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National Temperance Hall, Grand Terrace, Broadway, Fillmore, Jan. 12, 1856

Hon. Elias Smith:

…On Monday, Dec. 31, I left Great Salt Lake City for Fillmore, in company with Hon. L. Snow, J.C. Wright and L. Farr.  We proceeded to Lehi, and held a meeting with this people.

Governor Young and Presidents Kimball and Grant had proceeded on to Pleasant Grove.  Our honorable chaplain, P.P. Pratt, met with an accident just before we entered into the city of Lehi.  His coach was drawn by four spirited mules, and while approaching the city, he took a seat in front besides the driver to view the scenery, or for some other cause, and in an unguarded movement he happened to touch one of the wheel mules with a whip, switch, or something, and he kicked up and hit him upon the leg, and came near breaking it; he was lame, for many days.  At the same moment, the mules struck into a speed, which if it had been upon some roads might have endangered the lives of the passengers; but being upon a smooth, level road, they passed through the gate into the city, where they were fully raised up and stopped without any damage.  The chaplain was not able to attend meeting….

On Sunday, the 6th, the elders and many members of the Legislature attended meeting at the School-house, and were addressed by the chaplain, Elder P.P. Pratt.  He gave an interesting recount of his first travels through this county in the dead of winter, as far as Iron county, before there was any settlement south of Provo, and the difficulties which he and his company had to pass through.  He then took up the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, pointed out those prophecies which had been fulfilled since it came forth, and referred to many which are yet to be fulfilled.  He pointed out the various times when blood had been shed by this church, for maintaining the gospel of Christ, which was still unavenged.  Many excellent remarks were made by the speaker….

[Deseret News, Jan. 12, 1856]
[Journal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jan. 12, 1856, 1]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, July 2006]

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