Emigration of 1847.

Following is a list of all persons were organized into companies for crossing the plains from the Missouri river to the Great Salt Lake Valley, in the summer of 1847, not however, including the first pioneers.  The list gives names, ages and dates and places of births, of all persons included in the emigration.

(Daniel Spencer, captain)

(Peregrine Sessions, captain).

Arrived in G.S.L. City, Sept. 24, 1847.

…SECOND TEN. (John Van Cott, captain).

Names Ages. Date of Birth. Place of Birth.
John Van Cott 7 Sept., 1814 Canaan, Columbia, N.Y.
Lucy L. Van Cott 17 July, 1815 Stephentown, Kenaselaer, N.Y.
Lovinia Van Cott 6 Aug., 1787 Canaan, Columbia, N.Y.
Martha Van Cott 28 Feb., 1838 Canaan, Columbia, N.Y.
Mary Van Cott 2 Feb., 1844 Canaan, Columbia, N.Y.
Parley P. Pratt 12 April, 1807 Burlington, Otsego, N.Y.
Elizabeth Pratt 27 March, 1817 Manchester, England.
Mary Pratt 18 June, 1819 Glasgow, Scotland.
Hannahette Pratt 22 Oct., 1812 Woodstock, Rockingham, Virginia.
Belinda Pratt 24 Dec., 1820 Chichester, Merrimack, N.H.
Phoebe E. Pratt 8 July, 1823 Long Island, Queens, N.Y.
Sarah Pratt 3 Aug., 1823 Jackson, Stark, Ohio.
Agatha Pratt 11 June, 1829 Leek, Staffordshire, Eng.
Martha Pratt 28 April, 1825 Cheshire, England.
Parley Pratt 25 March, 1837 Kirtland, Geauga, Ohio.
Alma Pratt 31 July, 1845 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.
Nephi Pratt 1 Jan., 1846 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.
Helaman Pratt 31 May, 1846 Iowa Territory.
Julia Pratt 1 April, 1847 Winter Quarters, on Missouri R.
John Beer 13 March, 1830 Bamberry, England.
James Clements 22 Jan., 1832 New York.
Isaac Rogers 3 Nov., 1793 New London, New London, Conn.
Lewis Abbott 18 Dec., 1796 Wayland, Middlesex, Mass.
Ann Abbott 19 June, 1800 Acton, Middlesex, Mass.
Abigail Abbott 26 April, 1829 Wayland, Middlesex, Mass.
Thomas Abbott 1 Jan. 1832 Wayland, Middlesex, Mass.
Joseph Abbott 3 Oct., 1840 Lee Iowa Territory
Matilda A. Thomas 5 Feb., 1830 Calloway, Bell, Ky.
Isaac Thomas 30 Oct., 1834 Calloway, Bell, Ky.
Luther V. Burglow 27 Aug., 1810 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.
Benjamin Denton 11 May, 1825 New York.

This company was organized on the west bank of the Elkhorn river, June 15, 1847.

[Journal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, June 21, 1847, 6-7]

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