Ixthahuaca, Mexico,
August 19, 1882
Dear Mother –

Am very thankful to hear from you Received your letter and Uncle David’s poetry a few minutes ago and was so glad to get them that I gave the man who brought them 6¢; and a few minutes later when about 25 or more beggars came in I gave <17 of> them a cent apiece and that took all the change I had except a dollar. There are a great many invilid people here. Am sorry to tell you that Bro. Pliego is a most devoted Spiritualist, and will not abandon it. Though he is so kind to me and trys to do about right, still he incourages communications from spirits which are not of God, which speak through a young lady living with his family. Now when I explained the scriptures to him he does not receive my explanations but gives his own versions of things which are wrong most decidedly.

He says he would rather abandon the church than Spiritualism; this he will have to do , for we know that all the elders of our church preach against that Doctrine.

Bro. Thatcher has told him to leave it alone as has Bro. Wilcken and I have to him decidedly and positively that the spirit from which he received revelations was not of God. Father told me once that Spiritualism was the priesthood of the Devil.  this I have told him and also related the Marisite Affair to him: and have tried in every way but working a mericle before him to convince him that he is wrong, but all to no effect. He is as firm as a rock he says. Now, I have

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come here to do the will of the Lord. not my own; and cannot forsake truth to hide this man: he has the strongest deceptions of any one that has come to my knowledge: but I know him that what he has is not of God.

How true is the sayings in the bible that in the last days God is to send forth lies which will deceive the very elect if it were possible, and delusions also: and that there will be spirits which mutter and perform &c. and that Satan can appear near unto an angel of light. This man has good in him and God has presented good and evil both before him. and has declaired the true way to him through this servants but he now rejects them. And I know that he will go down from this time if he does not repent The world has good in her but when the day comes that she casts out the good then in that day her distruction is certain and speedy. I received the compendium which you sent on the 16th also a letter from Annie, and many thanks for it, it is the one you gave to Sarus I see. Now may the Lord continue to bless you and all the family forever. I am well and have again great cause to rejoice feeling that the Lord is watching over me for good. Read Maggies letter which I inclose as you have desired.  Do not need anything more that I know of but a little more Faith and Knowledge and I know you Dear Mother can help supply me. Give my love to all my friends and tell Aunt Maggie, I don’t forget her nor the good bread she used to make.  Milson.

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