Nauvoo June the 17 1842

Dear Brother Parly Pratt after my best respects to you by Request of Brother William Parr we wright you a few lines to let you no his situation at this time we was in New Orleans last march on Buisness for the Church wher we met with Brother Parr who in forme us of his situation we requir him to go to Nauvoo. which he did he is now in the Citty in good health and at work in a brickyard and will do well provided his family was heare[.] Brother Parr is a good faithfull Brother & worthy of the Confidence of the Church at home and a broad and if you or any of the Brethren can assist <help> his family to means to pay their passage to Nauvoo we will pledg hourselves that Brother Parr will pay the same as soon as he can yearn it[.]

Therefore hoping the saint in Angland will assist his familly in comeing Nauvoo we <leave> the subject by subcribing hour selves your Brothers and friend in the New and ever lasting Covenant

Lymon Wight
Jas Brown

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[Transcribed by Mauri Pratt and Suzanne Taysom; Oct. 2015]

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