G.S.L. City, May 25 1853

My Dear Br. Orson,

I rec,d your Letter of March 10th, with great Joy. I will be compelled to pardon your former neglect for so many years, although it was strange indeed, and appears to me unnatural and unkind in a brother. As I could never obtain a line from you, or even an acknowledgement of the Receipt of any of my letters, I had ceased to correspond with you and as I had supposed forever unless, recommended by yourself.

How Great Then was my Joy on the Receipt of your kind Letter not only containing a renewal of your brotherly recognition and friendship, but also the good news of the Genealogy of our Fathers. Your wife Sarah is now well and the children she was here at my house on yesterday with the children.

The others are as usual. I am well, except worn down with hard work, I am building, farming, gardening, Preaching, studying language, Writing Theology, Spiritual Phiosophy and sermons, and letters. My family all are well, and still on the increase. Mary Ann has asked and obtained a divorce, and lives with her children in Utah valley. Phebe has a fine daughter 5 days old.

My garden is among the best. Pease in bloom, best beets six inches high. Onions do, Letuce and Redish fit fer use. Corn and potatoes hold out. Wheat on the farm a yard high and head formed, but not in sight. I have built with my own labours, with out capital or church assistance a substancial house, 1 ½ stories high, upon a good cellar. 26 feet square, which is now receiving a <roof> It is on the south lot near the old one which is torn down.

I have set the line between you and me with substancial posts of sedar, which I hope you will order hourded.

I have completed a volume of Theology which is now ready for the press. It is altogathe the choicest, and most perfect specimen, from my pen. I am nearly as well versed in Spanish as in English and ready to translate our works as soon as I have time.

I have not been ten miles from home except once since last October.

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The season is cold and backward. Rains abundant as in England. No dragation needed, nor like to be very soon. Wheat is fine. The old crop sent off to Carsen vally on wasted and many living without bread. Wheat 2 to 3 dol’ per bushel. famine just at hand, unless better management by wheat producers.

Temple and public works going a head, Presidency and council in good spirits, health and peace prevailing. Etc. Genealogycal Information as follows.

Christopher Pratt of Say   Brook, Connecticut was the father of Stephen, Obediah and Chalker, and may have had other children.

Stephens Wifes name was Zilpha. They had a son and two daughters, named Christopher, Mary, and Thankful. Perhaps they had other children. I can find out nothing of these children, only Mary was married to Benjamin Wasdworth, and emigrated westward.

Obediah, son of Christopher Pratt, of Say Brook, Conn, Oct 17th, 1742. <Born at Say Brook> Died March 2, 1797. in Canaan, ColumbiaCountyN, York. Occupation a farmer.

Jemima Tolls, his Wife, was born in New Haven, Conn, Aug. 11th 1754 – Died Nov, 24th 1812, in Washington, County of Dutchess, New York. – Their Children as follows:

1st Jared, born in Canaan, Columbia county N. York, Nov 24th 1769. Died in the autumn of 1839, near Detroit Mishigan. Was buried by his oldest son who then resided there. Jared was by occupation a farmer. His first wifes name was Mary Carpenter, Daughter of Samuel Carpenter of New Lebanon, Col, Co,. N. Y. She bore to him one daughter named Mary, (or Polly.) Wo was married to a man named brown. She bore one son named Jared Jerome. Supposed to be still living. Loosing her husband, she was afterward married to Samuel Bigalow, and is still living in New Lebanon Cal, Co. N. Y. – is insane.

Jareds second Wife was Charity Dickison, Daughter of Samuel Dickison, of Bolton, Warren Co. N. York. She bear him five sons. She died in St. Joseph Mo. The dates of her Birth, Marriage and death, I have not yet obtained.

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Barnabas, (Second Son of Obediah)  Born in Canaan, Col, Co. N. Y. March 4th 1771.  Died same place May 5th 1795.  His wife’s name was Phebe Bennett.  They had one son named Barnabas, who marr<i>ed mygrats West and reared a large family.

Samuel (3rd Son of Obediah) born same place Feb 4th Feb 2d, 1773, still living in Ohio.  His Wife’s name was Catherine Wilber.  Still living.  They have a large family.

Rhoda, (fourth, son <child> of Obediah,) born same place May 30th 1775, Married to Levi Bonney in Canaan,, present Residence.  Eaton, Madison Co. N. Y.  Rhoda died lately leaving a large family.

William (5th child of Obediah,) Born same place, May 2nd 1777, Died same place, in 1823.  Tyilpha Smith, his wife Still living with her son Alfred in same place.

His sons are Arnato, William, Peter, Alfred, and his daughters are Louinia Almirna Mary. Etc.

Sarah (6th Child of Obediah,) born same place, Sept, 3rd 1781.  Married to Gale Bigalow of New Lebanon, a farmer.  She is still living in the above place in the midst of numerous Children and grand children, her husband is dead.  Her two oldest Children are Ralph and Allen.

Obediah, (seventh Child of Obediah,) same place July 30th 1784.  Died Same place, Sept, 14th 1810.  Lidia Conant, his Wife bear him 2 children named Alanson and Belinda.  Alanson lives in Western N. Y. has a family.  Belinda was married to Renseler Clark.  They had 2 children named, Elizebeth, and Morehouse.  The husband dying, she married again.  Name not known. Has another child.

Lovina, (8th Child of Obediah,) same place Aug 6th 1787.  Married in Washington, Duchess Co. N. Y. Nov 2 1811 to Losee Van Cott, Son of John Vancott of same place.  Her husband died in Canaan, Col, Co, June 29 A. D. 1824

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Ira, (9th Child of Obediah Pratt and a twin sister named Ellis, born same place Oct 10th, 1789.  Ellin died at the age of 5 days.  Iras Wife was Jerusha Woodard.  They have several Daughters, but no sons.  His oldest Daughter Mary Ann Pratt was married about the year 1825 to Mr Collin Wells in Sodero Wayne Co. N. Y.  The present Residence both of Ira Pratt and Mr Wells.

Allen Pratt, (11th Child of Obediah,) born same place as the others May 3d 1793, Residence, State of Ohio, Large family, names not Known.  His wifes name was Elizebeth Parmerly.  He was a farmer by occupation.

Of Chalker Pratt, the brother of Stephen and Obediah, I can learn nothing but the name.

The Children of Jared are as follows.

Mary his first born.

Anson his oldest son, birth and death, Dates unknown as yet.  Died at St Joseph Mo, some 4 or 5 years ago. his children all Reside in Utah Territory, except the oldest whose name was Mary Ann, and who died a few years since on long Island.

The names of his living children are as follows: Sariah, Married to Mr. Dewitt Tiler, farmer in Utah has one Child a girl named Rhoda Ann Jane Elizebeth)


Jep Joseph.  ) not yet grown.  The Genealogy of my Br Anson and family I will communicate to you as soon as I can see Sariah.  She lives 17 miles north of me.

Orson Pratt                  Parley P. Pratt

Wm, O, Pratt (2d son of Jared) birth not Known, has a family.  Residence Kanesville, Jourery, farmer.

Parley P Pratt, (3d son of Jared) Born in Burlington,

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Osego County, N. York, April 12th, 1804.  Married to Miss Thankful Halsey Daughter of William and Thankful Halsey of Canaan, Columbia Co, N Y. on the 9th of Sept. 1827.

Miss Thankful Halsey, born in New Lebanon Col, Co, N York, March 18th 1797.  Died at Kirtland Geouga Co, Ohio March 25th 1837.  She was the Mother of one son named Parley Pratt, born same date a few hours previous to her death.  And now residing with his father in Salt Lake City, Utah Territory.

Parley P Pratt is by ocupation a farmer. But is extensively known to the Public as a Religious Minister, and Theological and Philosophical Writer .   His works are well known in America and Europe.  And he now occupies a Conspicuous place in public life, as a legent of the University of Deseret, and a member of the Senate of the Territory of Utah.  Residence Salt Lake City.  He is again married, and has other children, the names and genealogy of which will appear in due time.

Orson Pratt, (4th son of Jared) etc.

Nelson Pratt (5th son of Jared) Residence Ohio has a wife and children.  Genealogy not yet assertained.

I have forgotten to state in its proper place that Lovina Vancott 8th child of Obediah Pratt, had three children viz: John Vancott, Gemima, and Sarah Jo.  The two daughters are married and have children. Residence, Canaan, Col, Co N. Y.

Gemima Married to a Mr. Ambler, and Sarah to a Mr. Clark a Physician.
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Dear Bro. Orson the further genealogy of your family and Ansons, and such other information as I can obtain I will communicate as soon as I can ascertain the same. I must now return to Meeting (Sunday May 29th 2 P.M.)

Monday Morning, May 30th, The whole of Last evening, The rain poured down in torrents, accompanied with some thunder, but without wind or tempest.

The Ground which was abundantly moist before, must now be thoughaly wet a foot in debth.  All prospect of the necesity of Irigation for the Early crops is at an end. Early Wheat is now shooting upwards, and forming a head, and will probably make Bread in six weeks. This is important to me, because We have no bread, or other food except that which we earn by days works or obtain by the prayer of faith, and with diligent seeking and anxiety continually. I could buy a little, if I had the means but I have not. If I had some cows, Milk Butter, Cheese, etc. would be a principle source of dining. But I have never been able to possess in these vallies sufficient of cows to do us much service. We now own 3 cows. I have thought sometimes That while my brother had abundant opportunity to purchase young Stock and have them driven here and was very careful to pay a tenth of them for Tithing, if he should happen to remember a brother who has toiled till nearly worn out, and lend him half a dozen cows it would not be a miss and could probably be paid in two or three years. But, however, I presume that Brother has enough to do to attend to his own necessities. Your Wife Sarah has been very sick, and I presume it has appeared to her that we have neglected her, but she does not realize that the Mother of my little children have to leave them, and go out at days works, take in washing, or leave their house to camp out in the distance to cultivate the earth for food, to pick greens, and save the milk of two or three cows to keep the family from actual hunger. Yet such, My dear brother is the truth. And therefore we have not been able to render that attention to your family in their sickness, which we could desire to do.

As to myself I toil early and late, six days in a week, and on the seventh, I go to meeting 3 times, and fill up the intersties by writing letters, and other necessary writing reading, conversing etc. So that I hardly have time to speak to my family.

I do not complain of my lot, I am willing to labour with my might. But I tell you the simple truth because you are my brother. How long before providence will release me from temporal toils and necessities I know not. But I think it will not be many years if my constitution fails as far as it has done of late. I am weary all the day long, and must find time to rest, without the neglect of those things which seem to be absolutely necessary.

But enough of this. I do not wish to burthen you with the details of my own burthens. but I wish your prayers for me, that I may either be strengthened in body and in mind to bear my burthens, or that the Lord will through means in my way to employment to do my work, and to pay my ways and improve my condition.

I have read the fifth and sixth Nos. of the “seer” and expect the others soon, as the principle Mails are yet behind. I am pleased with your labours, and so is the Lord and the Presidency. Be humble and keep the spirit of the Lord and all will be right.

May God bless you forever and Ever.

I must now close,

As the duties of the day are crowding upon me.

I Remain your Brother

[Transcribed by Nora Fowers, Marlene Peine, Erin McAllister, Verlie Brown, and Pat Bishop; Nov. 2010]

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