[Enc. O Pratt to B Young, Aug 5 1857]


56 Welcombe   Street, Hulme
Manchester, August 1st /57.

President O. Pratt

Beloved Bro

Your note of yesterday was this morning received, and in reply would beg to say, that, ‘Mary Wood’ and ‘Margaret Jones’ were both companions in Manchester & being intimate with your brother Parley he aided to effect their deliverance—the former he married, and the latter was married to Flavell Guttery with whom (we understand) she is still living in Utah.

They were married some where in Manchester and Margaret tarried in England some years after Mary Wood’s departure, expecting her Aunt [page break] to die—in case of which, she and her two brothers would become heirs to the property.  Her aunt is now dead and it appears her bretheren—one of whom is now in London, the other’s residence we have not learned—cannot draw without her.

The affair was made known to us through Mrs. Walker – to whom Mr Jones (one of her brothers) wife’s sister applied for information with respect to Margt Guttery as she worked for or under Mr Walker some years while in this country and thus became familiar with them.

The said Margaret Guttery emigrated during the time of Bro. Franklin’s presidency some two or three years ago.  It is understood by some that the business was legally transfered to Franklin D. Richards, but we have no positive testimony, as I have from another source just heard that she [page break]

stated after her return from Liverpool that she did not make any arrangements with Franklin.

The Aunt decreed that a certain orphan child should receive from each of the heirs £800 and it is said the property in total left is £ 8000 each and the above decree would reduce it to £ 7,200. The evidence to us is unsatisfactory as to whether there are two brothers or only one brother—but I have reference to other individuals to whom I will apply for further information but thinking it would be well to write at once for particulars to Margaret herself as to the place and time of her Marriage and all other items necessary to claim property.

I forward this information for your consideration and shall only be happy to impart any other [page break] information I may in future obtain & believe me.

Yours truly

(Signed) James Bunting

Aug 1st, 1857

James Bunting to Orson Pratt enclosing a note showing that money was left to Margaret Guthrie.  Believe me.

[Transcribed by Shannon Devenport, Julia Winfield, and Pat Bishop; Mar. 2010]

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