March 27 1853

North Norwich  Huron Co Ohio

Dear Brother Orson it is with pleasure that I set down to address a few lines to you.  I received your kind letter yesterday and it caused a thrill of joy through my soul even to know that I have a Brother in the United States.  I acknowledge I have aut to have written before but I have not written a letter before in ten years and it comes very awkward for me to write and I feel that I cannot write one thousandth part of what I have to say to you.  I was in hopes that you come here this spring and make a long visit.  I have not received a letter from any of my Brothers for many years and heard nothing from any of them only flying reports through the papers on which I could not rely  —  Now dear Brother as traveling is to be a part of your business can you not come this way and see us  I feel it wood be a great blessing to see you and refresh our minds with the scenes of our childhood  O how pleasant it would be to live where we could take sweet councel together where when sickness and death visits our abode we could enjoy the kind presence of a Brother

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your letter gave me much information of which I was ignorant  I had not heard of the death of mother nor Anson but did not expect that mother was living  it was about five years after father died before I herd of it so you see it is but little that I know of our family  I have received and read with interest the seer althoug its doctrines are new and novel to me I feel very thankful to you for sending it  I supose you would like to know something about what kind of a man I am  what kind of a caricter I sustain  it is a harde matter for a man to discribe himself but I will try to tell you something about it  Farming is my occupation I have but little to do with world  drink nothing stronger than tea and coffe  I have a kind companion and find the greatest sorce of enjoyment at home in the society of my family  my farm consists of 65 acres within about ¾ of a mile from the Sandukey and Mansfield Rail Road Havana is the station where you must stop when you come here [page break]

I will send you the record of my family

Nelson Pratt born Hurtford, Conn  May 26, 1815  Tinette Delano born Jun 10, 1818  Edwin Pratt born Feb 25, 1836  Azubah Spalding born Sep 24, 1820  Hellen Pratt born Sep 5 1842  Aurilla Pratt born May 21, 1844Marietta Ensign born June 7, 1824  Nelson Pratt married to Tinette Delano Dec 26, 1836  Nelson Pratt Married to Azubah Spalding Dec 18, 1841  Nelson Pratt Married to Marrietta Ensign Nov 18, 1849

Deaths Tinette Pratt died Sep 5 1839

Azubah Pratt died Dec 30 1847

I see that I must soon close this letter  please write as soon as you get this; and tell me the object of publishing this genealogy and all the particulars of Ansons, Parleys, and Williams families their health number of children and every thing you think will be interesting to us

Marietta and the children all send their love to you  I must now bid you adieu for the present

Nelson Pratt

To Orson Pratt

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[Transcribed by  Shannon Devenport and Erin McAllister; Oct. 2010]

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