Wyocena 8th May 1850

My dear Sister

When we look and take a view of the past we may say what a changing scene this is what changes have taken place even in our family we have had a very heavy bereavement your Brother John after three months affliction departed this life on the 8th of April last year on Easter Sunday Morning at 3 O’clock his Death was triumphant he had a very large Absess on one of his lings you may judge how we feel his loss. Especially poor Mother he is very much lamented among his Friends we must say that Our loss is his gain and if we are only faithfull we shall never Now parting any more.  Mother and Sister Elizabeth or MrsBainbridge Newstead there expression as well as mine is I wish we knew where to write to Mary as we have not heard from her since before Elizabeth was married how anxious we all are to hear from you I would say that Brother John was to have been married the same month in which he died we are living in Wisconsin State America if you have any way of sending a letter to St Louis you might direct it to the late Elizabeth Dewsnup or Mrs Norris-s your Brother Samuel is still in Manchester if you will be so kind as to forward us a few lines it will greatly releave our minds to know that your still in the land of the living say in your letter where we are to write to and the name of your dear Husband and how you are situated your prospects and all particulars relating to your situation in life and when you have answered this I will send you more particulars.  I Remain Your affectionate Brother James Wood, Wyocena, Columbia County, State of Wisconsin,  <United States,> North America.  Mrs. Norris lives at St Louis.

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Letter from bro Joseph

[Transcribed by Suzanne Taysom, Feb. 14]

Letter to Mary Wood Pratt from Brother James Wood, May 8, 1850, personal letter. “Mary Wood Pratt Collection”, MS 25036, file 1, p. 3-4 (https://dcms.lds.org/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=IE2207536&usedforsort=MS_25036_f0001); retrieved January 2014.

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