To the Saints Abroad.

Dear Brethren:–On hearing of the martyrdom of our beloved Prophet and Patriarch, you will doubtless need a word of advice and comfort, and look for it from our hands.

We would say therefore, first of all, be still and know that the Lord is God; and that he will fulfill all things in his own due time; and not one jot or tittle of all his purposes and promises shall fall.

Remember, REMEMBER, that the priesthood, and the keys of power are held in eternity as well as in time; and therefore, the servants of God who pass the veil of death are prepared to enter upon a greater and more effectual work, in the speedy accomplishment of the restoration of all things spoken of by his holy prophets.

Remember that all the prophets and saints who have existed since the world began, are engaged in this holy work, and are yet in the vineyard, as well as the laborers of the eleventh hour; and are all pledged to establish the kingdom of God on the earth, and to give judgment unto the Saints; therefore, none can hinder the rolling on of the eternal purposes of the Great Jehovah.

And we have now every reason to believe that the fulfilment of his great purposes are much nearer than we had supposed, and that not many years hence, we shall see the kingdom of God coming with power and great glory to our deliverance.

As to our country and nation, we have more reason to weep for them, than for those they have murdered; for they are destroying themselves and their institutions, and there is no remedy; and as to feelings of revenge, let them not have place for one moment in our bosoms, for God’s vengeance will speedily consume to that degree that we should fain be hid away, and not endure the sight.

Let us then humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God, and endeavor to put away all our sins and imperfections as a people, and as individuals, and to call upon the Lord with the spirit of grace and supplication; and wait patiently on him, until he shall direct our way.

Let no vain and foolish plans, or imaginations scatter us abroad, and divide us asunder as a people to seek to save our lives at the expense of truth and principle, but rather let us live or die together and in the enjoyment of society and union.

Therefore, we say, let us haste to fulfil the commandments which God has already given us.  Yea, let us haste to build the Temple of our God, and to gather together thereunto, our silver and our gold with us, unto the name of the Lord; and then we may expect that he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths.

We would further say, that in consequence of the great rains which have deluged the western country, and also in consequence of persecution and excitement, there has been but little done here, either in farming or building this season; therefore, there is but little employment and but little means of subsistence at the command of the Saints in this region—therefore, let the Saints abroad, and others who feel for our calamities and wish to sustain us, come on with their money and means without delay, and purchase lots and farms, and build buildings, and employ hands, as well as to pay their tithings unto the Temple, and their donations to the poor.

We wish it distinctly understood abroad, that we greatly need the assistance of every lover of humanity whether members of the church or otherwise, both in influence and in contributions for our aid, succor, and support.

Therefore, if they feel for us, now is the time to show their liberality and patriotism towards a poor and persecuted, but honest and industrious people.

Let the elders who remain abroad, continue to preach the gospel in its purity and fulness, and to bear testimony of the truth of these things which have been revealed for the salvation of this generation.

P.P. Pratt
Willard Richards
John Taylor
W.W. Phelps

Nauvoo, July 15, 1844

[Times and Seasons, vol. 5, 586-587]
[Deseret News, Dec. 30, 1857]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Sept. 2006]

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