Be it known by these Presents, That I, Brigham Young Sen. of Great Salt Lake City, in the county of Great Salt Lake and Territory of Utah, the rightful claimant and owner of possession of the following described piece or parcel
of land, _____ to wit:__ Beginning at the Southeast corner of Block No. 42; and running North One Hundred and Thirtynine and two tenthes (1392/10) rods; thence East Thirtyfour and five tenths (345/10) rods; thence South
One Hundred and Thirtynine and two tenths (1392/10) rods; thence West Thirtyfour and five tenths (345/10) rods to place of beginning, containing Thirty (30) acres, as platted in the Ten Acre Plot Big Field, Great Salt Lake
County Survey, Do for the sum of Three Thousand ($300000) Dollars, paid by Mary W. Pratt, of the city, county, and Territory aforesaid, the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged, Sell, release, quit claim and transfer all my right of claim interest and possession of and to the aforesaid premises, together with all the rights, privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging, to the said Mary W. Pratt her heirs or assigns.

Dated this twentieth day of June A.D. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty seven

T. W. [unreadable]                                                      Brigham Young Sen

Geo Reynolds       Witnesses

[There are two pictures at side column:
1.  Small section of a one dollar bill
2.  Small section of a two dollar bill]

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Territory of Utah
County of Great Salt Lake

I, Edwin D. Woolley, recorder in and for said County certify that this signer of the above transfer and quit claim deed, personally known to me appeared this 19th day of August [unreadable]A D 1867  and acknowledged that he of his own free will and choice executed the same for the consideration therein set forth

As witness my hand and official Seal at my office in G. S. L. City, this 19th day of August A. D. 1867.

Edwin D. Woolley

[an embossed seal with the following on it: E. D. Woolley, CO Recorder, G.S.L. County U. T.]

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Brigham Young Sen
Mary W Pratt

Transfer of Part of Block 43
Ten Acre Plat Bigfield Survy

Recorded Transfer Block C
age 773 August 19th 1867

Edwin D Woolley Recorder for
Great Salt Lake County.

[Transcribed by Suzanne Taysom and Cheryl Brawn, Apr. 2014]

“Mary Wood Pratt Collection”, digital images, MS 25036, file 1, p. 7-10, ( : retrieved January 2014) Brigham Young to Mary W. Pratt, deed, 19 August 1867; citing Recorded Transfer Block C, page 773.

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