Minutes of the Quarterly Conference Held in Ogden City
Friday, Nov. 2, 3, and 4, 1855

7 o’clock in the evening.

Elder P.P. Pratt addressed the congregation, taking for his text the “Thirteenth General Epistle of the First Presidency.”  He spoke at length upon the necessity of the young men and maidens’ receiving their endowments and obeying the instructions to marry and raise up a righteous posterity.  He also instructed the saints in the principle of consecration, urging them to give strict attention thereto, if they wished and expected the blessings of heaven to attend their efforts for building up Zion.

Saturday, Nov. 3.

…Elder O. Pratt occupied the time in speaking upon the attributes of God, and the future state, exaltation and glory of those who keep the celestial law….

Sunday, Nov. 4, 11 A.M.

…Elder P.P. Pratt followed with an exhortation of the people.

2 P.M.

Elder P.P. Pratt discoursed upon a variety of subjects.  While he was speaking I was obliged to leave, in order to fill an appointment at South Weber.

The Spirit of God has been abundantly manifested during the Quarterly Conference held thus far, and much has been and doubtless will be accomplished by the labors of the ‘Home Missionaries.’

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[Journal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Nov. 4, 1855, 1]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, July 2006]

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