St Louis,
Nov. 20th 1852.
Dear Bro. Young:–

I am happy to inform you that the most of the elders have safely arrived in this city. Our journey across the plains was very pleasant & agreeable. Although our company consisted of upwards of 80 persons, we had no murmuringing – no fault finding – no quarrels – no contentions – no cursing & swearing, but all was perfect peace & harmony. The camp was called together night & morning, for singing & prayers. Meetings were held almost every evening – the gift & power of the Holy Ghost rested upon all, and all enjoyed a power of utterance, & wisdom, & the spirit of prophecy to great measure. None were sick – none were afflicted in any manner with exception of sore feet which arose from much foot traveling. The Lord preserved our animals, so that they neither died, nor met with any accident, nor strayed from us. We were not troubled by Indians, nor white men. In the Buffalo country we obtained, without difficulty, an abundance of meat, which lasted till near the states. The waggons & teams were disposed of on the frontiers at a very good advantage. A number of the elders took steam boat passage for Pittsburgh some 5 days since among whom were Elders O. & D. Spencer & D. Jones. About 20 Elders came in from the Mo River on the “Clara” last evening, all in good health & spirits. I had the pleasure of preaching three times to about 100 cabin passengers on the “El Paso;” through [page break] the faith of the brethren, the spirit of God rested upon me mightily, & I gave forth my testimony with much boldness: I think that a good impression was made, but it is doubtful whether they will profit by it. Wickedness & crime appear to be on the increase. The Devil is, indeed, exerting his power. Many large & popular papers are being published, devoted to the super-natural spiritual developments. The spirits are not only rapping, but they seize upon their media & force them to write their revelations. Poetry & the most eloquent & sublime effusions are being revealed by the spirits in all parts of the land. In almost every school & family are to be found persons, old & young under the influence of those invisible powers. Chairs, tables, and other objects are made to move & dance around as so many living beings: & little school children amuse themselves during intermission by raising desks, books, benches, &c. by this invisible power. Thus the power of the devil is increasing upon the land to a fearful extent. The blind, & sick, & lame are being healed by the spirits, & the whole U.S. are wondering after the beast, so much so, that the message of heaven, revealed by Joseph the Seer, is far in the shade, in their estimation. Well did God say, that he won’t send them strong delusion, & suffer the same to be established by signs & great wonders, that the people might be damned who reject the truth.

Charles B. Thomson is publishing a monthly paper in which many revelations are printed, purported to be revealed by an unknown personage, calling himself “Baneemy” which you will at once recognize as one of the fictitious names, which Joseph substituted for the real names in certain [page break] revelations in the Book of Covenants Thomson is sending out his teachers, & they have already organized many scores, in different parts, into their organization. Their committee, consisting of Wm Marks & others, have, I understand, located their place of gathering near Kanesville.

When the Kirtland edition of the Book of Cov. was arranged for the printer, it was considered best to substitute fictitious names to for the real names contained in certain revelations relative to a stewardship on firm; & this was done that their creditors in Cainhannoch (New York) should not take advantage of this church firm; But now, as the firm no longer exists, and the members of it are mostly dead either temporally or spiritually, Would it not be wisdom to publish in our next edition the real names of places, things, & persons as they are contained in the original manuscripts? This will not only expose Charles B Thomson’s organization, but will be a great satisfaction to the saints. The sections containing these fictitious names, are as follows:–76 . 87 . 94 . 97 . 99 . 102. If you should think proper to have the real names restored, I should be pleased to have brother Bullock, or some one, copy from the original manuscripts the real names & send them by letter to me. Washington city. Most of these names I recollect, but some I have forgotten. I rejoice greatly in the mission you have given me, & hope that I may perform the duties of the same with honor to the cause. I have already written about 80 pages of manu [page break] script on “The Peopling of Worlds,” &c. I expect to write much more on this great subject. I hope to issue the first No. of The Seer in January.

Yours in the Covenant of Peace,
Orson Pratt

To Prest Brigham Young

Prest Brigham Young
Salt Lake

Nov 20, 1852

O. Pratt

To B. Young

arrival in St. Louis
wants leave to finish the true names in place of [illegible]

[Transcribed by Sylvia Hill and Julia Winfield, Apr. 2010]

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