Birthday Surprise

A number of the personal friends of Dr. Romania B. Pratt surprised her at her residence in the 12th Ward last evening, on the occasion of her birthday. They crowded upon her with numerous baskets containing good things for a sumptuous picnic, and made her heart glad with their kind wishes and congratulations. After supper, which was an elegant affair, Dr. Ellen H. Ferguson read a communication from Mrs. Emmeline B. Wells, editor of the Women’s Exponent, expressing in choice and eloquent language the esteem in which Dr. Pratt was held by the writer and her many other friends, and invoking upon her head the richest blessings for time and eternity. This was adopted by unanimous vote as the sentiment of the company. Dr. Ferguson then, in behalf of the assembly, presented Dr. Pratt with a handsome gold ring made for the occasion, with the lady’s name and age engraved, and made a neat and suitable speech, to which Dr. Pratt responded. Other speeches, songs, etc., followed. A splendid basket of flowers in wax enclosed in a globe was presented by the wives of James P. Freeze, Esq. The party separated shortly after midnight, having spent a very enjoyable evening. We unite with Dr. Pratt’s immediate friends in wishing her long life, happiness, prosperity and continued usefulness in the noble profession in which she has already gained much honor and renown.

[Journal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Aug. 8, 1881, 3]
[Deseret News, Aug. 9, 1881]

[transcribed and proofread by David Grow, May 2006]


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