Washington D. C.
Oct 13th 1853

Dear Bro. Young:

I send you a bill of the books, pamphlets, and periodicals which I have sent by your order to Mr. John L. Libley, Assistant Librarian at Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

Book of Mormon, roan                                            $ 1,00
Book of Doc. & Cov., roan                                            .95
Hymn Book, roan                                                          .50
Vol. 6th Times & Seasons, half calf                          2,00
Pratt’s Works, half calf                                               1,50
Vol. 11th Millennial Star, half calf                            2,00
Vol. 13th Millennial Star, 24 Nos , unbound            1,50
Vol. 14th Millennial Star, 37 Nos , unbound             1,50
Supplements to Millennial Star, Vol. 14th                 .25
Spencer’s Letters, Cloth                                               .50
Voice of Warning Cloth                                                .50
Government of God                                                      .50
Pearl of Great Price                                                      .30
One year in Scandinavia                                              .10
Italian Mission                                                               .10
Truth for the Mormons                                               .25
Voice of Joseph                                                             .10
Only Way to be Saved                                                 .05

(turn over)                            $13.60 

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Amount Brought forward                                         $13.60
1st & 2nd Volumes of the Seer                                       2.00
Postage prepaid on the above                                       1.60
Placed to your account                                              $17.20

I posted the above today; I shall continue to send to him the Seer according to your directions; also such other of our works as I may be able to procure from time to time.

I have closed the article on Celestial Marriage in the 12th No  of first vol.  I intend in the second vol. to illucidate principles more easily to be understood.  I humbly trust that I may have your prayers & the assistance of the spirit that my writings may be of service to mankind.

Yours in the Covenant
Orson Pratt

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