Lines for Mrs. Marian R Pratt

                                                On the Death of her little child

A precious jewel has withdrawn

  A jewel richly dear

A royal gem from Earth has gone

  And left the casket here


A fondly cherished tender flower

  Most delicetely fair

Has gone to grace a holier bow’r

  And bloom in purer air


That lovely babe so sweet and fair

So sinless and so pure

Has gone where holy angels are

  Where happiness is sure


That child is not within the tomb

  It is not wrapt in sleep

Such loveliness Death’s icy gloom

  Holds not the power to keep


Dust unto Dust the Earth receives

  And treasures up its own

But yet that darling baby lives

  In Paradise she’s known


Her Noble spirit daigned to come

  But could not long remain

Ere she recalled to her high home

  Beyond the blest again


Great Salt Lake City  Dec 1853

 E R Snow 

Escquse this Martha as it is late and I cannot see very well to write at Night my eyes are weak

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[Transcribed by Verlie Brown and Erin McAllister; Dec. 2010]

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