Columbia April 1854

Dear and respected relative

I have not been prepared to answer your very kind and acceptable letter inconsequence of the tardiness of correspondents:  but am happy to state, that I have now the records of my father’s children and some of his grand children which I will forward to you.

I thank you for sending me the Seer which I have read with some interest as it is the first I have ever seen of the belief of the Latter day Saints; and which sets forth your sentiments.  I also send you one of the papers that we subscribe to, which will disclose to you the sentiments of our denomination (called Free communion Baptists)  31 years ago, I humbly hope and trust the Lord revealed himself to me by the pardon of my sins and making me happy in his love, and since that time I have believed that the good Lord reveals himself to the hearts and consciences <of the children> of men.  Altho I am sorry to state that my mind has at times been shrouded in darkness, I suppose inconsequence of disobedience to the divine will of Heaven.

As I have never seen or read the Book of Mormon, or ever heard much said about it.  I am not to judge of its authenticity: but it seems to be enveloped in mystery or something that I do not understand , “But now we see through a glass darkly”.  But as the Pratts that I have known, have ever been noted for their honesty of sentiment, I am induced to believe you are perfectly sincere.  And now dear friend I would ask a particular favor.  I wish you to write to us when you have leisure.  We would also esteem it a great favor to hear from you, when you are in Utah; and to know of the country, and its prospects.  It was with some diffidence that I

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I resumed my pen knowing your dignity: but as the wise and the Great are ever ready to overlook imperfections in the weak or aged I ventured to procede relying on your goodness to pardon my defects

The Seer as far as we can judge is an able and well written work  the Piece on truthfulness or lying we consider worth writing with “letters of gold in pictures of silver” and with many other subjects we were much delighted.  And would again thank you for the pains you have taken in sending them to us.

My husband also joins with me in wishing you God speed knowing that if the work be of <the> Lord it will prevail other wise it must come to naught

We think Utah, must be a happy section, if it should be inhabited by none, but the pious; But would they not be as likely to have wicked children as our pilgrim Fathers; and the land again be corrupted by sin?

I am really sorry that there are such diversity of opinions in our world relative to the mind and will of God.  My husband has a brother, who is a firm believer in the seventh day advent doctrine, and is much grieved because we cannot think with them, that time will end next month: altho they have set several previous times.  I told him I feared that there were some lights in the world which to follow would be like that of a jack lantern, the farther we pursued them the farther we would be from the right way, and the more surrounded by darkness, and with the greater difficulty retrace our steps, to the true light “which liteth every man that cometh into the world,” why is it so that many who appear to be equally sincere and bear every mark of the deepest piety, and yet entertain so many different views with regard to Revelation – Please to present my regard to your family, a line from

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them would also be rec’d with pleasure; in since we have thus (I had almost said) miraculously become acquainted, I hope our friendship may be lasting on earth, and be perfected in Eternity.

I believe there is something in the organization of the Pratt family that attaches them to each other: for all I have ever known appear to think much of Relatives.  Should you or any of your family ever visit this part of the country We would like to receive a visit from you.

With wishing you a pleasant journey to your place of destination and that you may continue to be a bright and shining light in the world and that you may at last receive a crown at the right hand of God is the wish of your unworthy R tho affectionate

Asenath Gorsline

Ps Please to accept the enclosed as a token of our esteem.
It will help you a little in paying Postage

J. G.  A. G.

would have sent more but was not certain that you would receive it

Please write soon as you receive this

Addresses. – James N. Dewitt, Alfred, Alegany Co N.Y.
Truman Dewitt, Utica, N.Y.
Susan Asenath & Cyntha McUmber, Orleans, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

my son John Joel Died Sept 14th. 1832 on the same day of his brother Geylord of putrid Diareah

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[Transcribed by Verlie Brown and Brandan Hull; Nov. 2010]

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