Elder Parley P. Pratt wrote a long letter to Pres. Brigham Young of which the following are extracts:

San Francisco, August 28, 1851
President Young.

Dear Brother:

I am well, or rather so as to be able to perform my daily duties, although not in good health.  I arrived in this place some time in July, together with those who accompanied me on the mission….If the Presidency wishes to make any communication on any subject, letters addressed to me at San Francisco, California, will be forwarded to me to Chili, or elsewhere, as I shall not leave this place without appointing an agent to receive and forward all papers and communications.

The Sandwich Islands are at peace, and enjoy a free government.  We have sent to those islands three additional missionaries, who sailed on the sixth day of August for the Port of Honolulu.  P.B. Lewis is appointed to preside over that mission.

….Since I have arrived here I have been diligent in the duties of my calling every hour, and have called upon God for His Spirit to help me with all the energy I possessed, and without ceasing.  The result is, the Spirit of the Lord God has been upon me continually, in such light, and joy, and testimony as I have seldom experienced.

Brothers A. Lyman and C.C. Rich have been here with me some of the time; we have called together the old members and others, and preached repentance and reformation of life.  We have re-baptized many of them, and have re-organized the Church.  Several new members are being added—some of whom are young people of the old members, and others are strangers from different countries.  We are upwards of fifty members in number.  We have preaching twice a day on Sundays in a large theatre in the centre of the city, and prayer meetings on Sunday and Thursday evenings.  Strangers give good attention.  The members feel well, and are full of faith and the good Spirit, and the Spirit is poured out till our hearts are full.

I expect to leave this country soon for South America, unless I should be able to go to New York, via the Isthmus, to get some books printed.

I am studying Spanish with all diligence, and will, I trust, master it in the course of a few months.

Now, my dear brethren of the Presidency, accept this manifestation of my remembrance, good wishes and determinations, and rest assured you are always upheld by my prayers and good wishes.  I want your prayers—your continued confidence, and your good wishes and fellowship, I want the Spirit of God and His angels to be with me; and I fear not earth, nor hell, nor men, nor devils, nor death.  I desire power to do good continually, and to bring about the restoration of His people.  I glory in my calling.  I would not exchange it for any other position or calling on this earth.

I hope to come home by and by and see you all, and see the preparations for the ordinances and powers of Heaven in your midst in state of forwardness; such as peace, union and diligence can alone produce.  So farewell.

With my best wishes and prayers,
Your brother and laborer in the truth,

P.P. Pratt

[Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt, 431]
[Journal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Aug. 28, 1851, 1]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, Aug. 2006]

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