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Berlin Ottawa Co. Mich Jan. 1 1880
Orson Pratt Salt Lake City Utah

Dear Brother

I take the present opportunity to inform the Presidency of the Church of the condition of the mission in this County. Where my Self & Bro. Daniel Zundel have been Appointed to labor, I know that this Communication Should have been Addressed to Bro. Jos. F. Smith but as this Contains a record of Some importance I think to you & also the address of your Grand Niece Mrs Rhoda Ann Pratt Horton (Address Robinson Station Ottawa County Mich.) where you can get more information in regard to the family. & they would be pleased to hear from you, we have been kindly entertained three nights in her house & they obtained the School house & we

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preached to a very attentive audience & we were blessed with great power & Sowed the Seeds of truth at first the people in this County talked quite Strongly of mobing us out of the County, but we paid no attention to their threats but continued to Ask Our Heavenly Father to Direct us where those were who were honest in heart & he has blessed us with dreams & has led us by his Spirit and many are becoming interested & I firmly believe that a good work will be done in this & Suronding Counties we are enabled to hold about two public meetings per week & some times more & Some times less & are doing much fireside preaching. Also spreading many tracts through the County which causes many to ask questions we also use your works to good advantage.

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I wish you would inform me by return mail whether your pamphlets Entitled the Kingdom of God & Divine Authority or the question Was Jos. Smith Sent of God & Also the New Jerusalem are for Sale in Salt Lake City. When bound in book form they cannot be used to so great advantage. Will You Please Send me a copy of Joseph F. Smith’s vision? We travel without purse or script & are determined to make the mission with the help of the Lord a success. We have not been Sick one Day Since we came but we have realized the Saying of our Savior that the Birds have nests Etc. when we have been turned away from a dozen places where we have applied for shelter We always tell who we are & when

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turned away & abused we lift up our hearts & praise God that we are worthy to bear these things for the Gospel Sake. At first we could scarcely occupy an hours time but now it is as much as one of us can do to get through in an hour, but there is no use of my telling you how fast a man will learn in the School of the Holy Spirit nor how the Scripture is opened to our minds when we are humble & prayerful I Cannot be too greatful for the manner in which we have been led to find the honest few who are believing. That God may bless President Taylor & Council. Your Self & all others who are striving to establish Righteousness on the earth is the prayer of your Bro in the Gospel

Samuel B. Warner

(Sideways on top of page) Address Samuel B. Warner Berlin 1 Ottawa Co. Mich

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[Transcribed by Verlie Brown, Nora Fowers, Marlene Peine, and Doratha Young; Dec. 2010]

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