Santa Clara, Cal., Nov. 23, 1854

Dear President Brigham Young,

I received your kind letter, dated Oct. 19, on yesterday; also, one from Geo. A. Smith, and five from my family; also one from brother Hummond, Sandwich Isles; and I have late news from San Bernardino and Europe.  All is going well.  The new stake of Zion on the Sandwich Islands is thriving, and the natives are increasing in spirit, faith, and energy.

I am generally well, and in good spirits.  Missionaries are now laboring in San Francisco, Union City, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, and in various parts of the mines; and in other towns in the vicinity of the places above named.  We have also sent a mission to Oregon and Washington Territories.  I also learn that the San Bernardino Conference sent missionaries to the Southern States, to various parts of the lower country, and to Oregon.

We continue to interest a few in these parts, and some are baptized every week.  Among others, one Spanish family have obeyed the gospel.

I have plenty of homes now, and lack for nothing.

We have some good Saints here, and the Spirit of the Lord is upon us.  We number in all this upper country some 60 to 80 members in good standing.

We have appointed Santa Clara, near the south end of the bay, and 50 miles south of San Francisco, as a rendezvous for a spring camp, to start by the southern route, with light wagons and mule teams, for Salt Lake, on the first day of May, 1855.  I think there will be a goodly company.  I may come with them on a visit, if the Lord will.

I think the first stake of Zion in this upper country will be on the sea coast, near Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay.

The spirit for Salt Lake is so prevalent here at present, that we must be indulged in the privilege of emigrating there; though some are bound for San Bernardino.

I am busy in the ministry, in writing my history, and in corresponding with the various interests of Zion in the Pacific.

I have a supply of books coming round the Horn from Liverpool, and expect to receive them in March, or sooner.

Give my love to brother Kimball, and all the Council; and be assured you have my warmest, best affections.

I remain as ever, your brother in the gospel,

P.P. Pratt

P.S.—Brother Ezra Chase came to my meeting in Santa Clara, a week or two since; he lives ten miles off, and is very anxious to get to Salt Lake.  He was in good spirits.  I expect to visit him soon.


[Deseret News, Jan. 4, 1855]
[Journal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Nov. 23, 1854, 3]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Aug. 2006]

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