandan Hull, Pat Reynolds, Vincy Stringham, Brett Bolton, Kristen Birkeland, Sylvia Hill, Morris Pratt; May 2010]