A Surprised Man

Royal B. Young Victimized by the Industrious Lightning Rod Agent

A News reporter learned from Mr. Royal B. Young, just before press time this afternoon, that he has been made a victim to the cunning of the lightning rod agent.

On New Year’s day a couple of these persistent, impudent and enterprising fellows called at his home and attempted to convince him that he ought to have his house and barn protected with lightning rods. Mr. Young told them that he did not want them; that his premises were entirely safe from any electrical disturbance, etc., but as usual the agents won their point by telling Mr. Young that he had a nice house and barn and if they could only put their rods on them it would be a big advertisement to them and that Mr. Young would simply have to pay for doing the work. This was put down at $31.10 and Mr. Young says he signed a paper specifying this amount and which was turned over to the agents. He was given a duplicate paper. A day or two later another of the fraternity representing himself as a member of the same firm called on him after the work had been done. Behold his astonishment when this gentleman presented a paper on which was Mr. Young’s name calling for $134.00. the latter declared that the signature was not his and that he would not honor it.

The fellow talked compromise, but Mr. Young would not consider his offer for a moment. The case went on quietly until today, when Mr. Young got a letter from a well known law firm who informed him if he wished to avoid suit in the courts he had better call and pay $184 (another increase) and now he is wondering when and where and how the end will be.

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[Deseret News, Jan. 14, 1893]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, May 2006]


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