Norwich Feb 13th 1854

Dear Brother Orson  I sit down to informe you by the pen that we are all well at present.  I received your letter of the 20 and was glad to here from you but was sorry you could not come and visit us imediately.  I thank you for being so inquisitive as you are pleased to call it    The mistake with regard to Edwin were in entering our marrige wrong in the family record.  Edwin will be 17 years old the 25 of Feb 1854  we were married 1 year and from Dec. 26 to Feb. 25 before he was borne our marriage should have been enterd 35 insted of 36.  The mistake I never saw before Orson was born July 22 – 53 Died August 27 – 53   Finetta and Azubah were born Albany Orleans Co Vermont  Parents names Frederick and Pamilla Delano.  Simeon and Betsey Spalding   Finetta  died  Norwich Huron Co Ohio  Azubah died Perue Huron Co Ohio  Marietta Ensign born in Lester  Livingstone Co New York

Parents names Lay and Myranda Ensign

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marriage to Finetta in Norwalk Huron Co Ohio married to Azubah in Norwich Huron Co Ohio  married to Marietta in Sherman Huron Co Ohio.  I have given the information you wished I believe though very much mixed up I have written more marriges I believe than you can though I should be glad to see your family record  could I see you we should have a great deal to talk about of things past, present and to come.

I supose you would like to know my views upon Religious subjects and the doctrains you holde but I can say so little with the pen that I shall hardly be able to inform you I was a member of the Freewill Baptist church for severil years and do not know but my name remains yet but I left them because I do not believe in saying preayrs year after year without being answerd consequently have been rether sceptticle upon bible doctrains scince and know for my opinion of the doctrain you advocate I believe you have the Bible pattern plurality sistem and all but whether you have the spirit and power they had or not I do not know

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but I have written enough upon these points  should be glad to see you and talk a long time upon all these points and many more   I have had an offer to sell my farm at 25 dollars per acer 12 hundred dollars down and the remainder in 2 years 1000 dollars in gold but I ask 30 dollars per acer and do not know that I shall sell at present I must come to a close as it is getting late pleas to write very often the family all send their respects to you.

from your affectionate Brother

Nelson Pratt

PS pleas to direct all your communications to:  Havanna Huron Co Ohio its being about one mile nearer and at the Railroad Station where the mail comes every day

Nelson Pratt

[Transcribed by Verlie Brown, Nora Fowers, Vincy Stringham, Doratha Young; Nov. 2010]

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