Canaan March 27th 1853.

Cousin Orson  I Recd a letter from you last week stating that you wanted I Should let you know what i could learn Conserning the Decendants of Obediah Pratt I have bin to See Aunt Sarah Bigalow Could not Gain much information from her.  She received a letter from you.  She said you informed her more in Relation to our kindred than she ever knew before she Dont know where her brothers and sisters are or there Desendants i have rote to Arnold & Peter.  Arnold is in Wisconsin Ladi Columbia Co Peter is in Illi Dekalle Co New Lebanon  Wm Pratt lives at East Chatham near me i have five sisters and three Brothers Their the names are Lovina married Chancy Palmer, Mary married William Hull Almima married Titus Hulsted Slina married Spencer Carr Sally married Joseph Allen.  Our Grandfather Obadiah our Grandfather married Jemima Tolls.  Mother says she Recollects Stephen Pratt she says he where he lives.  She don’t know she says he came from the East to visit her the winter after she was married father had Six brothers passed and 3 Sisters jared, Barney, Rody, Samuel William Obediah, Ira, Allen, Girls Rhoda, Sally, Lovina.  Barna married F Phebe Bennet had one son his name is Barney he was here last winter a year ago he lives in <town of> Lislei Gulfs in Broom Co he has I think he said 13 Children Samuel married Cathirene Willber they moved to Ohio i cant tell you where they now are.  Obediah married Lydia Conet moved to Herkimer Co & Died there left two children Lonson & Malinda.  Malinda lives near here.  I can learn where her Brother lives after seeing her ira married jrusia Woodard lives in Mishigan where i Dont know Allen married Betsy Parmerter went to Ohio where i Dont know

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Roda Married Levi Bonney moved to Hamilton Co Madison Co  She Died four years ago left a large family of Children what all of their names are i Dont know i have seen Galutia & two of the Girls you know Aunt Bigalows family  My mothers name was Zilpha Smith

Brother Peter Rote to me this winter that he had bin on a visit to Obediah Pratts i have rote to him to know which of our Uncles Sons he is i think he is Samuels son  Your Sister Polly is Dead Died four years ago this winter the 2nd of january i can  obtain a Reckard of the whole of my fathers family & his birth age & Death Our Grandfather & Grand Mother were B Died in the Town of new lebanon i am going to look in the Berring round if they have a toom stone i can learn by that their age & Death

Mother says that when she was young Colern Pratt of Spencer town Chanced Relation to us he has bin Dead many years he was an old man when she was young there is one of his Desendants left that lives in Spencertown <by the name> Ezariah Pratt perhaps i may gain sumthing from him

I have received 7 numbers of the seer & have read them very Clostly  Sary Clark Johns Sister has bin Deranged by Reading your papers & by what John Van Cott unraveled to her the Reason was she believed in the Sistrin & her husband upposed her & Burnt up the papers that you & john sent

i have three Children 1 by my first wife & two by my last  Mother is quite well

Write to me when ever you can Alfred A. Pratt.  (to Orson Pratt)  I have inclosed five Dollars for your benefit in this letter

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[Transcribed by Brandan Hull and Verlie Brown; Nov. 2010]

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