Elder Parley P. Pratt, having been appointed to the Presidency of the Eastern churches, published a proclamation to the Saints in his Presidency, explaining the duties of his calling and the several duties of the officers and members under his special charge.  Following is the proclamation in full:

From the N. Y. Prophet.

Regulations for the Publishing Department of the Latter-day Saints in the East.

Dear Brethren:

Are you not all aware that very many, if not all, of our men, women and children are turning authors, and publishing works purporting to be illustrative of the doctrine of the saints. Some of them are badly written, and some of them are mixed with error, and very many of them which are true and useful are borrowed, in part or in full, from our standard works which are already extant, and therefore, these new vamped pieces or tracts are not particularly needed; besides, there is another consideration—vast sums are expended by men who have but little experience in publishing, and perhaps pay double for the paper and printing, and all this into the hands of those who feel no interest in our cause.

In this way thousands of dollars are drawn from the saints and from the elders, while the temple cause is neglected.  All these things are out of order and must come to an end; or else those men who have experience, and whose business it is to write and publish the truth will have to cease and have no more to do with publishing, for they, and the others too, cannot find support in the business so as to make the works pay for themselves.

We now have three departments, duly appointed by the presidency of the church, viz: the Nauvoo office, under the management of Mr. J. Taylor, the English department, under Brother W. Woodruff, and the New York publishing department, now committed to my charge.

These three great emporiums of light, truth, and news, are quite sufficient until the work enlarges and other similar establishments are appointed by the Twelve.

The church, therefore, is hereby instructed not to patronize, purchase, or support any publication pertaining to our cause, except they emanate from one of these three offices, and under the sanction and authority of those who are appointed to manage this matter.

Let the books, tracts, periodicals, pamphlets, &c. of Mr. B. Winchester and others no longer be patronized by the saints.  Let the ‘Times and Seasons,’ ‘Neighbor,’ ‘Millennial Star,’ and ‘Prophet’ be well supported, together with the standard Hymn Book, Book of Mormon, and such other works as are, or may be, published by authority as approved standards; and this will be all the church is able to do at present.  Considering the tithings for the temple, and the duties of charity and hospitality which are required of them.

The public are also cautioned that no works will be considered as a standard by the saints concerning their principles except they are published by the authorities above named.

P.P. Pratt.
New York, Jan. 1st, 1845.

We shall second the “regulations” of Elder Pratt: there is nothing like order in the kingdom of God.

[Times and Seasons, Jan. 1845]
[Journal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jan. 1, 1845, 2]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, July 2006]

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