G. S. L. City Jan, 30, ,54

Dear Br. Orson,

I have Recd <a> letter from you every mail, for which I truely feel thankful, I rote to you last mail by the plains, but whether it will reach you is doubtful. 

I send this by S. Barnideno.  Your family are all well as far as I Know.  I am well, and so are my family.  The Lord has given me another wife.  Mrs. Kesiah Downes, of Manchester, formerly Mrs Hill. –  The ordinance took place between Christmas and New Year. – Dr. Richard is supposed to be dying.  He is very low indeed and has suffered much for a week or two.  The residue of the presidency and Apostiles are engoying tolerable health.  The weather here was like may till near Jan, when it became very cold, and the slaying is now excellent though the weather is now mild.  For some days the thermometer was as low as 19 below zero.

I have been very buisy in the Legeslature, in the Regency of the University, and in the Spanish school.  We are about Commencing To administer the holy ordinances of Endowment which will Keep me busy 2 days in a week

The spirit of the Lord is upon the people here, our schools, meetings and family and social circles for worship are very interesting. The young people, and even The Little Boys and Girls are engaged in speaking and praying in the metings and in the family. circles.  Great things are at hand, for all nations:  China is nearly Revelutionized and have adapted the bible and Jesus Christ, instead of their old Religions. – in short the work of God has commenced among all nations in preparing the way: etc.

We have invented a new alfabet, for the English Language.

Thus: – e  a  ah au o oo                        p  b  t  d  f  v  th  th  j  z 

Half sounds   

In all 38 caracters with these we spell by sound:  Thus:    eight.  cow.  pine.    fine.  pin.     pen.    men.

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pane.     mane. slain.                God   life  wife  knife             mens  hats

hope.    hop.    Parley Pratt.     Orson     William     Bill

Seth.     hath     beet.     meet.     gone.   Jones.     gumption.     geese.    

owl.    The.     Those.     Compleet.     Spitle     Kitle.     wide     window.    year.

you.    Boot.   fool     full.     Bull.     cause.     mouse.     house.     louse.

Phthisic.     attention     The whale.     how are you.     Sing.

will you sing a song to night.

Yes sir if I can.

how many can you count?   They must come soon.

Dear Brother Orson could you have believed it?


in writing with this new alphabet one lettr frequently joins, or is blended with another: thus: __ is __. __ is __. __ is __ __ is __. __ is __ __ is __   __ is __. __ is __   __ is __ __ __ __ is __.

handle.    Spindle  table  Table  marble  hobble Banel

Men   Barrel   men   pen   hen   flea   plea  flus  fled

This alfabet will write Spanish, hebrew hebrew, greek; and, with the addition of a few more letters, all the Languages of the Earth.  We shall put it out as a Standard as soon as we get the type. 

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Dear Br.  I have no particular news of interest.  Please write often, and may God bless you for ever and ever.   Amen.

I remain your Br in the everlasting care,         P. P. Pratt

Orson Pratt:

[Transcribed by  Nora Fowers and Marlene Peine; Nov. 2010]

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