Great Salt Lake City July 7th 1861

A Blessing by Patriarch Charles Hyde On the head of Mary Wood Pratt daughter of Samuel & Margaret Wood born in Glasgow Scotland June 18th, 1814.

Mary the beloved of the Father – I place my hands upon thy head and seal upon thee a father’s blessing. Although you have waded through much tribulation; greater shall be your reward in the kingdom of your father and God: for the eyes of the Lord has been upon you from Everlasting.  Although thou hast desired many things of the father: all things shall be granted unto you in his own due time, in an hour when you think not the vail of heaven shall be rent for your good – you shall converse with the holy messingers which shall be joy and satisfaction to you. Thou shalt live to see the redemption of Zion and converse with Parley face to face – and shalt converse with your Redeemer, and with the Prophet Joseph and Hyrum; for thou art a descendent of [page break] Ephraim and a lawful heir to the Priesthood and shall converse with the three Nephites face to face; and you shall go forth in the dance with all the redeemed; and your inheritance shall be like unto the Garden of Eden; for no good thing shall be held from you

I seal upon you life with eternal lives with all your father’s household forever and ever Amen.

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M. W. Pratt’s Blessing

[Transcribed by Walt Morrell and Suzanne Taysom, Feb. 2014]

Patriarchal blessing of Mary Wood Pratt, unknown patriarch. “Mary Wood Pratt Collection,” MS 25036, file 1, p. 5-6 ( Church History Library, Salt Lake City.

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