P. P. Pratt
New York
Jan 2 /57

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Recd Jan 15

New York, U. S. Jan, 2d <1857>

Dear Br. Orson,

I received your Kind letter, on the 30th Dec, 1856. I was truely glad to hear from you & of your wellfare.  I was glad to hear of your ferther progress in our genealogy in connection with our Kindred.

I am well, I spent about a month in St. Louis.  I then came on to Cincinnati & stayed 4 days Drawing full houses.  I Arrived in Phil<adelphia> the day before Christmas.  Was present next day at a Grand party in that city in Washington Hall.  It was a fine time, Sunday last I preached there twice to a full house.

I arrived here on wennesday last, Joined Bro Pres <Jo> Taylor, & Smith as well as usual.

Yesterday I attended a party here in the Saints Hall.  It was an interesting affair, some 400 persons being present.  We were entertained with songs, prayers, preaching, praying, recitations, eating drinking, etc, etc.

In the midst of our evenings enjoyments the news arrived of the arrival of The “Columbia”

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with a Ship load of Saints from England today we accompanied Br. <other> Tayler to see them.  All well, But a rough passage, no deaths.  The weather is mild here & the winter so far very fine.

I have not yet seen the Pratt Family of which you Speak but I think I will visit them in a day or two.

You ask how long I will stay in the states.  I answer till Springs.  I will then go home if God will, if I have to go with a hand cart.  This country is no place for me, the darkness is so thick I can litterally feel it.

I cannot obtain help the least assistance here for my family, a tight match to obtain traveling expenses.

I have heard nothing from home since Oct. 1st.  But I hope to hear soon.

I congratulate you on the marriage of your first born, & hope you will soon become a Grand Father.

Now Dear Br <other> Orson be of good courage, our pilgrimage will soon be over & our 

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personal history in this world will notarally come to the word:Finis.

As to my history I have it now completed from my birth up to, today.  It will contain much more reading than the Book of Mormon.  I would publish it in part or in full if Gold was plentiful.  But there is no prospect whatever, in a pecuniary Line.  Only I stay from day to day & so do my family.  But to pay debt my debt or improve our circumstances is entirely out of the question.

I have wrote <written> to Nelson <Pratt>, & received an answer; he is well.  I am going there soon, if all is well.

I aim to start from St. Louis for home just as early in the spring as the weather will permit.

Farewell, God Bless you,


I am your own brother

P. P. Pratt

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[Transcribed by  Nora Fowers and Marlene Peine; Nov. 2010]

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