Vallejo, Calif. Aug. 21st. 1919.

Dearest Mother:

Please forgive me for not writing sooner. I had so much work to do while I was at Mitta’s, that I just couldent write, then when I got home, everything was up set and I had to clean ,, <house>, from top to bottom then here came the elders and one stayed here for a week then, Emma came down and she just left a half hour ago, now I am alone thank goodness, so thought

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I would try to write if I havent forgotten how just think we are going to have a branch of the church here, there are 20 familys in Vallejo that belong to our church, so they are going to send the elders here, next place they send any too.  I am so worried over Lissie, I wonder how the dear girl is.  I do hope she will soon be all right.  My family is all right now but I have had an awful time with Ben, he has had Blood poison in one of his feet, but he is all over it now.  Sadie is still working down at Knotts, and is going to school too.  School opened last Monday and I sure am glad.

Mitta has a lovely baby and she is looking fine, I have an other confinment case for next month, one that I think will pay me pretty good, I don’t look for any thing from Mitta.  The weather has been so cold this summer that we havent any garden to speak of.  I am just longing to see you, hope you

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are well: do please write to me as soon as you can.

How is dear Olive, give her my love and tell her to write to me.  O say George Jensen is married again, I havent met his wife.  I sure hope she will be good to the dear kids.

I am sending you a book with some very pretty yokes in, and next time I write I will send you to or three patterns of lace, you may have them

Also, I have been sewing today and my head aches so bad I can hardly think.  I have a big ironing to do tomorrow.  there is sure no rest for the wicked.

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auntie dalhgreen is just back from her mother’s, I sure wish she would go away and stay  O I don’t like her.  I never see Mrs. Potts, but I heard she had been real sick.  Lullavin always sends her love to you she comes down often.

I guess I cant write any more my eyes arent very good guess I need new glasses.

I am sending you some pictures of me and the kids you can see how fat I am, and how bald

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Mom Darling I must bid you good night sweet dreams

Dad and the kids join me in sending love you all.  give my love to Heber and Lorana when you see them

As ever your loving daughter



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From 1H2 Illinois St.

Vallejo, Calif.


Mrs S. M. Pratt

Sherlin Hixon

Camp 10

                                                                                                                 c/o Olive Pratt.

Bend Oregon