42   Islington Liverpool
7th August 1857

President B. Young,

Dear Brother,

Since writing to you on the 4th inst. I have received another letter from Elder Bunling in reference to the legacy <due> to Margaret Guthrie/ spelt erroneously Guttery in the former letter/.  I inclose Copy of a letter, which he forwarded to me, giving further particulars in relation to the legacy.  In addition to this information, I may say that she emigrated with her husband and family by the ship “Marshfield” April 2nd, 1854, being sent out by the P. E. Fund Company’s arrangements.

The brethren have all landed from the Dreadought; and received their appointments, and most of them have repaired to their fields of labour.  The following is a list of the names of the brethren who came by that ship – C. C. Richardson, David Wilkin, Eli H. Pierce, James Brooks, Enoch Reese, Wm. J [unreadable] Joseph W. Young, Robert Logan, Wm P. Thomas, William J. Harris, Martin L. Ensign, John Y. Green, Reuben M Bride, James Andrus, Samuel H. B. Smith, [page break] Seymour B. Young, Peter Harrocks, Henry Harrison, Phillip Mayseth, J. Bingham H. Young—20 in all.

From Elder Joseph W. Young I have received the M G of Jul 2nd of Eliza John’s Pemt., but without any instructions regarding its publication.  I shall await advice from you as to the number of copies to be printed, and any other instructions you may wish to give, before sending the work to press.  The first Volume were published in Feby 1856.  Those more 3000 copies printed, of which there are 2400 now on hand—showing a sale of 600, of which we have been sent to G. S. L. City—and a considerable preparation of the other 500 are in the hands of the Conference & Branch Agents as unsold stock.

I am yours faithfully
Orson Pratt


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[Transcribed by Nora Fowers and Julia Winfield, Feb. 2010]

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