Sunday, Oct. 9, 1853, 10 A.M.

Opened with singing.  Prayer by Elder Lorenzo Snow.  Singing.

Elder P.P. Pratt remarked, that during this Conference we have heard many things for our edification and instruction, and we shall receive more continually.  Read from the Second Book of Nephi, also some of the words of Jesus, after he came to the Nephites in America.

I have been glad of the word of the Lord, and have been sorry that many treat lightly the words of the prophets, in not having built forts and made themselves secure from the Indians.

There are three classes of mankind in Christendom; one acknowledges a God of revelation, with power to speak to the people; another, that God can not speak, and must not speak; and the third class are infidels, and believe there is no God.  If a prophet were to go to Congress and tell them in the name of the Lord what is going to take place, they would say that their rights were infringed upon, they do not believe God has a right to interfere with them in their independence, which they feel very convenient; but we feel he has a right to teach, instruct, reprove, or chasten them, by his prophets, apostles, or by the visitation of angels.  He has a right to choose and ordain whom he will, and commission and send them forth whithersoever he will.  The Lord has in a great measure brought the word of God from among the Gentiles; for there is almost a famine for the word of God already, which is the signal for the restoration of the House of Israel.

We have had just as much as we could do, to support ourselves and gather our brethren here, but now we are able to feed and clothe the Indians, or at least, the women and children.  They are discouraged at their situation, which is the cause of their stealing; but now the time has come to improve them, and bring about their restoration and redemption, no matter what labor or expense is incurred thereby; for every word of that book (Book of Mormon) will be fulfilled, for it is the word of God unto you, and if we will redeem the children of Nephi and Laman, we will be made rich in the promised blessings.

President Young gave a notification for the missionaries to meet this evening, at 6 o’clock in the Tabernacle.

Choir sung a hymn.  Benediction by Elder F.D. Richards

[Deseret News, Oct. 15, 1853]
[Journal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Oct. 9, 1853, 6]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, July 2006]

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