Canaan Sept 25th 1853
Cousin Orson

I have obtained the Reckards of Aunt Sally Bigalows family and of All of my Brother & Sisters

Obediah Pratt Born 1737 Aged Aged fifty three
Gemima Tolls> Born 1752 Aged 60 Sixty
Gale Bigalow married to Sarah Pratt Dec 31st 1798
Births                                                              Deaths
Gale Bigalow Nov 29th 1766                                      Joseph G July 22nd 1842
Sally Pratt Sept 3d 1781                                  Gale Bigalow Oct 10th 1843 (76 yrs)
Ralph Aug 27th 1800                                                   Sarah Aug 16th 1843
Thomas A Dec 18th 1802                                            Ester Nov 22nd 1852
Rachel June 26th 1805                                     I took these dates from Aunt
Charlott June 18th 1808                                               Sallys records Obediah G Bigalow
Elizabeth M June 5th 1810                                          is what we call Griswald
Obediah G May 28th 1812
Lovinia May 12th 1814
Sarah July 27th 1816
Joseph Jan 14th 1819
Ester Nov 28th 1820
Joseph. G. the 2nd July 31st 1823

i have seen Cousin Melinda.  She has no Record of her family.  She says Conson has got the old Reckard of his father and his own family he lives in Jefferson County Brownvill Ny Conson C Pratt

Wm Pratt Born May 21st 1777 Died Feb 7th 1823
Zilpha Smith Born Feb 13th 1779
Wm Pratt Junior Born June 8th 1802
Weighty Palmer wife of Wm Born Dec 3d 1803
Wm Henry Pratt Son of Wm Born January 21st 1824

Wm Pratt was married to Waty Palmer Feb 13th 1823
Wm H Pratt Died July 30th 1841.  Weighty Pratt Died Sept 7th 1846

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Peters Reckard

Peter S Pratt Born Aug 12th 1808
Barbara Carr Born Dec 9th 1812
Married June 27th 1832
Susan M Pratt Born Born May 12th 1834
William Pratt Born Feb 13th 1836
John Lewis Pratt Born Nov 24th 1843

Wm Hulls Reckard

Wm Hull was Born Jan 30th 1797
Mary H Pratt Born July 12th 1805
Wm Hull married to Mary Pratt Nov 4th 1827
George N Hull Born Sept 8th 1828
Cyrus E Hull Born Oct 28th 1830
Ann M Nov 25th 1834
Latham P Born Oct 28 1836
Smith W Born Oct 30 1838
Martha Born Oct 30, 1848

Ann Mary May 31st 1835
George N Hull Married to Elizabeth A
Patrick April 12th 1853

John S Carrs Reckard
I Don’t know when they were married
John S Carr Born June 14th 1810
Hannah C Pratt March 15th 1814
Harriet E Carr Sept 27th 1835
Lewis E Carr May 5th 1838
John M Carr Oct 25th 1840
Wm S Carr July 31st 1847

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Reckard of Chaney Palmer


Chaney Palmer to Lovina Pratt Sept 4th 1826

Margett Palmer to Robert Stanley Aug 27th 1842

Sidney A Palmer to Elizabeth Smith May 17th 1853


Zilpha A Died July the 16th 1840

John M Died July 17th 1840


Lovina Pratt was Born April 26th 1804

Chancy Palmer Born July 26th 1799

Margett Palmer was Born Jan 23rd 1827

Sidney A Palmer Born Aug 6th 1830

John M Palmer Born April 31rd 1836

Zilpha Ann Palmer Sept 6th 1838

Sister Almmima Married Titus Huested I cant Give you a Reckard of her family at present

i Should like to have a letter from you i have not heard from you Since you left for England i have recd no papers from John lately i Recd your Works all Strait

i Should like to have you Continue Sending the Seer i will See you paid i have wrote to John Van Cott that his Sister has Gone to Iowa   Clark has Sold his farm where or What part i havent learnt  if you write to John Mention that Clark has Sold his farm & Gone to Iowa Sarahs helth was better when She left

Yours S C                   Alfred A Pratt

To Orson Pratt            Washington D C

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Arnold Pratt was born March the 25 AD 1800
Harriet S Wentworth was born June the 27. AD. 1804.
Francis A Pratt was born August the 1t. AD. 1825
Caroline R Pratt was born August the 8th, AD. 1827.
Thomas B Pratt was born September the 2nd, AD. 183 1830
William. Wait. Husband of Caroline Pratt was born May the 27th AD. 1823

Arnold Pratt was married to Harriet S. Wentworth December the 1t 1824
William Wait was married to Caroline R Pratt May the. 3d. AD 1849


Francis A. Pratt died August the 7th 1849 Aged 24
Thomas R Pratt died June the 22 AD 1851 Aged 19

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[Transcribed by  Verlie Brown, Heather Hoyt, Marlene Peine, Becca Staker; Nov. 2010]

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