Settlement of the Estate of Parley P. Pratt

11 Feby. 1867

On this 11 day of February 1867 an arrangement or agreement was made by and between the several branches of the family of Parley P. Pratt deceased…wives and children by which the property belonging to the estate…assumed to be worth $26,000 for the purpose of division among the heirs which was supposed to be divided into two hundred and sixty shares of which:

1. Parley P., son of deceased, received 24 shares
2. Olive Driggs, daughter of deceased, “                3 shares
3. Moroni Pratt, son of deceased, “                3 shares
4. Elizabeth B. Pratt, wife of deceased, “                2 shares
5. Mary W. Pratt, wife, and her four children, Helemen, Cornelia, Mary and Mathoni “               24 shares
6. Hannahette S. Pratt, wife of deceased, and her three children, Alma, Lucy, and Henrietta “               24 shares
7. Belinda M. Pratt, wife of deceased, and her five children, Nephi, Belinda, Abinadi, Lehi, Isabella “               24 shares
8. Sarah H. Pratt, wife of deceased, and her two children, Teancum and Sarah “               16 shares
9. Phebe S. Pratt, wife of deceased, and daughter Phebe “               10 shares
10. Agatha W. Pratt, wife of deceased and her four children, Agatha, Malona, Moroni and Evelyn “               20 shares
11. Kezia D. Pratt, wife of deceased, “               12 shares
12. Eleanor J. Pratt, wife of deceased, “                1 share and retain her home
13. Teancum, son of deceased “               12 shares
14. Heleman, Alma, Nephi, Abinadi, Lehi, Moroni W., and Mathoni, sons of deceased, “                8 shares each, additional
15. Leaving 19 share to pay expenses of administration, the balance, if there should be any, to go to Parley P. Pratt, eldest son and Administrator.

Parley P. Pratt, Administrator of the Estate of Parley P. Pratt, deceased, made representation to the Court that a division of the several pieces of land or parcels of property had been mutually made between the heirs.

July 15, 1867.  The Court made the following order which is here entered of record.

Territory of Utah, County of Salt Lake, Probate Court in the matter of the distribution of the Estate of Parley P. Pratt, deceased, to be the heirs thereunto….

E. Smith
Probate Judge

[Gardner Cousins, Blane Gardner, 1983]

[transcribed by David Grow, Feb. 2007]

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