Mary E Pratt Married Philemon Smith
Sept 1849 No Children

Cousin Orson, You must excuse me for not having written before, for it has been a very busy season with me,  I will endeavor to be more prompt in the future.  Write me and give me some of the news of your journey across the deep.

I have perused your works somewhat, but cannot accede to some of the principles there in inculcaled.  Do not be offended with me for I only speak plainly with <to> you.  I cannot but think that you are in error  Not a shadow of doubt ever came across my mind but that you were sincere in your belief, but you would do well perhaps to examine well, the subject, for your souls welfare is at stake upon it.

Your ideas of Pre existence I cannot gainsay but, is it not a fruitless speculation?  Polygamy, I consider to be impolitic if not unscriptural.

Write me at the earliest opportunity, and if ever you come within 10 miles of me & do not come and see me, I shall require an excellent excuse or else I shall feel very much disappointed:  “We are all well, I saw Father but a few days ago, he was well & doing well.

Yours truly,
Seth Pratt

To Orson Pratt Esq.

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Of, Allen Pratt (the Son of Obadiah Pratt) & his descendants
Allen Pratt       born     May 3, 1793
Married to Betsy Palmiter       Feb 29, 1812
who was born              Dec 16, 1795   Died July 18 1847

Children                                              Born                            Died
Obadiah Pratt 1st                    Aug. 1 1813                August 1813
Obadiah Pratt 2nd                    Dec 7 1815                  Resides in Lovell Kent Co <Mich>
Wm Harvey Pratt                    May 27 1821               Lowell Kent Mich.
Mary E Pratt                           Dec 8 1824                  Bedford Cugahogo O,
Allen D. Pratt                          Apl 28 1832                Now in California
Betsy A. L. Pratt                     March 15 1835            Bedford Ohio

Obadiah Pratt Married Harriet Pratt May 31 1839
Harriet Pratt born June 11 1818

Naomi Pratt                             Mar 11 1841
Mary Pratt                               Mar 17 1843
Elizabeth Pratt                        Sept. 16 1850

Seth Pratt Married Mary Ann Hollister June 14 1840
Mary Ann Hollister born Apl 29 1820

Wm Pratt                                 June 2 1841
Caroline Pratt                          March 29 1843
Cornelia Pratt                          May 15 1849

Wm Harvey Pratt Married Nancy Kellogg Jan. 23 1842
Nancy Kellogg born Sept. 24 1823
Children – Mary Frances Pratt            born Dec 25 1842 Died July 8 1848
Charlotte S. Pratt                    “ May 26 1844
Benjamin F. Pratt                    “ Apl. 12 1847
Ellen A Pratt                           “ Nov 16 1849
Wm Henry Pratt                      “ March 7 1853

[Transcribed by Portia Williams, Becca Staker, and Nora Fowers; Nov. 2010]

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