Thomas Bullock and John D. Lee wrote out articles of agreements for extermination of birds and beasts and made out a list of 180 names.  Following is the document in full:

Articles of Agreement between Captains John D. Lee and John Pack, made this 24th day of December, 1848, to carry on a war of extermination against all the ravens, hawks, owls, wolves, foxes, etc., now alive in the valley of the Great Salt Lake.

Firstly: it is agreed that the two companies shall participate in a social dinner with their ladies, to be made in the house of said John Pack, on a day to be hereafter named and to be paid for, by the company that produces the least number of game.

Secondly: the game shall count as follows, the right wing of a raven counting one, a hawk or owl two, the wings of an eagle five, the skin of a minx or pole cat five, the skin of a wolf, fox, wild cat, or catamount ten, the pelt of a bear or panther fifty.  No game shall be counted that has been killed previous to this date.

Thirdly: the skins of the animals, and the wings of the birds, shall be produced by each hunter at the Recorder’s office, on the 1st day of February, 1849, at 10 a.m. for examination and counting at which time the day for recreation will be appointed.

Fourthly: Isaac Morley and Reynolds Cahoon shall be the judges or counters of the game, and to designate the winners and Thomas Bullock be the clerk to keep a record of each man’s skill, and to publish a list of the success of each individual, and

Fifthly: the man who produces the most proofs of his success shall receive a public vote of thanks on the day of the feast.

John D. Lee’s company: Heber C. Kimball, Willard Richards, Parley P. Pratt….

John Pack’s company…

[Journal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Dec. 24, 1848, 1]

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