Livonia Center Oct 24th 1853

Dear Cousin,

I Recd your letter dated Oct 16th this evening & hasten to answer it (as far as I can) with out Delay I Shall not be able to answer all that you ask me with out writing to some of my friends.  I can give you the Date of my Fathers & Mothers Births & Deaths & also of mine & family   My Parents Marriage I have no Record of though I think my Mother has told me that She had been Married about one year when I was born but I think I can asertain the Exact Date by writing to some of my connection in Columbia Co.  My Father was born July 3rd 1784 & Mother was born May 16th 1786.  They were married in the town of Canaan Columbia Co.  Her Maiden name was Lydia Conant.  I was born July 23rd 1805 <in the town of Canaan Columbia Co NY> (My name is Lonson. C. Pratt) My Sister Malinda. M. Pratt was born March 2nd 1807 in the same town & County that I was as to her Marriage & Births of her children I can not give you the Date with out writing to her (which I will do imediately & let you know) her address now ID is Malinda M Mickle Canaan Columbia Co. NY, perhaps you had better write to her & I think She would be able to give you Some information of Cousin Barnabas.  I don’t know any thing about him.

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My Father Died in the Town of Tenton Omida Co NY Sept 17th 1810.  Mother Died in the town of Chatham Columbia Co. NY Jan 29th 1842.  I was Married to Catharine Jones the 2nd of January 1826, in the town of Brownville Jefferson Co NYAngeline L Pratt our oldest was born Nov 16th 1832

Cordelia C. Pratt was born April 15th 1835.

Malinda M. Pratt was born August 28th 1837.

William Henry H. Pratt was born August 12th 1840

Vanranselar. C. Pratt was born March 29th 1843

These are the names of our Children & the Dates of their births they were all born in Brownville Jeff Co.  You Speak of Mr McCumber of Lorane.  I have seen a man by that name in that town.  I think it must be the family you alude to if so their Post Office would be Lorane Huddle Jeff Co. NY.  I was some what to a stand, where to direct this letter for yours was dated at Washington Citty & Mailed at Baltimore I have formerly lived in Jefferson County but I now live in Livingston Co I have been here nearly 2 years helping build a RRoad & if you Receive this pleas answer soon & give me your history more partickular I Should be verry happy to corrispond with you

Adress Col L. C. Pratt Livonia Center Livingston County N Y

Your affectionate Cousin L.C. Pratt

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[Transcribed by Verlie Brown and Marlene Peine; Nov. 2010]

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